Friday, December 23, 2011

Forces of war:Garmaria

First Army, Homeland Force:In all of Garmaria there is no army held in higher regard then the one that is stationed to defend the homeland, and that honor has fallen, non-intentionally, on the First Army. Comprised of around 70,000 men they are equipped with technology that makes all other Armies jealous, and has one of the strongest artillery arms. Their discipline is second-to-none, however, they were main deployed to help the slavers keep the 820,000 slaves in line. They, as well as 3 other armies, are currently being deployed in the east against the infectious disease known as the Aequalitas "rebellion".

Fourth Army, Inaros Hunters:Legend has it that the Fourth Army was created at the founding of Garmaria, but that it's leader attempted to betray the country. They were then exiled to Inaros in an attempt to protect the colonies. Whether or not the legend is true, the 62,000 men of the Fourth Army have been protecting and expanding them ever since. They are usually deployed in small units of around 300 men with 5 bomber and scouts ready to punish any Inaros town or village they happen across, or they can be polled together around single fortress and hold out for weeks without relief(and occasionally, break the attack on their own) with minimal casualties to their own and massacres to the enemies.

Seventh Army, Wanderlust:The Seventh Army is the largest Army comprising of 115,000 men and 2000 ships, however, they have no set theater of war. They go were they please, attack and raiding coastal settlements, fortress, and the like and landing on beaches filled with enemies. They even once managed to attack the legendary city of Synnefopolis, and still have a few men fighting up there. Their tactics favor hard hitting and fast artillery barges from the ships, followed by massive companies of troops  rushing forward, supported by precision strikes from bombers and spearheaded by steam tanks, few foes can stand it for long.

Fifteenth Army, Bane of Chaos: Considered with suspicion by every other army, and always under eye for mutiny, The Fifteenth Army holds the distinct honor of being the smallest army, at only 12,000 men, and for being assigned to the Evershifting Realms. Through countless encounters with the followers of Chaos, as well as Ratkins and Gremlins, they have learned that artillery and the like are more of a bother then a help, as they prevent troops from reaching their full potential.  Almost all of their troops are elites and they prefer sabotage, sniping, and hit-and-run tactics to the more civilized and traditional doctrines set forth centuries ago. Still, the fact that they can win a battle before the enemy has a chance to respond, and their near zero casualty rates, have landed them a begrudging respect among other armies. However, their loyalty has always been questioned...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Legends of War: First Battle at Sallamia

Around the year of 1480, the Ratkins had discovered that the Stygians are still alive, and then they proceed to send a massive fleet of warships to conquer what is left of Stygia and it's people. Stygian scouts who rode on top of Hippocampus, fish-like horses, had discovered the Ratkins fleet stationed not far from Stygia, instead of investigating, the Stygian Strategos Stomistokles had sent one of his personal and loyal slaves to the Ratkins, and he had claimed that he ran away from his captors and is seeks to help the Ratkins, by feeding them false information. The Ratkins were then sure of their victory, rewarding the slave with entrance into  wer-rat hood, and had set sail to Stygia the next day.

While the Ratkins believed that the Stygian Polis' (the city-states) were in a great civil war and in disarray, they were simply divided, and now that a common threat had arisen, they had united and formed a deadly fleet at the coast of a fortified island named Sallamia, not far from Stygia. It is here that the Stygians had a good position; they could defend the island and their backs were protected by fortifications. The Ratkins had to pass through here, otherwise they would face horrid sea monsters that stalk the deep sea. Then at the sunrise of 28th Oberah 1480, the Ratkin Armada had came face to face with the Stygians.

The Ratkin ships are large and heavy, which is usually their advantage, but the waters around the island of Sallamia are shallow, and this makes it very difficult for the Ratkins to move around, on the other hand, Stygian ships are light and swift, and the Stygians themselves are renowned as masters of sailing. For the rest of the day, the tiny Stygian Triremes had passed between the bulky Ratkin Warships, and the Warships would usually collide with each other and then sink. As more blood was spilled into the sea, the ferocious Nereid Sharks had come to feast upon those who survived a shipwreck, and by dusk, the Ratkin fleet was utterly defeated. Over 200 Ratkin Warships have been sunk, and only 49 Stygian Triremes. When the surviving few Ratkin ships arrived back home, the Ratkins were in shock, and had started   to devise a new plan in revenge for the humiliation the defeat brought. However, any attempts made so far were proven in vain and the Stygians still remain the Masters of the Seas.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Forces of war:Vissaria

Moskar-Moskar is the capital province of Vissaria and where the Heilige Leier and the High King resides. Of all the provinces it is the largest, richest, and most fertile areas which could put to shame even some counties in the Dominion. It also has the largest population and, in times of war, the armies they can raise numbers well into the hundreds of thousands. In battle, they present an endless wall of shields, swords, and spears with the ability to simply overrun an enemy formation through numbers, training, and devotion to their god.

Seltem- Is one of the oddest provinces is Vissaria. For a long time, it had nothing to distinguish itself from any of the other ones until it opened up the College of Knights and allowed centaurs to go their. Top that off with a Troll that lives under the main bridge (nobody, even him, knows how he got their and a dozen attempts to dislodge him have failed) and Seltem has an acceptance of non-humans that most other Vissarians find completely insane. However, no one can argue with the superior numbers, equipment, and training of their knights, or how a single charge into overwhelming odds by them can completely annihilate the other force, even when its not goblins.

Lysandra-Lysandra, also known as Chaos' Gift, is one of the most cursed provinces in all of Vissaria, if not the entire known world. Everyone knows how one night the islands simply rose from the sea, with every single last building made, and everyone already their, a curse if ever there was one. Still the soldiers and ships they produce are of high quality, higher then many other countries best. Despite the curses said to follow them, some commanders can't resist the urge to have troops who won't run away when knights charge, who can hold their ground against artillery, and who can win a battle without the support of any knights.

Arbi- While technically not part of Vissaria, the kings of Arbi can trace their lineage back to the first High King Fotecena so they owe fealty to the High King. Arbi is a strange place, with its own religion and it is in the Blated Desert, a place where only the nations with the largest army, and shrewdest tacticians can survive. Cultivate their tactical sense with their grand merchants and you get a nation whose mercenaries are second to none. their favorite weapon is a two handed sword and they are capable of staying in cover so well, that it is near impossible to see them coming until their are right on top of you and it is too late. Due to the countries destruction, the number of Arbi companies is shrinking making them a rarer and more expensive force, one which Vissaria would loath to see vanish.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Echoes of War

"It is a well known fact that Trolls are dangerous idiots but most people underestimate them. Even when they claim they aren't underestimating them they are. It has been estimated that upwards of 50,000,000Trolls live in the Blasted Desert, enough to overrun the Dominion in less then a month. the estimated number of Trolls who don't live in the Blasted Desert can only be guessed at, but it is generally around 300 MILLION Trolls, enough to destroy Garmaria, which means the known world is also going to be destroyed in the process. The only thing keeping the Trolls in check, is the Trolls and their 4 main werlads. Without those, the world would surely fall into madness, death, destruction, and... I suppose, bad taste in music..."
-the speech given by Engineer-Mamelion Eveingston Dunhull on the Troll menace

"Yes-yes you people underestimate us, No? You think us proper vermin, Yes? You think that we are to dumb to pose a threat to you, No? But am I not here, overrunning your precious fortress with ssuperior weapons and, yes, tactics? And aren't you the one who claimed that the ssuper fortress would never fall, No?"
-Storm Captain Ratergah Votr, after the tactically acclaimed assault on G.R.A. fortress 52(Super Fortress)

"''Empros! Empros! Pio grigora!''
-Forward! Forward! Faster!-
-A common Stygian Battle cry

"Da fing(dat ya neva will unastand) is dat I'm me( an' derefore, by uh logikal conclusion) you'z you, so then( I'm goin ta) off (wit) ya ('ead) and (dun't) Ya (tink ya) ma (live cuas da onla way yu'll) leav (is in trilions an' trililions o' bitz)"
-another example of why people have no clue what Sker Tusk is talking about

1 old man on the ramblers block back
2 king's crowns on the swindlers stall pack
3 captains spinnin' grand old tales
wer sailin' for the mornin'

4 empty mugs on the barkeep's counter
5 blacks smith's punchin' like 50 pounders
6 gold coins missin' from the pales
wer sailin' for the mornin'

7 ships taking their new masters
8 men hanging from the royal rafters
9 wenches beggin' for us back now
wer sailin' for the mornin'

10 kings ships forcing us to flee
11 good men payin' the dead man's fee
12 cannons goin' boom and pow
wer sailin' for the mornin'

13 stabs in a dead man's heart sack
14 holes in the king's old kyaks
15 ships in the ancient whale path
wer sailin' for the mornin'"
-a common drinking song in Hellspout, referring to a pirates tendency to sailing westward, were loot and safety are easy to find and cheep to take(sometimes), and may actually be referring to a real story(although who would tell the story of pirates who were caught and killed?)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Legends of War:The Night Ones

Contrary to popular belief, there are more then nations then just Arabi in the Blasted Desert and More races then Trolls. Many of these are incredibly small or short lived by, at any given time, there are actually around 20 human "nations" in The Blasted Desert, many of which have retained similar elements of culture and architecture, while race wise there are also Gnolls, Ratkins(why they are there they won't say), and Reptilions. One of the more prominent nations was Noswoi, the land of the south, a nation who's prosper was greater then that of Vissaria and their army was strong enough to match that of the Dominion. There glory and prosper lasted more then a thousand years, but all things must end.

