Friday, September 28, 2012

Echoes of War

"Naval tactics is a symphony of many different and elegantly carved elements coming together in a crescendo of success."
-Demion Gezeal, High-Admiral of the Dominion

"To Limbo with engine tolerance's, RAM THE SHIP!"
-Captain Oineir Helibar's "last order"

"Thalássio , mas kathodi̱geí pros ti̱ níki̱!" (Thalássio, guide us to victory!)
-common writings on Stygian ships

"Elves of Galmanear, before you stands the strait of Heij, the gate way to our realm. Just beyond that gate, lies a fleet of vile goblins ships, many of which would not be sea worthy if they had not stolen them from us in the first place. Tell me, can we allow such an injustice to be seated so close to us? Nay I say; Nay a thousand times over! So long as we breath, we must never allow them to mock us in such away. We must destroy them, for the honor of your families, for the honor of Galmanear, and for your own honor! Attack!"
-Prince Felimen Galea

"Me father was a bastard born at sea,
me mother was a bar maid, servin' week old mead,
they came to together fur a good time,
and left me there with only a lime.

I grew up on the streets, a proper urchin was I,
once even robbed the dry docks, did I,
till, one day I heard a crier crying a most glorious cry,
that i'll never forget till the day I die:

'Hey there lad, sick and tired of your life?
Wish you had some place to sharpen that knife?
Come to Hellspout an' you'll see,
how grand tis a life at sea.'"
-The opening part of a sea sailor's shanty, a popular ballad in Hellspout

"...watz 'tacktikz'?"
-Trol werlad Fermuncha, after defeating HighAdmiral Demion Gezeal

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Legends of War:Forward, March!

"Left! Left! Left, Right, Left!" The drums barked.

OiHeinmen marched in perfect unison with the drums orders, as did all 200 of the other men of the 297th Veilmeer conscript legion, A platoon. Each footfall sounded like the ground was shaking, loud enough to mute the sound of artillery, and as fearsome as a bull. The flag even furled in time with the rhythm, each proud wave denoting this unit as property of Garmaria. These were the sons of Garmaria about to set out on their right of manhood: first battle.

Around him, other platoons from the 297th conscript legion marched forward, but had to give the lead to the greatest platoon of them all. Behind him, a battery of artillery sung their hearts out, lobbing righteous death upon the foes of their fore fathers. Ahead of them, a company of fusileers was poring volley after volley into the enemies. OiHeinmen was a little mad that he couldn't see the enemy, but was content with the situation as it was. After all, they would soon be slashing their foes to-

"Platoon, Halt!" Ordered the drums.

The platoon obliged, but with a noticeable air of confusion. They were a mere forty yards away from the fusileer's company, and it became apparent that all of the legion had stopped. OiHeinmen felt confused: wasn't their duty to stop the enemy at all costs? Why aren't they deployed ahead of the fusileers, where they can use their swords? Looking at the sword resting on his shoulder, OiHeinmen noticed something else odd: a fusileer regiment was digging in behind them.

No one had time to ponder the implications of this, for it quickly became apparent that the fusileers in front of them had given up on volley firing. The regular rhythm they had come to expect was now nothing more then men firing whenever they pleased. OiHeinmen was on the verge of going over there and teaching them a lesson when he started to hear screaming. It was faint at first, but it tripled in intensity every second, and was overlapped with bellows of increasing rage, strong enough to shatter mountains and to freeze the blood of a mountain. Then the 297th conscript legion saw their first Troll.

That is not to say they hadn't seen Trolls before, it was just always as woodcuts in the Garmarian Review or The Daily Codex, or as pictures at magik lantern or picture reel show. The real Troll was much more terrifying: standing at seven feet tall, gripping an axe the size of a horse leg, with three yellowing tusks (one of which went down in the middle and was splattered with red at the end), pointed ears as sharp as knives, and blue skin popping with veins and muscles. It was clad in old leather, covered with rusting scraps of metal, and a helmet that used to be a human. But, they didn't immediately notice all of these qualities. The first thing they noticed was that he had decapitated a man in a single swing.

A ripple of fear traveled through OiHeinmen, and the platoon as a whole. Some of the men from one of the other platoons even threw down their weapons, and began to run away. Somebody shouted something OiHeinmen couldn't understand, and the fusileers behind the retreating platoon opened fire. Needless to say, they set a very good example. Still, OiHeinmen considered running when-

"Raise, Shields!" The drums demanded.

