Sunday, February 13, 2011

echoes of war Plain Rides

"Oh I don't like fighting because then I could die but if I don't fight then I'll just die anyway"
-a common satyr belief

"Dem Plain Rida's are all rela (HIC) rela dumb cause we could beet em wit one arm cut off and da otha one holdin a rum gun."
-derk staba, rum gun crewman

''Over 2000 years ago, there was a massive war between the Stygians, our close allies, and the Goblins, our hated enemies. The war had raged for decades. But one day, a massive flaming ball came from the sky & destroyed a large proportion of the Reptillion Kingdoms. 'several months later, a form of creature named ''Trolls'' came & stopped the war, by crushing both sides. That is when we stepped in, we had chased & hunted down these beasts to the blasted deserts, the entire world is in our debt, yet they forgot. It is our generations job to remind them how powerful we trully are.''
-knight king revan lightseer, leader of the Plain Riders

"The most fascinating thing about the Plain Riders is that the Satyrs are capable of creating plant like creatures known as botants to help supplement their ranks. Aside from that they really aren't that special."
-Franz Pertan, Garmarian scholar

-Gergat melch, Cyclops chief-anent fighting one goblin

"The Plain Riders are the only ones we will deal with for they are the only ones of you fully in tune with the spirits."
-Cheif Karlanoka

''I am Warhorn Smackhoof! Prepare yourselves Trolls, your last moments are coming near!''
-Warhorn Smackhoof last words

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