Around 1820 a.d.c. a strange meteorite was spotted, a good omen by their Roastram-nels(Astro Nobles). But then they noticed something odd about it, there wasn't supposed to be one yet, and, it seemed to be getting closer. At first they had no clue what to expect, best case scenario they would be granted some amount of star metal, at worse, more Trolls. They prepared for the worst and had large levies of Felmras(conscripts) and also organized companies of Rewarnes(Heavy warriors) and sent all of the people who couldn't fight as far underground as they could. Then the meteorite came and they all noticed the same thing before it hit: it looked like a whale. When it did hit there was no explosion, no earthquakes, no firestorm, or even any death there was only silence.

They cautiously sent all their people back to their towns and villages but kept a weary eye on the forest that it landed in, which had become inexplicably dark and silent. Soon the silence and darkness spread to the nearby towns, which, even if they provided no resistance, were completely slaughtered. Eventually all the ones who couldn't fight were evacuated to their island colonies and the army massed up, over a hundred thousand men with twenty thousand riders and a thousand pieces of artillery. On the dawn of Abrill 5th 1821 a.d.c. they charged in to the darkness urged on by their Husgar-nels(Emperor) to victory. less then a day later barley a dozen men straggled out. They described horrible creatures, some were wolf-like, others were like daemons, some like vultures, some even like twenty foot spiders that could fire beams that seamed to absorb a light and life near it, and all of them had horrible yellow eyes like painted plates and they didn't move through the darkness: They were it.

They could attack out of the smallest of shadows, kill a score worth of men, and then vanish before even a single one could be fallen: and they did this often hundreds at a time. Even if you had the luck to actually hit one of them, it would pass through them like they were fog and prompt them to rip you like you were paper. No amount of armor or charms could save you: the Husgar-nels being one of the first ones killed. At first no one know what to do, or even what to call them, but then the stories reached the Trolls. Surprisingly, they not only had a name for them, they had fought them before. The name they did give was to complex to say so they, through an immense effort, translated it to a simpler form: Da Knight Onez.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Art of War:Map of the Gore Smaka'

Despite it's simple design, and crude design, when someone finally does get the feel for its odd scale it is accurate to within inches of any given location(with the exception of the hand).

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Forces of War:Hellspout

Queen Lilian's Avengers-A little known fact about Hellspout is that, it actually has some laws, a couple of taxes, a police force(no one knows who/what they are, or who even controls them, but, live and let live) and a "King". Lilian was the wife of the former King, Delmer Hasperg, who ruled for a mind shattering 50 years(out living all his predecessors by around 30 yeas) and was the most popular King ever. He was murdered and Lilian was selected as a candidate for the next King so she brought together a crew and completely destroyed Altarmarn(Special Port), which was planning on destroying Hellspout. Now she is trying to avenge her dead husband and the Avengers are with her every step of the way, with a loyalty and discipline that even the Dominion is jealous of. Their fleet contains hundreds of larfars, the most notable being,  The Fall of Man, Queen Lilian's personal man-o-war.

Captain Nogram's Runners- The Runners started out life as nothing more then a dozen drunk pirates with a "Captain" and a rowboat. Now, after 5 years, they have expanded to rule the entire rum and ale trade in, not only Hellspout, but also the Dominion, Arbi, the Goblin Plain's and even Vissaria with a huge hand in the Garmarian, Dwarfish, Stygian, and Gnomish trade. Their success is mainly due to a single "secret" weapon ,designed by Captain Nogram, known as the "Ogre Cannon". What it actually does, no one can say, but, if his attacks had survivors they could probably tell what it did. Never the less, their ability to outrun and outgun any other rum carrying ship has made them legends.

Chaos' Scrondrels- No one knows exactly who they are or, even, what they are. Legend says that they are pirates who were so evil,that they went to they Evershifting Realms and Chaos himself kicked them out. They are said to be specters, wandering the seas searching for some way to find rest. Even if you know they were going to attack your ships you would never know when or where as even merchants under armed escort have been whisked away without the escort realizing it, and even ships that have just entered harbor will have a dense fog surround them, and then vanish. What is worse is those who survive mention ships with no sails that glide above the water and unless broadsides of pure energy or that rip everything apart. What is strange is that "Magicians" always act strange before the fog comes.

Captain Bloody Jaw's Man Eaters- If ever there was a bigger hypocrite in the world then he hasn't met Captain Bloody Jaw or his Man Eaters. They drench themselves in the blood of their enemies and "eat" their flesh, but are extremely strict vegans. They never plunder for gold, but there pockets and wallets are never empty. Dealing with them is like dealing with Elvish merchants(which has lead to rumors that Bloody Jaw is a Half-elf), they are three faced back stabbing scoundrels with the sword skill and powder to match. Woe to anyone who double crosses him, as he would have orchestrated it and profited from it and killed them anyway. Many an unwary captain has made that mistake, and now Bloody Jaw's Man Eaters rule the ports. Still Hellspout is not enough, and now they are trying to control the greatest maritimers ever, Stygia.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Forces of War:Soldiers of Chaos

The Felgave-Felgave is a the title that humans who worship Chaos label themselves with. It is Chaos Script that roughly translates to "Faller of Nations".  They have a strangely twisted devotion that even Chaos finds very odd at the best and incredibly hinder-some at the worse and they are generally looked down upon by the other followers of Chaos. however, they are important because there fanaticism alone has fallen thousands of enemies and, perhaps most important, if they dies their souls are much more likely to be able to be nourished into a Kost and their souls are the only ones which can be used to fuel any number of spells and devices.

Skull Gnomes-When the Gnomes were finally freed from their orc master's they were faced with a problem they had never faced before: should they add machines to flesh, as they did under the orcs, or not. Two factions grow around this debate: The Bolan(Yes) Gnomes, who tended to wear cornered hats, and the Scol(No) Gnomes, who tended to wear masks. Eventually this lead to civil war, which lasted 6 months and saw the banishment of the Scol Gnomes. Eventualy they found their way to the Evershifting Realms where Chaos greeted them open armed and soon they had forsaken everything they knew to work for him. They also attempted to emulate his appearance so they take the front part off of skulls(occasionally they skin their faces) and wear it as masks. Now they work every day to bring an end to their bolan "cousins". 

Shadow Elves-Almost 3000 years ago the Shadow Elves were normal Elves dedicated to the same gods and ideals as the rest of the Elves. Then they went to fight the Battle at World's End(or were born to parents who had fought there) they changed and were shunned by the rest of the Elves. They pleaded to their gods for salvation but, when none came, they turned to the worship of Chaos were they finally found acceptance. This lead to a purging of them by the normal elves, in which very of them few escaped. But they did, and now their children are plotting the downfall of those who had shunned them before, but with an oddly accepting attitude.

Elementals- The Elementals were the servants of the gods but, after The Banquette, have thrown their loyalty in with Chaos. They have several notable personalities and abilities which can be categorized under one of 5 main categories: Void, Spark, Pyro, Cyro, and Aero. Voids are the mos important elemental of them all, as they are a sort of blank card which can be molded into any of the other types and they are also the most abundant one. The strangest of them all are the Aero's who, although being enslaved, they are free and tend to associate with other Elementals very easily. Cyros are as fragile as they are untrustworthy and yyou can never be sure if their edges won't go through you in the heat of battle, or even when not in it. Pyros are exceptionally slow but strong and loyal and nothing short of death will stop them from doing what they are told. Sparks are the most childlike and actually tend to curl up into a ball and hop around when not fighting, but are fast enough that even Elves can't keep up with them for long.

Kost- The Kost are the bodyguards of Chaos and his most loyal servants. They can only be made through a complex ritual that requires either a Pyro, Cyro, Aero, or Spark as a base and has created 4 "factions" among them. They are always clad head to toe in large plate mail armor and wield large double edged axes and thick iron shields where ever they go. It is said that a single Kost leading an army is capable of routing others more then twice his army's size by simply charging. No one creature has been feared this much, as even Orcs, Trolls, and Garmarians tremble when facing Kost.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

forces of war:the Dominion

Albion:Albion is the capital province of the Dominion as well as the birth place of the of the first Dominque. It is an odd providence as it is at cross roads of the world where black smiths, gun makers, priests, apothecaries, flethchers, and foundries live side by side with the people of one town often having a completely different view of things then a town 3 miles away. That is not to say they aren't unified, far from it, as every road leads to the capital city, Albion. The armies raised from Albion are about as unpredictable in composition as are possible.

Melas:Melas is one of the most advanced provinces in the whole of the Dominion. It is also one the least populated, with no less then 2 major and costly war fought almost entirely with it's own troops. The number and quality of foundries and gun makers here is the one of the largest in the entire world, second only to the factories of Garmaria. Melas is also where the devastating Hellcannon was invented and is where the steam carriage is being produced.

Soutros:Soutros is the name of the province in which the entire Imperial Ford is situated. No matter their gender or age, every single last person if Soutros' only duty is to maintain or man the series of forts and ship which prevent the Trolls from overrunning the entire continent. Not a day goes by where at least one attack is launched so it is always on the alert for anything. Whenever Soutros is overrun, history is written and lives are irreversibly changed.

