Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rules of War:Altitude

These are some experimental rules for you to disuse. Please keep in mind that you should only use them if you have flyers:


Altitude is how high or low your flyers are.  This is useful for flyers, as a height advantage can allow a flyer to avoid enemy fire. In addition, it can allow a flyer to  travel faster or make a more devastating attack then it would have before. On the other hand, if a flyer is in the wrong altitude, it can result in it in the Flyers destruction. A Flyer on the same altitude as another Flyer is capable of shooting/charging it at the normal ranges for the activity, and it is best for both players that the altitude of each flyer is marked. There are four altitudes:

-The Flyer cannot ignore any terrain. The Flyer has normal movement speed. The Flyer has normal range on all weapons.

Ground Height
-The Flyer, and any unit trying to shoot at it, is capable of ignoring any terrain piece up to 6" in height. The flyer has double movement. In addition, all shooting attacks made at the Flyer have normal range. All shooting attacks made from the flyer have half their normal range.

Air Height
-The Flyer, and any unit trying to shoot at it, is capable of ignoring any terrain piece up to 12" in height. The flyer has normal movement. In addition, all shooting attacks made at and from the Flyer have half their normal range rounded up to the nearest inch.

Sky Height
-The Flyer, and any unit trying to shoot at it, is capable of ignoring any terrain piece up to 24" in height. The flyer moves at half of its normal movement. In addition, all shooting attacks made at and from the Flyer have one quarter of their normal range rounded up to the nearest inch.

To determine at which height a Flyer starts at, roll a D3 and consult the following table:
2-Ground height
3-Air Height

Terrain and Flyers

If at any point a Flyer comes into contact with any piece of terrain that isn't open ground, roll a D6 and compare it to the Flyer's speed. If the result is lower than or equal to the Flyer's speed, complete the movement as normal. If the result is higher, then the Flyer suffers D6 Power 4 hits.


1 command point
- The Flyer goes up one altitude.

1 command point
- The Flyer goes down one altitude.

2 command points
-Can only be done from the sky altitude. For all intensive purposes, treat this as the charge command. However, the flyer gains and extra D3 Power (Max 8) and an extra D3 attacks per flyer. In addition, the Flyer is now in the ground altitude.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Legends of War: Shoshin, the lonely spirits

Whenever someone declares that all of the races of the world have been cataloged, there is always another race that proves them wrong. New races are often discovered by people setting out to find them, such as with the Gnolls of the Laughing Savannah or the Faeries. On other occasions, a race literally falls from the sky and causes untold destruction, with the Trolls and Night Ones being prime examples. Still, other races were once major forces in the world, but lost out to the elements of time, like the Orcs or the Old Dragons. And then there are the Shoshin.

No one knows exactly what a Shoshin looks like, because they have no set physical body. Instead, the Shoshin are more of a wandering consciousness which can take up residence in any type of inanimate object and can then manipulate objects within a small distance from them. The objects can be anything, from a lucky coin or doll to useful tools or weapons. While there would seem to be male and female versions of the Shoshin, they claim not to have the ability to reproduce. The Shoshin rarely show up at more than one or two at a time, but have also been known to appear several hundred at a time in abandoned towns or forgotten graveyards.

Overall, the Shoshin are an incredibly peaceful race, and will even go out of their way to aid others in need. Unfortunately, this often means that the Shoshin in question is helping someone bent on sowing death, which has made some people label the Shoshin as aggressive. There have even been people who have purposely sought out the aid of a certain Shoshin, as the items that they posses are almost indestructible. It is often said that Haxor is one such weapon, but there has yet to be proof that Trolzor knows of its secret. In addition, there have been cases of Shoshin bent on spreading destruction, the most famous of which was the Blood Harlequin.

The Blood Harlequin is said to have once been the suit of a Harlequin who had been murdered by a Prince who wanted his wife. This is backed up by the fact that one of the first people to be killed by the Blood Harlequin was Prince Tilmera Felm in 452 a.d.c.. Not satisfied by this, the Blood Harlequin amassed an army of Shoshin and and began raiding human settlements across the known world. The Blood Harlequin's reign of terror lasted until 494 a.d.c., when it's army was defeat by the Combined might of Vissaria and the Dominion at the Battle of Shalin. Ever since, whenever a group of Shoshin is discovered, whole armies have raced to their locations, meaning that the only time the Shoshin can survive is when they are alone. The forced solitude of the Shoshin has lead to their nickname of "the lonely spirits".