Following his breeding, OiHeinmen raised his shield from his left side. Because he had no other orders, he looked forward and saw about a hundred more Trolls hacking through the fusileers with the same ease as the first. They were still putting up a fight, but even their guns wouldn't block a Trolls attack, being dispatched with the same ease as its owner. A few of the men even had shields like the one OiHeinmen had, but these proved to be as effective as blocking with the bare arm, and one man's arm was even jarred from its socket on impact. OiHeinmen winced as the man, clutching his useless arm, was silenced by the same Troll, who's laughter mocked him.

OiHeinmen was now furious. That man had died for Garmaria, and all that Troll could do was laugh? What right did these creatures have to mock the sons of Garmaria, who were the rightful masters of this world? What right did these creatures have to live? NONE!

"Ready, Arms!" Sounded the drums.

By now the feeling of fury had spread to the platoon as a whole. How dare they mock Garmaria! They all took their swords from the resting place on their shoulders and went from cupping the hilt to squeezing it. They knew what their duty was, and they knew what they had to do. But they were still those who were scared.

Then someone began singing a child-rhyme. They all knew it by heart, and, despite the imaturity of it all, they all sang:

Oh my mother, cry not for me.
Oh my father, cry not for me.
I go to war for the sake of you, mother.
I go to war for the sake of you, father.
I go to war for the sake of everyone.
If I die on the fields of war, cry not for me mother.
If I die on the fields of war, cry not for me father.
For I died for your sake, mother.
For I died for your sake, father.
For I died for the sake of everyone.

Everyone sang this, except OiHeinmen. He sung a sung only he and his father had known:

One more time to the maw of Limbo,
One more time to the heart of the storm.
One more time to the heat of battle,
for this is the last great battle I shall known.

And then the drums gave the last order OiHeinmen would ever know:
"Forward, March!"

Monday, September 10, 2012

General Proclomations:Ist wave Army lists

 We have the army lists for the first wave armies' boxed sets made up.

Dwarf Lord 75pts
heavy armor 5pts
axe 5pts
shield 5pts
total 90pts

Dwarf Bard 50pts

2xBombards 125pts


banner 10pts
war horn 5pts
champion 5pts
axes 20pts
shields 20pts
heavy armor 20pts
total 180pts

banner 10pts
war horn 5pts
champion 5pts
halberds 40pts
heavy armor 20pts
total 180pts

Dragoons 110pts
banner 10pts
warhorn 5pts
champion 5pts
total 120pts

total 985pts
Elf noble 80pts
shield 5pts
mace 5pts
dragon 35pts
shining armor 10pts
total 130pts

Elf captain 65pts
army banner 25pts
total 90pts

2xsages 210pts (one commoner, one noble)

elf warriors 120pts (commoner)
banner 10pts
warhorn 5pts
champion 5pts
spears 15pts
total 155pts

elf warriors 120pts (nobles)
banner 10pts
warhorn 5pts
champion 5pts
elven armor 30pts
shields 15pts
maces 15pts
total 200pts

Elf bowmen 150pts
banner 10pts
warhorn 5pts
champion 5pts
elven armor 30pts
elven bows 15pts
total 215pts

total 990pts

Leader 90pts
zap cannon 10pts
total 115pts

2xreapers 120pts


2xprotectors 300pts

slaves 80pts
prods 80pts
total 160pts

total 1000pts

Stygian Army(by Nikola Dabic):

-Strategos (Warhorse, Spear, Shield, Army Banner) - 145pts
-Perioikoi (Shields, Warhorn, Banner, Champion) - 140pts
-Hoplites (Warhorn, Banner, Champion) - 160pts ×2
-Toxotes (Longbows, Warhorn, Banner, Champion) - 140pts
-Hippikon (Warhorn, Banner, Aspis, Light Armor, Spears, Champion) - 200pts
-Petrobolos (no ugprades) - 50pts

Overall, an army of exactly 995pts

Any comments or questions would be appreciated, and these lists still might change in the near future. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Art of War: Map of the Convict Islands

This is a map of the infamous Convict Islands. Please note that the band at the bottom represents the Grand Line, the Eye of Thead is on the top left corner, and the small island on the right is Lighthouse Isle.