Carvalna:Carvalna  is a province that lies near the boundaries of the Goblin Plains and the Stygian empire. Due to this it has an exceptionaly well military and has produced some of the finest ships in the Dominion, some of which are hundreds of year old. However, Carvalna was also known to sell some of it's ships to foreign powers for large sums of gold. It is still recovering after the "rafundain wit inaest" of the most dangerous ship ever to sail the seas, Slingaz' Se Fertras.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Legends of war:Arabi, Vanished Realm

Arabi was considered to be an odd and somewhat mysterious place. While technically part of Vissaria, it had it's own rulers, gods, language, and culture and was not above using hit-and-run when a fair fight could get them killed. Still, they fought hard, listened to the Heilige Leier's advice, owe fealty to their kings, and even serve in their armies. In addition, Arbi also had a Stygian colony that's name roughly translated to "the Iron Mountain" which was one of  the largest producer of iron and steel in the known world. Arbi also welcomed all the other races, but no half-breeds, and it's ports were home to hundreds of different kinds of ships on dozens of different purposes. Still, the most fascinating feature was the black pyramids, a collection of 3 large and 4 pyramid which no one know who created them; until recently.

In 1885 a.d.c., less then a month after their defeat in Melas, a large Scarecrow fleet was discovered to have been making it's way to Arbi: although why no one had the slightest idea. Still, eager to stop them, the Dominion, Garmaria, and Vissaria all sent ships to defeat them. It was at the Rout of Iron that the powers learned the Scarecrows weakness:they completely sucked at naval warfare. Almost the entire fleet was destroyed with only one ship, later learned to have had Carl himself on it, managed to escape. During the fighting the Garmarian Captain Feg Turngaven had sent out life boats to round up any still alive slaves they found for interrogation then re-education. During the course of the interrogations they discovered that Carl had come to Arabi to stop "Them" which, despite endless hours of whipping, proved only that whoever "Them" were they had called upon nearly all of the Scarecrow's ships. As the Slavers and Tacticians shivered at the thought of something requiring the entire attention of the Scarecrows, the most unexplainable thing ever happened; Arabi vanished.

Truth be told, there were still people from Arabi around but all those who had been in the country, including the Iron Mountain, Vanished within the time span of a single night. It was as if they had all decided to drop everything and leave at the same time. There may have been no people there, but they had left all of their possessions, and so many treasure seekers entered the country looting, until "Them" became more then a story. Two weeks after they looting began all of the people going into Arabi were never seen or heard from again, with the exception of one Garmarian warship (which swore on their lives that they were just scouting) came back with the strangest tale: Clay Men. They claimed that these Clay Men were 6 feet tall and wielded bows, halberd, tubes, and rods all forged from gold and that could fire beams of blue energy. For awhile no one believed the tales; until an unfortunate Dominion army blundered into them and barely escaped with their lives and added baleful green eyes and the ability to form out of the very ground to "Them". Now Vissaria has declared a Holy War against Arabi, no one calls it anything else, in an attempt to re-claim it for their god.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Forces of war: Plain Riders

Borgrez-Borgrez is the "Capital" tent city of the Plain Riders' alliance and is situated in the middle of the Goblin Plains. At the heart of the city is the Botanical college, one of the largest and most important schools of magic in the world. Here, under the guidance of Lord-Botanist Dar Van, the Sayters study their strange botanical arts and botants are produced in large numbers and varieties. Here also lies the Botanica, perhaps the most important artifact in the world. The Botanica is a mile tall tower that allows the Sayters to control the Botants; if it were to fall then the Botants would engulf the entire world leaving nothing alive. Many armies have attempted to do just that, but have been utterly destroyed every time.

Brennot-Brennot is a tent city located in the Seltem realm of Vissaria. It has more Vissarian type defenses (although they are just for show) and architecture. At the heart of the city lies the College of Knights, ruled by Revan Lightseer and watched over by Lord Anglar Seltem. There Vissarian knights train Centaur pages in exchange for wargear and the loyalist horses ever. The Centaurian Kights who come from there are capable of stemming the tide of battle with a single charge. The city is currently under a, more or less, siege from Warband Geter Dun and is fairing well(considering that the Goblins can only attack people a mile away from the city).

Nahafra-Viewed with high suspicion by everyone else in the world, the tent city of Nahafra is a dark and foreboding place that is located near the chaos occupied parts of the Goblin Plains. The city looks as though it has been abandoned due to plague, and that is how the followers of Mat'Gaol like it. Here, because there really is no other place that they can go, faeries gather for war, contrasting the feel Reaper King Wien has worked so hard to maintain. There, during the Death of All, the Reapers showed up, gastly thin and sick Centaurs who were thought to be brings of the Apocalypses. Now everyone knows that every Centaur, Sayter, Cyclops, and Celp from that city seeks only to destroy the followers of the one true enemy:Siçovul taun, the purger of all.

Gurtre-While most Plain Riders try to stay away from Evershifting Realms Gurtre does exactly the opposite and sits directly in the Goblin Plains part of it. As such, the tent city suffers attacks on a daily basis, but it always weathers them as nothing more then a light rain. Another way Gurtre differs is that it is lead not by a Sayter, Cyclops, Centaur, or Celp, but by a Botant. The Botant in question is Baba Uga, and(despite being simple minded) he is one of the greatest generals in the known world(due in no small fact that, if things start to go bad for his army he can always waddle in and kill twenty times his weight in men). Also the city serves as port of call for any Celp, Adaro, and Kappa raiding party and also for any ships they have gotten their hands on.

Polyphemus-Polyphemus is the most sacred tent city to any Cylops in the world. It is situated near the mountain ranges of Luciena and is rare in the fact that it doesn't have a vine mile but a "Rok Mile"(which is devastating landslides and earthquakes as opposed to giant indestructible vines). In Polyphemus the Du 'eads of the Cyclops(as well as many reluctant Centaur shamans and Sayter Witch doctors) perform rite intended to gain the approval of Baoka, god of stones. While none of the rituals have ever been successful, their leader, Chief Gargan Stormhoove, keeps expanding it further and further south in an attempt to perform the ritual right; attempts which haven't gone unnoticed by the Imperial Guard.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Forces of War:Trolls

Da Munsta Masha's: Da Munsta Masha's are, without a doubt, the single most powerful Troll tribe in existence. they are lead by the psychopathicly unhinged  Guzgut 'ead Masha' (da fif) who long ago surrendered his sanity to "Da voices in 'is 'ead" and is so unpredictable that even the Trolls don't know what he'll do next. As of now, his tribe is not tied to any one Crata or Fert so they a drawing in Trolls from all over. At the same time, there is not a single nation that has not suffered his furry and not have deep scars to show for it and, if the rumors are to be believed, its only a matter of time before he unites all of the Trolls and brings about the end.

 Da Dred Tolls: Da Dred Trolls are a tribe of Trolls who specialize in raiding settlements, ports, caravans, and the occasional fort. They were formed and are lead by Da Dred Perat Robsya, a ruthlessly Troll who always gets what he wants and has the intelligence to ensure it's his. The tribe is currently the rulers of Da Doks and every Troll perat owes allegiance to his tribe in one way or another. This allows him to carry out extremely daring raids successfully and he is currently dbidding his time until he has enough Trolls to destroy his only true rival: Hellspout.

Da Mob: Da Mob is one of the most famous Troll tribes and it is also one of the most advanced, taking terrpeda's, led belcha's, and fast led beclha's to a level that even the Trolls don't find funny anymore (well occasionally they due but only when the enemy's REALLY close). They are currently lead by Sker Tusk, a Troll with only half a middle tusk and the nasty habit of leaving out important details when giving orders. In fact they are currently located in the elven fiefdom of Solarian because he told his lads,"Find a propa place ta hide da boddies" when he meant, "find a propa place to hide an' skin all o' da boddies so we can wear da skin an' eat dem lata." Still, none of his Trolls are complaining because the killing is good, and because he personally smashes any Troll who questions him into a pile of mush.

Da Flama's: Da Flama's are a very recently made tribe who have already worked their way into the history books. They are lead by Trolzor da Flama, a Troll who can actually insult someone to death (mainly because he's secretly a wit docta).  Due to how annoying they are, the tribe is banned from every Crata and Fert so they started heading north were they found the Dominion where, for the last 17 years, the tribe has been mounting what they call a "Flam wer" which involves burning everything they can see and then insulting the rest. While this approach may seem odd Trolls are plugging their ears and joining the tribe at a rate that seems impossible.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Legends of war:Gremlins, masters of the Bayou

 Many many years ago, the Stygian Empire prospered & ruled over the entire world, being menaced by Goblins, Orcs & many other nations, which would later become ruling powers of the world. The Goblins were among the greatest threats of the Stygians were the Goblins, second only to the Orcs, & once the Trolls came, Stygia was overrun, The constant warfare of the Goblins, the exhausting effort to eliminate the orcs, & the Battle at World's End all stacked up with the poor timing and ferocity of the Trolls & this brought the Stygian people to their feet through many long battles.

But scant months after the Stygians fell, the Plain Riders arose to banish the Trolls, & Goblins back to their lairs. Some of the Goblins had fled to, of all places, the Plain Riders' kingdom and managed to crumble it from within while others, using stolen ships, sailed to the morning and then they  went to seek shelter among the marshes in the southern part of the continent, right below the lands of the Ratkins. These Goblins, through successive years of battle, went underground, forming their own small colonies, & over time they became a distinct sub-race, the Gremlins. A Gremlin isn't much taller then a normal Goblin, however, their features(mainly their guts) are rounded instead of pointed & they have green skin instead of the brown skin of normal Goblins. Goblins would have rejected them for those qualities alone but, to top it off, they reject Seseom for their own god called, "Diety".

