Thursday, June 23, 2011

Legends of war: Lysandra, Chaos' Gift

Lysandra is a small island fiefdom near the vissarian-dwarven borders. It is a very religious and productive area which, do to how close it is to the Norther Wastes, the Iron Clad naval foundries, and MY CITY, helps produces soldiers and sailors who would put to shame even Garmarian's finest. But despite this nobles dread to call upon their soldiers, admirals would rather lose a battle then include ships crewed by them, and peasants won't even say Lysandra with holding some sort of relic. This is do to the fact that none of the buildings, fortresses, farms, windmills, docks, or anything were ever made, in fact the island shouldn't even be there. The story behind it is well know and is whispered during particularly strong storms.

Around 900 years there was no Lysandra but only an unusual area of water known as Storms' Ambush do to the tendency of ships nearby to be attacked by voids and because of the tendency for violent storms to come out of the area. However it was also an extremely popular fishing and salvage area and some divers and fishermen have made hundreds of gold do to a single very successful day. One day there was an especially violent storm that raged for 5 straight days and forced all of the fishers, salvagers, and a goblin Radin' Fleat to remain in port. The moment the storms were done the salvage ship "Lysandra's Maiden" went out to claim the remains of all the ships who had been in Storms' Ambush. Instead they discovered a fully inhabited and developed island kingdom.

When news of this strange (and awfully wet) island reached the Lord Priest Vesnerez he immediately claimed the island for Vissaria (which the nobles there readily accepted) and installed the captain of the ship as the Head noble and allowed him to name the island after him (which they did not and which lead to a minor revolt). However, the fact that the island came out of nowhere and the fact that it used to be Storms' Ambush, have lead to the island's nickname, Chaos' Gift.

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