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Echoes of War

"War, wine and women! What more can a man need?"
-King Alarxis of Stygia to Karen the Exulted, the day before the Great Plague of Mastizetai

"Father, I think I heard something outside."
-The last known words of Prince Tael Hilman, before his disappearance
"When I stare into the stars, all I can see are the cities that have burned down. 
 And it is Marvelous."
-Yulisteg Heltir, Warlock

"The worlds greatest weapon? Ha! I scoff at your accusation. Faith and faith alone triumph in battle!"
-Prince Gail Sumsed at the Battle of  Gublin Valley

"Tis a miracules life this is. If only I had some more o' that rum there."
-Captain  Ulsted Imerman, before drinking himself to death
"I see that in your faith, you forgot about your men's."
-Field Marshal Granger LeeMen to Prince Gail Sunsed at the Battle of Gublin Valley

"Dear Father and Mother,
Today, I saw a man staked naked to the ground, with his organs being ripped out by some crazed Zealot for one of those "gods" people seem to care so much about. I managed to kill the Zealot, but not before he managed to bring that man back to life. It was very difficult to kill that man, despite him pleading with me for his own end. Eventually, I did kill the man, but I felt sick to my stomach. I don't know if it is some sort of magik that that man did but, by the time you read this letter, I will have died.
Your son,
-a letter found on the body of Jem Litzer after committing suicide

Echoes of War

"Just as you thought us to be nothing more than savage beasts, we believe you to be nothing more than living waste. Allow what has transpired here to be proof of this."
-Words carved into the corpses of all the citizens of the Dominion colony of Gulestein

"Beware I tell you. In this land, all you will find are those...things. They look like men, but they're not. They are made of bones, but...they have no flesh. They only seem to exist for killing those who think themselves strong enough to defeat them. Do not go to their lands. All you will find is death."
-Lindel Maet, advising Dominion troops against moving into Scarecrow territory

"Many ages ago, there was a kingdom which stretched across the world, inhabited by creatures known as One. Their realm encompassed all the creatures of the world, and not a single valley or island was out of their grasp. The One had cities which were wider than the widest ocean, and were taller than the tallest mountain. They managed to bind their kingdom together through the use of magics and sciences. All of the elements of the world bent to their will, as they could force entire continents to rise and fall as they saw fit.

However, their power made them arrogant as they never prayed; and this was lead to their own destruction.

From the skies came the beast known only as the Ruler; the servant of some long forgotten god of vengeance. He punished the One in many long battles, where entire cities were gouged out of the ground or burned up in his fearsome breath, leaving behind only scorched deserts and giant claw marks. Eventually, the One and the Ruler fought a single last battle in the in which both sides fought to the death. The only mark of this battle would be the Cursed Sea, the outer-borders of which are marked by the Grand Line. However, the Ruler was only injured in the fighting, and is know biding his time to destroy the world."
-The Elven legend of the One and the Ruler

"If Iz didun no betta', witc is ta say dat I dont, but dat dere sonds alot lik un o' dem shado panzies"
-Turbit Feyla', upon hearing of the "Night Ones"

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Legends of War: The Battle of Raterillan Flats

In the opening days of 1784 a.d.c., the Ratkins of Ratilvaria found themselves the unexpected hosts to a large army of Garmarians. The army in question was known as the Nineteenth Army, and its leader, Field Marshal Granger LeeMen, had been tasked by The Parliament with destroying the Ratkins. Shocked by this revelation, the Rat-Chief Liret Raterillan clawed together all the Ratkins that he could find and marched out to defeat this threat. Between then, there was about four months of maneuvering and skirmishing between both of the armies, before the Ratkins were finally forced to give battle near on the Raterillan flats. The first day of battle resulted in large numbers of Ratkin casualties as they assaulted Garmarian field works, which forced the Ratkins to erect their own.

For five days after the first encounter, both sides fought a series of fierce skirmishes while waiting for the other side to launch an attack. Concerned by the lack of progress, Liret Raterillan personally consulted with his lower rat-chiefs and rat-priests and made plans for a breakthrough of the Garmarian lines. In the Garmarian camp, Field Marshal Granger LeeMen was also planning an attack of the Ratkin lines. Somehow, both sides decided on the same time to launch their attack as well as attacking at the same place. As the final battle plans were drawn up, Rattail Bend was marked as the perfect place to attack.

The 12th day of Tailu opened up to be an exceptionally cold and wet day, as both sides attempted to use the storms to cover their movement. Exactly an hour before the sun was set to rise, the Garmarians opened up the battle with a fierce artillery barrage followed by a charge from ten thousand soldiers. Stunned, the Ratkins reeled under the surprise attack, before the sheer number of Ratkins in the area allowed them to recover. For the rest of the day, both sides fought in the pelting rain as no less than a dozen attacks and counter attacks were launched by both sides and the dead were trampled underfoot. When the fighting was done, all either of the sides had to show for it was a thick carpet of bodies slowly sinking into the mud.

While the Ratkins managed to absorb the losses that they accumulated during the battle, the Garmarians had lost almost a quarter of all their troops. While the battle continued for eight more days, it was obvious to the Garmarians that they risked loosing their whole army if they remained. Under the cover of a fierce thunderstorm, the Garmarians quietly struck camp and began to leave Raterillan Flats. However, just when the army thought it had escaped the Ratkins, an army of Storm-Rats ambushed the Garmarians and scattered the army. The Storm-Rats managed to capture LeeMen, and brought him to The Court of Si├žovul taun, where his fate has been relegated to myths.