Gremlin society is still vaguely related to Goblin society as it revolves around a Mayor barking orders & Sherrifs enforcing them, with his grit, cunning & guns. Gremlins live in large families sharring a single large underground home, nearly every member would have a gun or pistol at hand as well, & the Mayor (mostly the Sherrifs though) can rally the families together & launch a great big raid. Gremlins like to bring guns, abnormally large pigs, scrapped up vehicles & a type of toxic ooze which can eat through almost anything. Gremlins love to fight, hate to loose, but like to see things get blown up, even their own. The Gremlins amass in numbers very great & enjoy to set traps to all those who would pass through their beloved Bayou  & are known to consume massive amounts of alcohol before doing so. Over the years, they have hitched rides on many vessels & raided many lands to gain what they needed for survival, including guns which they really liked. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Forces of war:Dwarves

Karen:Karen, a word that roughly means "Stone", is the foundation on which the entire Dwarf Realm is built. Inside it's stout walls are some of the finest Karders(engineer/artisans) in the whole world and the warmachines it produces are second to none. In the almost 4000 years of existence it has been attacked hundreds of times but only one attack has actually pierced it's walls: The Tide of Kost.

Elr Dar:Elr Dar(Iron Port) is one of the few, if not only, places in the whole world were the Dwarfs  Elr Feld(Iron clad), Dron Feld(Bronze Clad), and Reo Feld(Aero Clad) ships are produced. The dry docks there work day and night to put out a single ship and they have the capabilities to make more then 60 ships at a time. In addition, near by lies Jekl Mont(Jekl's Mine) which is one of the largest producers of mitheral in the whole world. To top it off, the city's location is a Dwarven secret and no one has ever been able to find it(and come back talking).

Vulgor Mont:Vulgor Mont has a small population of Dwarfs and is more of a temple then it is a mine. However, that is not a bad thing, as Dlor Dwarfs(Stone Dwarfs) are made/discovered on a weekly basis there and it has attracted large numbers of Scops(Bards/Priests) to ply their trade. Also, the weapons it produces have never dulled and can cut Scarecrow in half with a single swipe. Alas, Vulgor Mont is under a nontraditional siege by the Scarecrows who are looking for something (no one has a clue what) that is in their mines, and the Dwarfs give it to them with every swipe of the axe or shot of the dragoon.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Forces of War:elves

Luana:The capital fiefdom of the Elven Empire, there is no city more majestic the Luana. Built around 2000bdc the city has been burned to the ground twice(the second time was an accident) and has come back stronger each time. It is home to the Lacel go Nalar(Palace of Magic) where the greatest magis come to learn. It also features the Woltrom go Theolic(Tower of Death) where the still fresh bodies of all the commanders who have dared to attack Luana are still hanging; with the exception of one empty noose.

Xelmar:Xelmar is a fiefdom that is made up of a chain of several islands. As a result the men and women of Xelmar are some of the finest sailors and marines outside of Stygia and they are exceptionally tough. In addition, the trees there have an almost magic quality to them and, as a result, the ships built there are second only to Garmaria's in quality, but, behind Vissaria in quantity. While many have attempted sea borne invasions, only Slinga's Sea Slayaz' have ever raided the islands(an attack in which Xelmar still hasn't recovered from.

Gascoal:Gascoal is the a fiefdom that sits near the borders of the Gnomeish Trade Republic. As a result, the warriors here are very hardened by almost constant warfare. In addition, Gascoal is one of the few fiefdoms to deploy the Lesolek'feles(Silver Arrows(ballistas)) in large quantities. While this has earned them much ridicule, not one elf noble can argue with the low casualties and sheer number of wins they have.

Solarian:Solarian is the only fiefdom to be in a mountain range. While this has earned them much scorn over the years, most notably the nickname Fol'gavs(Fake Dwarfs), they are also the only fiefdom that can produce the much feared Delcoric'racter(Dragon Riders) without have to import them. In addition, this fiefdom alone supplies almost a third of the iron and almost all of the Rals'taln(Sky Metal) that is used by the Elves. Unfortunately, Solarian is currently under attack by Trolls hell bent on,"Findin' a propa plac to hide da boddies."

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legends of War:Relenfeast, 28 days of joy

Relenfeast is a 28 day festival in the Dominion and it ends with the Dominque's Masquerade in Albion. It celebrates the birth of Dominque and is a time of happiness. On the first day of Relenfeast people must set a goal for themselves to achieve and, if they complete it before the Dominque's Masquerade, then they will have good fortune for ten times as many days as it took to accomplish. All the while the cities, towns, and villages bustle with performers, vendors, and brewers galore as the people celebrate the birth of Dominque. Then, on the last day, all the halls, squares, castles, and even fortresses hold grand galas and people of all classes give presents to one another (with the assurance of being given back 5 fold over the next year due to their kindness).

However, none of the parties compare to the Dominque's Masquerade, which also functions as the current Dominque's birthday. There, high ranking nobles, generals, and even foreign leaders dance and feast the night away. Attendance to the Masqurade is by invitation only(except for Dominque Willham who let anyone in, and was murdered by a gnome). The Masquerade is also a time to strengthen or form political bounds with the other powers. However, not everyone accepts the invitations, and people always look forward to the creative ways they reject them.

Two of the most famous rejections have even left their mark on history. When Dominque Gustraf the third invited the ruler of the Stygian city-state of Cretus they misinterpreted it as demand of fealty and, due to being angry, he kicked the messenger off a cliff and immediately headed towards the Dominion. Unfortunately he didn't realize that the Dominion get cold during Snowstess and almost 4/5ths of his army froze to death before he was eaten by a bear and they finally turned back (attempts to submit to the Dominion were met with no small amount of confusion). The other famous incident was when Karen the Exaulted came to power, Domique Rapheal decided to try to foster good relations with her and sent over an invitation. Unfortunately, the messenger interrupted a ceremony that can only be done once every 10,000 years and Karen was so enraged that she turned to messenger into a zombie, sent it back to the Dominion's palace, had it appear before the Dominque and say, "Let's see how you like it!", before the zombie ran off (to this day it hasn't been captured and is creating all sorts of problems for the servants) and then Luciena declared war on the Dominion. However, the rejections are rare occurrences and many wars have been averted due to the Dominque's generosity during Relenfeast.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

forces of war:Scarecrows

The Grand Forge:The first and largest of all the black forges, the Grand Forge is without a doubt one of the most powerful places in the world. It is rumored that it has almost no slaves and that the only resident is Lord Carl himself. It has a large manufacturing capability but it is mainly geared towards creating the time portal. In times of dire need, as discovered by a Dominion army, it can turn in to an overtime mode which requires extremely large bellows, wheels, and other contraptions(which coincidentally plays a creepy song) to turn out scarecrows faster then a thousand cannons can take them out.

Batch Forge: The Batch Forge is an oddly small black forge that wouldn't be important if it didn't rest on the coast. It is from her that the ships of the "Black Armada" a forged in much the same way as the Scarecrows are.While the ships it builds aren't very good, they are exceptionally numerous and they can build 50 of them in less time then it take to build one regular ship. With odds like these on their side, it is no wonder why the Black Armada can only be defeated through equal numbers.

Fabricator Forge: The Fabricator Forge is the closest black forge to the Dominion. It is unknown whether it is the close proximity to people, or some whim of the leader, but it has the highest number of slaves anywhere in the world. In fact, it has so many slaves that often whole armies of them will go out without the support of any Scarecrows AND they will return victorious. At the same time, the number of scarecrows it produces are vast and it is only a matter of time before they overrun the entire Dominion.

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forces of war:Stygia

SERATAS: A warrior nation, where all children are raised to fight as soon as they stand on their own two feet. By the time they reach adulthood, they are finely tuned killing machines. It is usually Seratas who leads all the wars in the name of Stygia. Although from time to time, Seratas was firmly clinging to independence.

ATIKUS: Where Seratas is raising a warrior nation, Atikus is forming a democratic republic. In the Stygian world, art is the way of life, poetry & prose alike, & there is no greater cultural & educational center then Atikus. Atikus is fully open to trade & diplomatic engagements with other nations, but they still have a formidable army, prepared to strike those who dare oppose Stygia.

CRETUS: Cretus is definitely among the oldest of the Greek city-states, as well the largest & arguably, the greatest. It does not only combine the artistic & intellectual culture of Atikus, but their army is highly trained & highly skilled, able to match even the ones of Seratas. Bulls are revered as holy animals, so all creatures on hooves are welcome, mainly Plain Riders. However, those who disobey the rules are tossed into a genius labyrinth, never to return.

NEKRA: Once considered a city that has fallen long long ago, but recently, the city seemed to have bin teeming with vile energies. Soon soldiers would appear & butcher the foes of the Stygian race would be mercilessly slaughtered. These warriors are no longer among the living, nor they are truly dead. As these horrors rise from their necropolis, only the name of the Stygian god of the underworld echoes...Adis...

SYNNEFOPOLIS: A great city, engineered by a technological genius among Stygians, a man named Michanikos. Even though this steam-fueled city has only bin airborne for a few years, it has seen a lot of action. It's primary weapons are not like the ones of other armies, who use guns & cannons. The Stygians use something a lot more frightening, a perfectly modified glass turret that uses the power of the Sn God to burn their foes alive from a distance.

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Forces of war:Goblins

Sling's Se Slayaz: Slinga is the supa genius boss of the Se Slayaz goblin tribe and the current ruler of MY CITY!. The Sea Slayaz are most famous for 2 battles in particular: Da Batta at da Se Side Town Fing(Sack of Pier Hallot) and Dat Big Midnigt Bass at Da Dwarf's Mega Cannon Castle Dat Was Den Burnd Up(The Razing of Meved). However what is more spectacular is that these attacks happened almost 400years apart from each other under the banner of the same goblin. In addition some goblin scrolls have shown the pictograph for Slinga some 5000 years ago. While many people theorize that this may just be a title, anyone who has met this long cloaked crocked hatted goblin have to admit that he seems to have that much knowledge in his head.

