Sunday, February 27, 2011

echoes of war elves

"We shall protect our realms from the forces of Chaos. We shall fight till our last breath. We shall ensure our own future. GLORY TO THE EMPEROR! DEATH TO CHAOS!"
-Captain Leasen Melna, Battle at the World's End

'Dem mushies fink dey's betta den da rest of us, even us Trollz! But da funny fing iz, dey's dont even 'ave guns! If you'z ask me, dem mushies are da dumb onez.''
-Warchief Gore Finga
"Elve's are perhaps the most noble and responsible creatures in the world.  Those disgusting dwarfs and gnomes can rot in the realm of chaos for all we care."
-Thorain Witfin, elf noble

"Elves are the dumbest and most evil creatures that the worlds has ever had the displeasure of supporting in any way shape or form."
-Franz Pertan, Garmarian scholar
"Without the forests there would be no life. For your trespassing and descracing of our land we will never forgive you."
-a message carved into all of the dead gnome bodies at Winter Gard, probabley left by elves

"Those elves are even more of a FOOL then I could ever imagine. They claim to deny Chaos when a large number of them are some of his most trusted servants."
-Scean Gorvean, Chaos elementalist 
Ena Xotiko einai alazoniko, alla kompso.
Ena Xotiko einai protogoni, alla ekelptysmeno.
Ena Xotiko echei ypotimithei, alla kai ischyron.
Ena Xotiko einai san ki emas, omos den einai.
''An Elf is arrogant, yet elegant.
An Elf is primitive, yet sophisticated.
An Elf is underestimated, yet powerful.
An Elf is like us, yet it's not.''
-What Stygian scholars say when discussing Elves

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