Sunday, February 27, 2011

echoes of war elves

"We shall protect our realms from the forces of Chaos. We shall fight till our last breath. We shall ensure our own future. GLORY TO THE EMPEROR! DEATH TO CHAOS!"
-Captain Leasen Melna, Battle at the World's End

'Dem mushies fink dey's betta den da rest of us, even us Trollz! But da funny fing iz, dey's dont even 'ave guns! If you'z ask me, dem mushies are da dumb onez.''
-Warchief Gore Finga
"Elve's are perhaps the most noble and responsible creatures in the world.  Those disgusting dwarfs and gnomes can rot in the realm of chaos for all we care."
-Thorain Witfin, elf noble

"Elves are the dumbest and most evil creatures that the worlds has ever had the displeasure of supporting in any way shape or form."
-Franz Pertan, Garmarian scholar
"Without the forests there would be no life. For your trespassing and descracing of our land we will never forgive you."
-a message carved into all of the dead gnome bodies at Winter Gard, probabley left by elves

"Those elves are even more of a FOOL then I could ever imagine. They claim to deny Chaos when a large number of them are some of his most trusted servants."
-Scean Gorvean, Chaos elementalist 
Ena Xotiko einai alazoniko, alla kompso.
Ena Xotiko einai protogoni, alla ekelptysmeno.
Ena Xotiko echei ypotimithei, alla kai ischyron.
Ena Xotiko einai san ki emas, omos den einai.
''An Elf is arrogant, yet elegant.
An Elf is primitive, yet sophisticated.
An Elf is underestimated, yet powerful.
An Elf is like us, yet it's not.''
-What Stygian scholars say when discussing Elves

Saturday, February 19, 2011

echoes of war Dwarfs

"Lads we must band together for if we don't then all the ale will be gone, ratkins will be gnawing on the bones of are ancestors, the trolls will be seeing how far they can drop kick our corpses, the goblins will steal all our gold, and ,most importantly, those Hellspout bastards will drink all of our rum."
-the some what drunk dwarf king Natherious Welet

"The dwarves will never fall for they have the forefather's sons to aid them."
-Franz Pertan, Garmarian scholar

"Will someone please tell those goblins to stop running away? I just fired a warning shot in their ranks and its hard for an air ship's cannons to hit a moving target."
-Captain Morgen  Foren

"Nothing dumber, shrewder, greedier, fatter, or more wasteful then a dwarf."
-Old gnome merchant saying

-Expidition leader Gorsen Meles before being crushed underfoot by a golem

"Dem dwerfs is short and fat, not as short as goblens er gnomes, or as fat as an ohgore er sighclops ,but fer all deys shortcumins deys put up a RELA great fight."
-Gore Finga, Troll werchef

''Ah yes, the Nanos*, our best customers, sure they might come in a bar all grumpy, but after a 2 shots, they smile, after 4 shots, they start giggling and after 10 shots, that is when they become fun. They always start a bar fight, which does destroy a large part of the bar, but is still fun to watch, and they can think of the best drinking songs. Anyways, may I interest you in this fine new brand of vine? It only costs 7 drachmas per bottle.''
-Ampelous, a vine seller in Provata-
*Nanos - Dwarf

Sunday, February 13, 2011

echoes of war Plain Rides

"Oh I don't like fighting because then I could die but if I don't fight then I'll just die anyway"
-a common satyr belief

"Dem Plain Rida's are all rela (HIC) rela dumb cause we could beet em wit one arm cut off and da otha one holdin a rum gun."
-derk staba, rum gun crewman

''Over 2000 years ago, there was a massive war between the Stygians, our close allies, and the Goblins, our hated enemies. The war had raged for decades. But one day, a massive flaming ball came from the sky & destroyed a large proportion of the Reptillion Kingdoms. 'several months later, a form of creature named ''Trolls'' came & stopped the war, by crushing both sides. That is when we stepped in, we had chased & hunted down these beasts to the blasted deserts, the entire world is in our debt, yet they forgot. It is our generations job to remind them how powerful we trully are.''
-knight king revan lightseer, leader of the Plain Riders

"The most fascinating thing about the Plain Riders is that the Satyrs are capable of creating plant like creatures known as botants to help supplement their ranks. Aside from that they really aren't that special."
-Franz Pertan, Garmarian scholar

-Gergat melch, Cyclops chief-anent fighting one goblin

"The Plain Riders are the only ones we will deal with for they are the only ones of you fully in tune with the spirits."
-Cheif Karlanoka

''I am Warhorn Smackhoof! Prepare yourselves Trolls, your last moments are coming near!''
-Warhorn Smackhoof last words

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Falcon Wall

After Garmaria's first attempt to colonize Inaros failed miserably in 1685adc they  realized that they would have to first build some sort of fortress there to insure that they could colonize successfully without having to worry about raids. The result was a 5 mile long wall known as the Falcon Wall. Although it made their presence and location well and truly known to the Inaros it proved its worth less then a year later when it withstood a large scale Inaros raid that would have destroyed any normal string of colonies.