Seseom's Sribes: Sesoem's Scribes are a tribe of goblins unlike any other simply do to asking the right thing at the right time. During a goblin corpse fire Sesoem gifted these goblins with 2 long scrolls: the Scroll of the History of Our Sons(about 60feet long) and the Scroll of the Future That May Never Come. Shortly after they received the scrolls a Stygian raid captured the Scroll of the History of Our Sons and after Dominique(who was quite fluent in all languages) read the Prophecy of Epoch, King Kataktitis, believing it was about him, raised the largest army Stygia had ever seen and went to invade the mainland. Seseom's Scribes formed managed to get into the Grand Alliance by bargaining the Banner of Coadunation for the ability to retrieve their scroll. After The First Battle the goblins retrieved the scroll and they helped create the Citadel of Knowledge in Albion. While the tribe's location is well and truly known the location of it's scrolls are a secret they have kept for nearly 2000 years.

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Legends of war:Slave rebs, the Aequalitas Pox

"Is this a riot?
No sir. THIS, is a revolution."
-recorded conversation of Lord Field Marshell upon hearing of the beginning of the Aequalitas Revolution

As most everyone knows Garmaria is one of the most advanced and dangerous countries in the entire world.They are also one of the largest users of slaves, third only to the Elves and Scarecrows. In fact they have so many slaves that approximately 40% of their population consists of slaves. For a long time they managed to keep these slaves under hard watch and the technological superiority of the Garmarian army also helped to deter them from revolting. But eventually, there is always a breaking point.

In the early days of 1870 adc a slave named Robred began spreading of a new society where every one was equal, where there were no slaves, were everyone worked to the best of their capacity, where everyone had the same amount of possessions; essentially an equal society named Aequalitas. The slaves took this to heart and, on one hot and dry day, they revolted. The revolution spread quickly tacking over all of the farmlands almost immediately as well as the port of Delfergar, which they renamed Liberty. For almost a solid week the slaves were in control of almost all of Garmaria including the fortress of Gartelmead(renamed Castle Equality), the iron mines of mountain Mergrad(Mount Life), and the facrtum city of Develmedly(razed to the ground to honor the slaves who had died there) and they controlled almost 30% of Fransferd. Unfortunately for them, the campaign season was almost over.

The 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 17th armies were en rout home when they heard the news. They tried heading straight for the capital but found it blockaded by around 56 warships from the Mutiny Navy(title given to ships that the slaves revolted on) and over a hundred stolen aeroplanes. In a daring move spearheaded by the 3rd,5th and 9th naval squadron(around 18 warships) and what remained of the Garmarian Royal Air Corps(about 27 scouts and 3 bombers) launched an attack around sextum on octum 17th 1870. The battle raged for around 6 hours pitting the sheer numbers of the mutiny navy and air corp against the skill of the Garmarian Royal Navy and their loyalist slaves(whom were never actually told who they were fighting). The battle reached a hallmark when the Mutiny Navy's flag ship, the Unbreakable(formerly GRN Discipline), exploded after being hit with a full broad side from the GRN Deuterium which caused what remained of the Mutiny Navy(about 9 ships escaped the battle with the rest being destroyed or surrendered)  to break.

With the naval and areo blockade of Fransferd broken and the majority of the Mutiny Navy broken, surrendered, or destroyed the Garmaian Royal Army managed to land. With fresh troops, and aided by the brand new "tank", the Slave Rebs were quickly pushed back. Eventually a stalemate developed and the Slave Rebs managed to hold on to the south-eastern part of Garmaria. While the rebellion was estimated to eventually run out of steam, to this day, it is still going on as strong as ever with slaves escaping their cruel masters almost every day to bolster the Aequalitas revolution. Worse still, the idea has appealed to some of the citizens of Garmaria who are trying to help it in any way possible. Due to the rebellion's almost plague like way of spreading, the Garmaria Daily has dubbed it "the Aequalitas Pox, the disease which will destroy us all."

Friday, September 2, 2011

general proclomation:1st wave armies

Well the poll is closed and the results are clear: the First wave armies are drawing near. They are as follows:
Scarecrows of the northern wastes
-scarecrows are 10 foot tall creatures  that are driven by steam and made from wood, brass, bone, iron, stone, and a whole lot of other things. they are the mindless servants of their Lord Carl, who claims to be from the future and that he wants to go back. The Scarecrow inhabit what was once the northern plains of the dominion and have somehow transformed it into the dark, barren and rocky place it is today and their main base is a large fortress know as "The Black Forge". The armies march so that they may gather resources to build more of them and to build the "Time Portal".

Elves of the hills
-the elves are taller then humans but are shorter than trolls. The live in the Reidear hills near the middle of the Foren Forest and on the island of Lumenek. They use bows, elven steel, and horse to fight their wars and have rarely lost a battle. In addition the have large amounts of magic to aid them in most everything they do. They are marching to war now to prevent the Gnomes from claiming all the glory for saving the forests and to destroy the goblin tribes.

Stygians of the Isles
-The Stygians are a race of Elves with blue skin and white hair. They were once the rulers of the entire continent, but by trying to stop the never ending Goblin invasions, their might had crumbled and their once great Empire had been reduced to a small Kingdom on a chain of islands, this chain of Islands is known as Stygia. But now, the Stygians had risen again, to expand their kingdom, and to get new allies. A Stygian warrior is well trained, in both the body, the mind and the soul. The army of Stygia must not fall, for their entire race depends on it.

Dwarfs of the Mountain Realms
-the dwarfs are short with long beards and short tempers. They live in the mountains of Eskew and dig for gold, iron, silver, jewels, and mitheral. They use guns and steam to a level almost on par with the scarecrows and gnomes. Although they are few in number they are tough and can deal with any problem they are faced with. Now they march to war to prevent the Ratkins from destroying the Mountain Realms.
The first wave armies(Going clockwise from top left)Scarecrows, Stygians, Elves, and Dwarfs

Saturday, August 20, 2011

legends of war:Da' 'oly 'ead

It is a well known fact that Trolls don't think highly of other races religions. In fact trolls will go out of there way just to destroy an enemies sacred sites because "it maks dem rella fighty da nex time wez go an' fight em". However, the Trolls do have their own sacred sites and only a fool with the army to back it up would be dumb enough to attack even da Porta Lou. And the trolls also have a favorite sacred site, one so famous and fearsome that even Garmaria has recognized it as impenetrable. The site is known only as Da' 'oly 'ead.

Da' 'oly 'ead is, as with almost all troll settlements, situated in a large sky crater that is around 8 miles wide and has 3 sections. The outer section of it is like any other Krata Town except that it is fortified by a 80foot tall wall made out of solid "'ull meta" and bursts with enough weapons that even Trolls think its a little overdoing it. The second section is where the Trolls store every single last one of their captured weapons and is protected by a 90 foot 'ull meta wall. The weapons include exactly 3  Marwolaeth still mounted on their ships. As impressive as the 2 outer sections are they are nothing compare to the third section.

 The third section is protected by nothing more then a shimmering light that has the powers to only let in trolls and their guests but absolutely nothing else. Then, as their are only 2 "entrances", You have to walk a full mile flanked the whole way by Da 'undred Iorn Onez, massive walking things(even the Trolls don't really know what they are, or even care for that matter) capable of immense destruction. Then at the center is the most holy Troll temple, Da 'oly 'ead. Standing around 500feet tall and sitting in a small crater half as deep and 3 times as wide, Da 'oly 'ead is a giant, crudely made Troll head that houses all of the Trolls relics: Da zappy fing, Da lucka coppa, Da pisin bone(in actuality a dragon bone that trolls piss on when they want to fight some Drakes), and countless others. In addition, whenever the Trolls go to war, they always consult Da 'oly 'ead and they are always rewarded with much destruction. In the nearly 3000 years of the trolls being here only once was Da 'oly 'ead attacked, and the attack was repulsed so bloodily that there were almost no survivors.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Legends of War:The Quhelet Empire, The Slave Empire

While there are several hundred tribes, empires, realms, and kingdoms within Inaros ranging from the northern realm of the Neula, to the jungle tribes of the Defelgra, even to the barren plains of the Horsageh, but one area in particular stands out:The Quhelet Empire. It was the Quhelet Empire who carries out the most trade with the Stygians, it was their golems who destroyed the Gnome colony of Gascogard, and it was their armies who managed the surprise attack that crippled the Vissarian fleet colonization fleet in 1694adc. which changed how and where Vissaria docked their ships forever(and eventually lead to Chaos' soldiers to claim the region of Vissaria). However as grand as this Empire it is unusually young. In fact around 600 years ago they were simply a wondering tribe of  less then 3,000 people. However, they were a wandering tribe with a mission from Quteltha, their god.

Legend goes that they were supposed to wander around until the discovered a Eagle holding a Peletra in its mouth that was seated on a Serpent's Head(a type of tree) and build a city there. Unfortunately, no one in the tribe had any idea what a Serpent's head looked like so they probably wandered for an extra 2-3hundred years more then they were supposed to and they only found the place because one of the slaves pointed it out. On that spot they built the city of Mezelfen and by around 20 years later it was a bustling town with more then 6,000 inhabitants. About that time an army from the nearby realm known as the Felderns (the largest realm in that area at that time) came and demanded tribute from the people of Mezelfen or else their town would be burned to the ground. This left them with a problem, as they didn't have enough foodstuff for the tribute and if they did go to war with them they could only safely bring 1,000 to 2,000 men against their army of more then 20,000 warriors.

