Saturday, November 12, 2011

forces of war:the Dominion

Albion:Albion is the capital province of the Dominion as well as the birth place of the of the first Dominque. It is an odd providence as it is at cross roads of the world where black smiths, gun makers, priests, apothecaries, flethchers, and foundries live side by side with the people of one town often having a completely different view of things then a town 3 miles away. That is not to say they aren't unified, far from it, as every road leads to the capital city, Albion. The armies raised from Albion are about as unpredictable in composition as are possible.

Melas:Melas is one of the most advanced provinces in the whole of the Dominion. It is also one the least populated, with no less then 2 major and costly war fought almost entirely with it's own troops. The number and quality of foundries and gun makers here is the one of the largest in the entire world, second only to the factories of Garmaria. Melas is also where the devastating Hellcannon was invented and is where the steam carriage is being produced.

Soutros:Soutros is the name of the province in which the entire Imperial Ford is situated. No matter their gender or age, every single last person if Soutros' only duty is to maintain or man the series of forts and ship which prevent the Trolls from overrunning the entire continent. Not a day goes by where at least one attack is launched so it is always on the alert for anything. Whenever Soutros is overrun, history is written and lives are irreversibly changed.

Carvalna:Carvalna  is a province that lies near the boundaries of the Goblin Plains and the Stygian empire. Due to this it has an exceptionaly well military and has produced some of the finest ships in the Dominion, some of which are hundreds of year old. However, Carvalna was also known to sell some of it's ships to foreign powers for large sums of gold. It is still recovering after the "rafundain wit inaest" of the most dangerous ship ever to sail the seas, Slingaz' Se Fertras.

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