Sunday, September 18, 2011

Forces of war:Goblins

Sling's Se Slayaz: Slinga is the supa genius boss of the Se Slayaz goblin tribe and the current ruler of MY CITY!. The Sea Slayaz are most famous for 2 battles in particular: Da Batta at da Se Side Town Fing(Sack of Pier Hallot) and Dat Big Midnigt Bass at Da Dwarf's Mega Cannon Castle Dat Was Den Burnd Up(The Razing of Meved). However what is more spectacular is that these attacks happened almost 400years apart from each other under the banner of the same goblin. In addition some goblin scrolls have shown the pictograph for Slinga some 5000 years ago. While many people theorize that this may just be a title, anyone who has met this long cloaked crocked hatted goblin have to admit that he seems to have that much knowledge in his head.

Seseom's Sribes: Sesoem's Scribes are a tribe of goblins unlike any other simply do to asking the right thing at the right time. During a goblin corpse fire Sesoem gifted these goblins with 2 long scrolls: the Scroll of the History of Our Sons(about 60feet long) and the Scroll of the Future That May Never Come. Shortly after they received the scrolls a Stygian raid captured the Scroll of the History of Our Sons and after Dominique(who was quite fluent in all languages) read the Prophecy of Epoch, King Kataktitis, believing it was about him, raised the largest army Stygia had ever seen and went to invade the mainland. Seseom's Scribes formed managed to get into the Grand Alliance by bargaining the Banner of Coadunation for the ability to retrieve their scroll. After The First Battle the goblins retrieved the scroll and they helped create the Citadel of Knowledge in Albion. While the tribe's location is well and truly known the location of it's scrolls are a secret they have kept for nearly 2000 years.

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