Eventual the answer came from a slave, the same slave who pointed out the Serpent's Head. Taking around 1,200 men with him they managed to sneak up to a hill overlooking the Felderns' encampment and began to emulate the sounds and sights of an army that needed 1,200 musicians. Believing the ruse the entire Feldern army began panicking and only around 100 warriors stayed in camp while the others ran as fast as their legs could carry them. The resulting massacre has become known as the Battle of Slave's Bluff and was the first in a nearly 200year long string of continuous victories for the Quhelet Empire. The slave in question was then brought to the temple were he was chosen by Quteltha to be their emperor, and he was bestowed the name Mazotrathen, the immortal god-emperor(the unexpected fact that he is immortal was just a coincidence).

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General Proclomation:Official Battle Reports

As our one year anniversary is coming up we were going to celebrate it by having a contest. Starting now and ending on October 17th we will accept and post any and all battle reports that we receive. Then, you will vote for the most exciting battle report which we will then turn into an official story presented on October 24th. So battle to your heart's content and send in as many battle reports as you can. If you don't have the rules, or if you have any suggestions, contact us and we will send you a reply as soon as possible. Don't know which army you want to use? Check out the link below:
Send your battle reports and questions to the link below:

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Legends of War:Shadow Elves, Elven outcasts

The Battle at World's End was the most critical battle in all of history. Not only was it the first time Chaos had been defeated in battle it was also the first time that Elves, Stygians, Dwarfs, and Goblins had worked together to defeat a foe and the first time that the elves had entered the Evershifting Realms or even faced off against the Kost. As all of the other races had had repeated contact with the Kost they had managed to develop subtle immunities to the long term effects of being in the Everlasting Realms and managed to get off with minimal side effects. The elves were no where near as lucky. Within a year many elves were beginning to change (how they changed is still a heated debate as the elves have given no details of the changed but the fact that shadow elf clothing consists mainly of cloaks, hoods, masks, bandages, and turbans (most of which are in very poor condition) it can be guessed that it is physical).

As elves seek perfection in everything, those who showed the changes were shunned, tormented and hunted by the rest of elves and were even forbidden from entering the shrines. Those elves quickly banded together and formed shadow societies where they endlessly pleaded the elf gods' for salvation and guidance. They both came, but from the darkest of sources. Chaos, who never really liked the elves, took pity on those outcasts and so he began protecting and guiding them which caused the Shadow elves to all begin worshiping him in place of their gods. When the pure elves heard of their corruption the Emperor Vasmat Lutius declared them enemies and sent a whole army to clear them out.

The corrupted elves fought back as best they could but within a year less then 2000 of them were left. There are several legends from that time which tell of the pure breed elves gutting and decapitating the dead and then mounting whats left of their bodies on wooden stakes, but the elves all deny that as lies spread by gnomes. Even if that didn't happen, Chaos vowed to allow all of his remaining followers escape so in 914bdc he ordered all of his Kost and 9 of his ice barges to attack the capital of Luana while the voids brought the rest of the corrupted elves to Evershifting Realms. The plan worked so well that, in addition to rescuing every single last of his followers, all 395,000 inhabitants of Luana, including the Emperor and his entire family, were mercilessly slaughtered within a single day and night. As the voids melding them away were the last thing the elves saw of their corrupted brothers, and because they hid in them so much, they were given the insulting name of shadow elves. Over time there numbers grew and now they are enough of them that they can extract revenge on their pure brothers.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Legends of War:orcs

There is one creature in which the races of the world dread more then any other in existence. Those races who suffered at their hands live in perpetual fear of their memories and even the trolls, who missed them by exactly one year, are in a combination of awe and jealousy at them. They are a creature who makes even the loudest, most energetic goblin or gnome stand stone still when they are mentioned. These are the most loathed and feared creatures in all existence. They are the orcs.

An orc is a 6ft tall heavily muscled brute with grey skin and an unfathomably endless lust for blood(but never orc blood). While a troll is a dangerous, resilient, and loud creature to compare them to an orc is to compare a newborn gnome baby to an army of scarecrows. In fact orcs are so resilient that if you cut off their head ,instead of dying, they will simply pick it up and use it as a weapon. It was rumored that orcs were created through a forgotten alchemist ritual that required parts from a gnome and a goblin ,which would ,partially, explain why they always had so many around.  The damage the orcs was so great that even today there are whole civilizations still recovering from their effects(Elves, Plain Riders, Dwarves, Ratkins, and the Inaros are prime examples). The Orcs were finally wiped out at the Battle of Gore in which the entire nearby lake and  rivers ran red with blood for hundreds of years and the once fertile plains were reduced to a barren desert.

However, in recent years, the tell tale signs of orcs are beginning to show.

Friday, July 15, 2011

echoes of war

"scus me but can ya bend I's need ta shank ya in da back?"
-the last words of Regots Shanka, Azazan

"The last thing you ever want to attempt to rip off is a gnome. They can smell,yes smell, fake money from 600 paces away. They may play along with you for awhile but that's just so that they can glue your feet to the floor and get one of their harvesters over there."
-Micheal Vamer, Merchant guild master talking to the new aprenteces

"Those whom seek eternal youth shall always pay the ultimate price."
-exert from the Book of Truth

"Those who have turned their backs to the ways of nature and the protection of the golems will suffer their wrath."
-words that echoed around the dominion colony of East falls before it's total destruction

"They always say that because we don't believe the same way the do that we shouldn't be allowed to live. Well we'll show those fools. We'll go marching right into their cities and burn it to the ground with fires started by their own bodies. Why are you looking at me like that?"
-Delfin Barnegy, follower of Verbode Kennis

"I̱ Stygians kyvernoúsan ton kósmo ... paliá af̱tokratóro̱n mas ékane. Pí̱ran to katachthónios strató makriá kai ev̱reía , den ypí̱rche típota na kataktí̱sei , o kósmos í̱tan dikós mas . Allá i̱ paliá af̱tokrátores eínai nekroí , af̱tokratoría tous échei fýgei , kai étsi érchetai to kakó i̱méres. I̱ Eléf̱theri̱ ándres Stygia eíche schisteí se mía apó ti̱n álli̱ , antí ti̱s orthí̱s tous echthroús tous ... af̱toí pou zi̱lév̱oun óloi oi Stygians eíche kánei . I̱ paliá af̱tokrátores prépei na klaíne , allá oi nekroí den klaíne , egó̱ tha klápsoun sti̱ thési̱ tous , allá tha prépei epísi̱s na elpízoume , o kósmos gyrízei , ti boreí na érthei kai páli . I̱ písti̱ nits akóma epípedes epifáneies apó ti̱ zo̱í̱ to̱n andró̱n . Étsi, tó̱ra íso̱s oi Theoí epithymoún ti̱n Stygians na eínai megáli̱ kai páli . Íso̱s éna néo af̱tokrátora tha analávei to spathí , se mia táxi̱ ópou ypárchei cháos , xanaftiáxoun ton kósmo se éna kalýtero méros ... íso̱s ...
translation:'The Stygians ruled the world...our old Emperors did. They took the Stygian army far & wide, there was nothing left to conquer, the world was ours. But the old Emperors are dead, their Empire is gone, & so come the evil days. The Free men of Stygia had torn on each-other, instead of their proper enemies...those who envy all the Stygians had done. The old Emperors must weep, but the dead don't weep, I will weep in their place, but I shall also hope, the world turns, what was may come again. The faith still nits webs of men's lives. So now perhaps the Gods wish the Stygians to be great again. Perhaps a new Emperor will take up the sword, bring order where there is chaos, remake the world to a better place...perhaps...''
-King Alarxis' great speech when he started his great crusade to unite the city-states of Stygia.-

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Legends of War: Synnefopolis, the Cloud City

The Stygians had only a few centuries ago gained Steam technology, which is seen quite rarely, except for a single city, a city built from that technology, and then lifted into the skies, carrying along with it thousands of Stygians, most of which are engineers, working daily to sustain this marvelous piece of technology, and then there are hundreds of warriors, armed with the state of the art armor & weaponry. This ship has been airborne for less then a century and it was designed and lead by Michanikos, the Stygian who had developed Atmomichani, the Stygian version of Steam Technology. The land of Stygia does not have any gunpowder, so they are lacking in rifles or cannons, but instead, the brilliance of Michanikos had lead him to utilize the power of the Sun God himself, so he constructed huge Mirror Towers, to harness sunlight & focus it into a beam of pure burning energy.

But even though this city is stationed high above the clouds, it did not have a smooth ride. Many times did Garmaria, Chaos followers, and even Dwarfs try to take the city and claim it as their own or destroy it, but the city had managed to survive, it was even known as a trade port for some friendly(-er) Gnomes or Dwarf fliers and even a rare Dragon. The closest time Synnafopolis got to destruction was when a huge fleet of Cyro Ice Barges attacked at night, so the Mirror Towers were useless. Many Elementals reached the city and the cities defense force tried to fend them off. It was a bloody night & it was thought that the city would fall, until the Sun God blessed them with a very sunny day. At Dawn, the mirror towers were capable of blinding the enemy, at Morning, the Ice Ships had started to melt at their light, & finally at Noon, the Mirror Towers were capable of slicing the Ice Barges in half with ease.

