Monday, November 12, 2012

Echoes of War: Manerva

"Long ago, back when the gods still walked the world, there was a village known as Foele. It was a simple fishing village, filled with simple elves, who carried out their lives much as all peasants do. However, one village maiden was not simple, and could indeed be mistaken for one of noble blood very easily. Her name, was Manerva, which means "Black Moon" in the ancient Elven Tongue. She was named this, for she had been born under a black moon, and she managed to live up to its radiance.

For many years, Manerva lived in Foele, and for many years, the simple peasants asked her for her hand in marriage. Yet, she was stubborn willed, and refused each and every last one of them. If she had been raised with a father, she would have married, but alas, she only had a mother to look over her, so she was free to choose who she wanted. So Manerva went on being the beautiful maiden you read of in legends, whom no one would ever touch. This lasted until the Eieus, a merchant ship, came to port.

It was not uncommon for ships to come to Foele, but, the Eieus had just been to the Grand Line, and had brought with it many exotic wonders. Like most of the town who had nothing to fill their simple day, Manerva went to see the ship unload, and was about to leave when she spotted something she liked. It was not a fancy fruit, or rare ornament, but something else entirely. It was a boy.

The boy in question was not much to look at. Despite being a sailor, he was thin and pale, and looked like he was liable to die at any moment. Apparently, Manerva enjoys people who are near death, as she fell in love with him on sight. And, when the boy looked back at Manerva, he too fell in love. He also fell into water due to his love.

For the month that the ship was in port, Manerva and the boy spent all of their free time together. It was not an uncommon thing to have happen, but, normally there is a father to prevent his child from going to far. After all, no one should have to marry a sailor, yet alone a pale and thin sailor. Once again, Manerva's lack of father prevented such discipline, so Manerva was allowed to love this boy unrestricted. Luckily all ships leave port eventually, and soon the month was almost up.

On the last night that they were supposed to be together, the two of them laid on a hill, gazing up at the black moon. It is not known how, but, at some point, their conversation wondered to that of the gods. With this, the boy produced two fruits he had gathered from the Grand Line, which looked like they had been spun of gold and rust. The boy said that, whoever eats these fruits would gain the immortality and power of a god, and proposed that they both eat the fruit. Manerva agreed, on the condition that the boy tell her his name.

The boy's name, was Keiaus."
-The first part of the (presumed lost) epic, The Fall of the Gods.

Art of War: soldiers of Chaos

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