Saturday, October 8, 2011

Forces of War:elves

Luana:The capital fiefdom of the Elven Empire, there is no city more majestic the Luana. Built around 2000bdc the city has been burned to the ground twice(the second time was an accident) and has come back stronger each time. It is home to the Lacel go Nalar(Palace of Magic) where the greatest magis come to learn. It also features the Woltrom go Theolic(Tower of Death) where the still fresh bodies of all the commanders who have dared to attack Luana are still hanging; with the exception of one empty noose.

Xelmar:Xelmar is a fiefdom that is made up of a chain of several islands. As a result the men and women of Xelmar are some of the finest sailors and marines outside of Stygia and they are exceptionally tough. In addition, the trees there have an almost magic quality to them and, as a result, the ships built there are second only to Garmaria's in quality, but, behind Vissaria in quantity. While many have attempted sea borne invasions, only Slinga's Sea Slayaz' have ever raided the islands(an attack in which Xelmar still hasn't recovered from.

Gascoal:Gascoal is the a fiefdom that sits near the borders of the Gnomeish Trade Republic. As a result, the warriors here are very hardened by almost constant warfare. In addition, Gascoal is one of the few fiefdoms to deploy the Lesolek'feles(Silver Arrows(ballistas)) in large quantities. While this has earned them much ridicule, not one elf noble can argue with the low casualties and sheer number of wins they have.

Solarian:Solarian is the only fiefdom to be in a mountain range. While this has earned them much scorn over the years, most notably the nickname Fol'gavs(Fake Dwarfs), they are also the only fiefdom that can produce the much feared Delcoric'racter(Dragon Riders) without have to import them. In addition, this fiefdom alone supplies almost a third of the iron and almost all of the Rals'taln(Sky Metal) that is used by the Elves. Unfortunately, Solarian is currently under attack by Trolls hell bent on,"Findin' a propa plac to hide da boddies."

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