By the end of the battle, the bodies of the fallen Chaos warriors had been dropped from the sky, on to a cloud, but little did the Stygians know, is that just below the cloud was da 'oly 'ead, and later that night, the Trolls had a larger then normal ritual dance. But after that incident, the city did not have many major conflicts, & had been sailing through the clouds smoothly.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Legends of war: Lysandra, Chaos' Gift

Lysandra is a small island fiefdom near the vissarian-dwarven borders. It is a very religious and productive area which, do to how close it is to the Norther Wastes, the Iron Clad naval foundries, and MY CITY, helps produces soldiers and sailors who would put to shame even Garmarian's finest. But despite this nobles dread to call upon their soldiers, admirals would rather lose a battle then include ships crewed by them, and peasants won't even say Lysandra with holding some sort of relic. This is do to the fact that none of the buildings, fortresses, farms, windmills, docks, or anything were ever made, in fact the island shouldn't even be there. The story behind it is well know and is whispered during particularly strong storms.

Around 900 years there was no Lysandra but only an unusual area of water known as Storms' Ambush do to the tendency of ships nearby to be attacked by voids and because of the tendency for violent storms to come out of the area. However it was also an extremely popular fishing and salvage area and some divers and fishermen have made hundreds of gold do to a single very successful day. One day there was an especially violent storm that raged for 5 straight days and forced all of the fishers, salvagers, and a goblin Radin' Fleat to remain in port. The moment the storms were done the salvage ship "Lysandra's Maiden" went out to claim the remains of all the ships who had been in Storms' Ambush. Instead they discovered a fully inhabited and developed island kingdom.

When news of this strange (and awfully wet) island reached the Lord Priest Vesnerez he immediately claimed the island for Vissaria (which the nobles there readily accepted) and installed the captain of the ship as the Head noble and allowed him to name the island after him (which they did not and which lead to a minor revolt). However, the fact that the island came out of nowhere and the fact that it used to be Storms' Ambush, have lead to the island's nickname, Chaos' Gift.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

general proclamation

Fields of war now has a face book group. If you want to join the group or have a discussion in one place here's the link:!/home.php?sk=group_129692473774243

legends of war:The Story of Emporos

Emporos was a young and enthusiastic Stygian merchant, who did many businesses with the outsiders, sometimes illegal. His most famous story is when he was hired by the Elves to smuggle a lot of weapons. Emporos had no other choice, but to go through the Imperial Ford, the most fortified place in the Dominion, a bulwark against the Troll invasions from the south. He had then brought 3 Triremes with him, as well as 50 Hoplite Bodyguards, 20 Gold (to make the payment) & loads of weaponry, pottery, art, & other goods to trade with the Humans. But on his way through Imperial Ford,  a Dominion Patrol noticed all the weaponry he had ''forgot'' to tell about to the Humans.

He was then put into custody (but the ships were still going) & was interrogated, not long afterwords, the Stygians and the Humans were under attack by a Troll Raid. The Dominion troops tried to hold them off until reinforcements arrived, but it seemed impossible, until Emporos decided to lend a hand and put his 20 Toxotes and 50 Hoplites to good use & hold the line, forming a wall of shield s& a rain of arrows. The Hoplites were progressing slowly through the Troll lines. Whenever a Troll would attack one Stygian, 3 more would stab the Troll through his face and throat. With these new unlikely allies, the Dominion troops pushed forward, and when the Dominion reinforcements arrived, the Trolls had fled.

After this event, the Dominion soldiers decided to let Emporos and his Stygian convoy go, but back to Stygia, and so the next day, Emporos had fled back to Stygia, but he came back with lots of gold he earned from trading with the Dominion, making him very wealthy, but he would never again get anywhere near Imperial Ford or anywhere West. He was last seen in Aktitispolis (Inaros), trading goods with Dominion settlers.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

echoes of war

"By the grace of our merciless god, we are ALLOWED to live."
-a common prayer to Chaos

"Ya want ta go to da 'oly 'ead?!? Listen ya pea brained squishy most trollz neva even set dere eyes on da 'oly 'ead an' da ones whic do are often scared nough ta wet dere pantz on dey's first visit. Not ta mention da fact dat da idels live dere an' not even a dumb squishy like ya would want ta see dem up close."
-Bergzen Somfing, troll lug 'ead

''Μπορώ να ακούσω τους ακόμα! Μπορώ να τους δω ακόμα! Οι μεταλλικές ... προσέχουν ... ΠΑΝΤΑ!''
I CAN STILL HEAR THEM! I CAN STILL SEE THEM! The metal ones...are watching...ALWAYS!
-a Stygian hoplite who faced the Scarecrows
Ti̱n pró̱ti̱ forá pou synanti̱thí̱kame me ta antístoicha métallo , eínai sti̱n póli̱ tou chályva . Poté prin den écho̱ dei káti san af̱toús. Chtýpi̱san ton trómo stis kardiés to̱n anthró̱po̱n mou , kathó̱s kai ta Anthró̱pina ippótes . Allá mazí , tha boroúsame na tous kratí̱soun makriá , méchri ti̱n ischý ti̱s Theó̱n tous chtýpi̱se , kai chtýpi̱se tous skli̱rá . O mónos trópos pou boreíte na tous nikí̱sei , eínai an i̱ dýnami̱ to̱n theó̱n eínai mazí sas , allá merikés forés óchi , akóma kai af̱tó eínai arketó.
-The first time we've met with the metal ones, is in the steel city. Never before have I seen anything like them. They struck terror into the hearts of my men, as well as the Human knights. But together, we could hold them off, until the might of the Gods struck them, & it struck them hard. The only way you can defeat them, is if the power of the Gods is with you, but sometimes, not even that is enough.
-Dynamikus, Stygian General on Chalyvapolis
-a common goblin greeting to their god Sesom when he appears in a goblin corpse fire

"Quickly-quickly we must strike before we are seen."
-Skelvet Porat, Storm Rider

Friday, April 1, 2011

general proclamation

We are looking for play testers for Fields of war. If you are interested please send me an e-mail with what army(s) that you want and I'll send the core rule book and the army's rules too you. The only requirement is that you send us a battle report when you are done. We will also take suggestions for new units, rules, missions, etc. from people who help play test.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Art of War.

We are currently looking for art peices that we can use. If you have some art send it to us and if its good we'll make it an offical art piece.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Echoes of war Dominion

"You dare defile the lands of the Dominion? We have weathered countless invasion from your kind and yet you still think that you can destroy us? Let me show you how we dealt with the other invasions. OPEN FIRE!"
-Dominque Melavena Silenaco, The Battle at High Peak (da batta o' eleventa millian belcha's)

"I jest on't get it? 'ow do does dominin squishies dink dat we'z trollz iz week just cuz dat dey beat us a da batta o' eleventa millian belcha's and dozens o' otha battas i can't rememba at da moment deys allways 'ad gazilions of dem dead on da ground and wes onla have a couple to tree thousand and day call dat a victery. Actualy, dat kinda is."
-Warchief Gore Finga

"We promise to uphold the will of the dominique,
We promise to live a life dedicated to the dominque,
We promise to never run from a battle.
-oath that paladins must take before the Dominique

"The fools of the Dominion are FOOLS ON A SCALE YET TO BE THOUGHT OF!!! They think that just because they managed to wound Chaos,HOW DARE THEY, that they will last FOREVER! Well I've got news for them, CHAOS WILL PISS ON THE DOMINIQUE'S COLD DEAD BODY!!!"
-Scean Gorvean, Chaos elementalist

-Dominion war cry

"I feel bad for whoever the current Dominique ,whats his face? Oh well it doesn't matter because even if he conquers the entire world and completely and utterly obliterates all of their enemy's, he will only ever be the second best Dominque ever. I, however, will never have that problem for I am the first, and only, person to complete the 5th ritual of Verbode Kennis."
-Keren the exalted, champion of Verbode Kennis

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Siege of Albion

Around 1595 adc Chaos was once again attempting to bring his rebellious gods, Siçovul taun and Verbode Kennis, back in line and he decided that the best way to do it was to capture a city to redemonstrate his power. Chaos selected the largest and busiest city that he could find, Albion. Expecting yet another easy victory Chaos used the same tactics he had used when he destroyed the Vasilikos, Gnomegard, Karen, Moskar, and Luana. Unfortunately, since Chaos' distraction army was only big enough to warrant the levies of local millitas and maybe a few dozen cannons, Chaos' main assault was pitted against the 65,000 militia men, 25,000 troopers, 7,500 paladins, 1,000 cannons, and the 15 yard thick walls of Albion.

After the first assault one the wall failed catastrophically for Chaos he sent all 40 of his Cyro ice barges and was prepared to lead a charge of 135,000 assorted cultists(humans, skull gnomes, shadow elves, etc.), 15,000 elementals, and all 4,900 of his kost. The assault and counter assault began at dawn less then a month after the siege had commenced  and, for the first time since the Battle at World's End, Chaos was leading his army. Leading the Albion counter charge was Dominque Samuel Selvantes I ,hailed as the third best Dominque ever, with all of his paladins. The battle rage well into the night and while hundreds fell on each side there was still no clear winner. Then the Dominque cam face to face(do to height differences it was more face to knee) with Chaos and was slain before he could even glance a blow on his armor. This distracted Chaos ,who untill that point was just some very large Kost, and after he killed the Dominque he immediately became the target of over 200 cannons as well as some new pieces of artillery known as Hell cannons led by artillery commander(and the next Dominque) Raphael Melanensa. As not even a god could stand up to that kind of sustained  attack Chaos (and a large number of nearby followers) were slain instantly.