After a while small cities and industriums began appearing on the other side of the wall and for along time the only problem the Garmarians had was the occasion Inaros scribbling some sort of graffiti on the Falcon Wall. Then in 1688adc the Inaros Launched an even larger assault against the wall. At first the Garmarians lost little territory and it seemed they would finally destroy them but then the walls began to move. As it turned out the "graffiti" was actually runes used to reawaken the spirits of stone who were in the wall and massive golems began to  rise up and assimilate other parts of the wall. If it weren't for the intervention of a lost flight of Bombers and the use of a brand new unit known as the highlanders then the Garmarians would have been forced to leave Inaros for good.

Although the wall was rebuilt, the Garmarians didn't seriously follow any course of colonization in Inaros for 200 years and the only conflict around the wall or even near it was small skirmishes between Inaros raiding parties and Garmarian search and destroy missions.

echoes of war Garmaria

"We are the men of Garmaria and the sons of the forefathers. Our mission is to kill the foes of our forefathers who are now the Enemies of Garmaria. Our enemies our everywhere so our mission is never done."
-an abridge version of the Garmarian oath

"The Men of Garmaria are more imbecilic then most other humans are. And on top of that they all seem to have some sort of grudge against elves. And despite my best efforts I still have no clue who the forefathers are."
-Thorain Witfin, elf noble

"Anyone who has ever been to Garmaria will know that we are the greatest nation  ever and that one day we will rule the world."
-Franz Pertan, Garmarian scholar

"I don't get it. How could the Garmarians, who were secluded for such a long amount of time, be more advance then us. I bet their "forefathers" are actually skull gnomes."
-redhead berger, gnome engineer

-engineer captain Germal Swel at the "test firing"  of the Marwolaeth

"I just don't get it. How can these FOOLS from Garmaria say that Chaos is but a figment of our imagination? One day I will go to their continent and show them how imaginary Chaos is."
-Scean Gorvean, Chaos elementalist

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

echoes of war Inaros

"We sing praise to the spirits of the land and all you do is step on them. We protect the spirits of the air yet all you do is poison them. We worship the spirits of the metal yet all you do is abuse them. It is now time for you to face the wrath of the spirits you've angered."
-message that echoed through the Gramarian colonies on Inaros shortly before their destrucion

"The Inaros are the most primitive and savage humans i have ever had the displeasure of meeting. They have no manners what so ever, they have a lingering Oder, and they don't use any gun powder based or even metal weapons and they can still beat us."
-Franz Pertan, Garmarian scholar

"You wish to open up trading with us?  We are not blind foreigners we have seen what you have done to your lands and we know you wish to do the same to ours. The only thing we shall give you is a head start back to your ships."
-Cheif Karlanoka to dominion merchants

"The hardest raid in my life was the one against the Inaros continent. I lost at least 3 ships against them since no 2 units seemed to fight in the same way. However, the 4 ships that came back were so overladen with gold that one of them, I think it was the Gun Bellows, actually sunk. And just thanks to that raid I got no less then 18 new ships."
-Marlex Foren, Captain of the Midnight Flight raiding party

"We sore through the skies on the currents that the air spirit provides."
-Saying for the eagle knights

"Those Inaros people are heretics of the highest order. They attack our missions there and then claim that our god is nothing more then an extension of Chaos. They think that just because they lost the northern part of their continent to the Realm of Chaos that they may claim that our god is one of Chaos' pawns. They are fools for they lost their land because they have forsaken Beation and instead worship these so called "spirits"."
-heilige Leier Dontee

''Yeah, yeah, I know those Inaros *Anthropos. You may know them for pillaging your settlements & killing you all, but hey, you kinda did invade their lands, the least you can do is respect their spirits for making all that land. But anyways, once you get to trade with them like once or twice, like myself, they aren't really that bad. Usually they just take a bunch of *Aiges & *Choiroi, rarely *Agelades or *Aloga. Although I'm pretty sure they also took one of my fine pots.''
-Zarexus, Stygian Mechant at  Aktiti̱spoli̱s, a Stygian city at the shores of Inaros.
* - Anthropos - Human / Aiges - Goats / Choiroi - Pigs / Agelades - Cows / Aloga - Horses