After that chaos' second in command, Kost Patriarch, ordered a retreat. Since neither side had a clear leader for a long time ,and since both sides wanted complete and total revenge, the fighting around Albion settled down  to a siege for the next five years. At that point Chaos had reformed enough of his body to order another assault on Albion however, just moments before the order could be relayed to his army a Garmarian relief force had arrived and helped the Dominon's forces finally break the siege. With what remanded of his forces scattered, dead, or regenerating Chaos had no choice but to wait. In addition to that Siçovul taun and Verbode Kennis had both declared their Independence from Chaos, were both waging wars against each other, and were attacking what was left of Chaos' now scattered cults. It would be another 250 years after the siege's end before Chaos would actually allow his force to wage war.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

echoes of war elves

"We shall protect our realms from the forces of Chaos. We shall fight till our last breath. We shall ensure our own future. GLORY TO THE EMPEROR! DEATH TO CHAOS!"
-Captain Leasen Melna, Battle at the World's End

'Dem mushies fink dey's betta den da rest of us, even us Trollz! But da funny fing iz, dey's dont even 'ave guns! If you'z ask me, dem mushies are da dumb onez.''
-Warchief Gore Finga
"Elve's are perhaps the most noble and responsible creatures in the world.  Those disgusting dwarfs and gnomes can rot in the realm of chaos for all we care."
-Thorain Witfin, elf noble

"Elves are the dumbest and most evil creatures that the worlds has ever had the displeasure of supporting in any way shape or form."
-Franz Pertan, Garmarian scholar
"Without the forests there would be no life. For your trespassing and descracing of our land we will never forgive you."
-a message carved into all of the dead gnome bodies at Winter Gard, probabley left by elves

"Those elves are even more of a FOOL then I could ever imagine. They claim to deny Chaos when a large number of them are some of his most trusted servants."
-Scean Gorvean, Chaos elementalist 
Ena Xotiko einai alazoniko, alla kompso.
Ena Xotiko einai protogoni, alla ekelptysmeno.
Ena Xotiko echei ypotimithei, alla kai ischyron.
Ena Xotiko einai san ki emas, omos den einai.
''An Elf is arrogant, yet elegant.
An Elf is primitive, yet sophisticated.
An Elf is underestimated, yet powerful.
An Elf is like us, yet it's not.''
-What Stygian scholars say when discussing Elves

Saturday, February 19, 2011

echoes of war Dwarfs

"Lads we must band together for if we don't then all the ale will be gone, ratkins will be gnawing on the bones of are ancestors, the trolls will be seeing how far they can drop kick our corpses, the goblins will steal all our gold, and ,most importantly, those Hellspout bastards will drink all of our rum."
-the some what drunk dwarf king Natherious Welet

"The dwarves will never fall for they have the forefather's sons to aid them."
-Franz Pertan, Garmarian scholar

"Will someone please tell those goblins to stop running away? I just fired a warning shot in their ranks and its hard for an air ship's cannons to hit a moving target."
-Captain Morgen  Foren

"Nothing dumber, shrewder, greedier, fatter, or more wasteful then a dwarf."
-Old gnome merchant saying

-Expidition leader Gorsen Meles before being crushed underfoot by a golem

"Dem dwerfs is short and fat, not as short as goblens er gnomes, or as fat as an ohgore er sighclops ,but fer all deys shortcumins deys put up a RELA great fight."
-Gore Finga, Troll werchef

''Ah yes, the Nanos*, our best customers, sure they might come in a bar all grumpy, but after a 2 shots, they smile, after 4 shots, they start giggling and after 10 shots, that is when they become fun. They always start a bar fight, which does destroy a large part of the bar, but is still fun to watch, and they can think of the best drinking songs. Anyways, may I interest you in this fine new brand of vine? It only costs 7 drachmas per bottle.''
-Ampelous, a vine seller in Provata-
*Nanos - Dwarf

Sunday, February 13, 2011

echoes of war Plain Rides

"Oh I don't like fighting because then I could die but if I don't fight then I'll just die anyway"
-a common satyr belief

"Dem Plain Rida's are all rela (HIC) rela dumb cause we could beet em wit one arm cut off and da otha one holdin a rum gun."
-derk staba, rum gun crewman

''Over 2000 years ago, there was a massive war between the Stygians, our close allies, and the Goblins, our hated enemies. The war had raged for decades. But one day, a massive flaming ball came from the sky & destroyed a large proportion of the Reptillion Kingdoms. 'several months later, a form of creature named ''Trolls'' came & stopped the war, by crushing both sides. That is when we stepped in, we had chased & hunted down these beasts to the blasted deserts, the entire world is in our debt, yet they forgot. It is our generations job to remind them how powerful we trully are.''
-knight king revan lightseer, leader of the Plain Riders

"The most fascinating thing about the Plain Riders is that the Satyrs are capable of creating plant like creatures known as botants to help supplement their ranks. Aside from that they really aren't that special."
-Franz Pertan, Garmarian scholar

-Gergat melch, Cyclops chief-anent fighting one goblin

"The Plain Riders are the only ones we will deal with for they are the only ones of you fully in tune with the spirits."
-Cheif Karlanoka

''I am Warhorn Smackhoof! Prepare yourselves Trolls, your last moments are coming near!''
-Warhorn Smackhoof last words

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Falcon Wall

After Garmaria's first attempt to colonize Inaros failed miserably in 1685adc they  realized that they would have to first build some sort of fortress there to insure that they could colonize successfully without having to worry about raids. The result was a 5 mile long wall known as the Falcon Wall. Although it made their presence and location well and truly known to the Inaros it proved its worth less then a year later when it withstood a large scale Inaros raid that would have destroyed any normal string of colonies.

After a while small cities and industriums began appearing on the other side of the wall and for along time the only problem the Garmarians had was the occasion Inaros scribbling some sort of graffiti on the Falcon Wall. Then in 1688adc the Inaros Launched an even larger assault against the wall. At first the Garmarians lost little territory and it seemed they would finally destroy them but then the walls began to move. As it turned out the "graffiti" was actually runes used to reawaken the spirits of stone who were in the wall and massive golems began to  rise up and assimilate other parts of the wall. If it weren't for the intervention of a lost flight of Bombers and the use of a brand new unit known as the highlanders then the Garmarians would have been forced to leave Inaros for good.

Although the wall was rebuilt, the Garmarians didn't seriously follow any course of colonization in Inaros for 200 years and the only conflict around the wall or even near it was small skirmishes between Inaros raiding parties and Garmarian search and destroy missions.

echoes of war Garmaria

"We are the men of Garmaria and the sons of the forefathers. Our mission is to kill the foes of our forefathers who are now the Enemies of Garmaria. Our enemies our everywhere so our mission is never done."
-an abridge version of the Garmarian oath

"The Men of Garmaria are more imbecilic then most other humans are. And on top of that they all seem to have some sort of grudge against elves. And despite my best efforts I still have no clue who the forefathers are."
-Thorain Witfin, elf noble

"Anyone who has ever been to Garmaria will know that we are the greatest nation  ever and that one day we will rule the world."
-Franz Pertan, Garmarian scholar

"I don't get it. How could the Garmarians, who were secluded for such a long amount of time, be more advance then us. I bet their "forefathers" are actually skull gnomes."
-redhead berger, gnome engineer

-engineer captain Germal Swel at the "test firing"  of the Marwolaeth

"I just don't get it. How can these FOOLS from Garmaria say that Chaos is but a figment of our imagination? One day I will go to their continent and show them how imaginary Chaos is."
-Scean Gorvean, Chaos elementalist

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

echoes of war Inaros

"We sing praise to the spirits of the land and all you do is step on them. We protect the spirits of the air yet all you do is poison them. We worship the spirits of the metal yet all you do is abuse them. It is now time for you to face the wrath of the spirits you've angered."
-message that echoed through the Gramarian colonies on Inaros shortly before their destrucion

"The Inaros are the most primitive and savage humans i have ever had the displeasure of meeting. They have no manners what so ever, they have a lingering Oder, and they don't use any gun powder based or even metal weapons and they can still beat us."
-Franz Pertan, Garmarian scholar

"You wish to open up trading with us?  We are not blind foreigners we have seen what you have done to your lands and we know you wish to do the same to ours. The only thing we shall give you is a head start back to your ships."
-Cheif Karlanoka to dominion merchants

"The hardest raid in my life was the one against the Inaros continent. I lost at least 3 ships against them since no 2 units seemed to fight in the same way. However, the 4 ships that came back were so overladen with gold that one of them, I think it was the Gun Bellows, actually sunk. And just thanks to that raid I got no less then 18 new ships."
-Marlex Foren, Captain of the Midnight Flight raiding party

"We sore through the skies on the currents that the air spirit provides."
-Saying for the eagle knights

"Those Inaros people are heretics of the highest order. They attack our missions there and then claim that our god is nothing more then an extension of Chaos. They think that just because they lost the northern part of their continent to the Realm of Chaos that they may claim that our god is one of Chaos' pawns. They are fools for they lost their land because they have forsaken Beation and instead worship these so called "spirits"."
-heilige Leier Dontee

''Yeah, yeah, I know those Inaros *Anthropos. You may know them for pillaging your settlements & killing you all, but hey, you kinda did invade their lands, the least you can do is respect their spirits for making all that land. But anyways, once you get to trade with them like once or twice, like myself, they aren't really that bad. Usually they just take a bunch of *Aiges & *Choiroi, rarely *Agelades or *Aloga. Although I'm pretty sure they also took one of my fine pots.''
-Zarexus, Stygian Mechant at  Aktiti̱spoli̱s, a Stygian city at the shores of Inaros.
* - Anthropos - Human / Aiges - Goats / Choiroi - Pigs / Agelades - Cows / Aloga - Horses