Thursday, July 21, 2011

Legends of War:orcs

There is one creature in which the races of the world dread more then any other in existence. Those races who suffered at their hands live in perpetual fear of their memories and even the trolls, who missed them by exactly one year, are in a combination of awe and jealousy at them. They are a creature who makes even the loudest, most energetic goblin or gnome stand stone still when they are mentioned. These are the most loathed and feared creatures in all existence. They are the orcs.

An orc is a 6ft tall heavily muscled brute with grey skin and an unfathomably endless lust for blood(but never orc blood). While a troll is a dangerous, resilient, and loud creature to compare them to an orc is to compare a newborn gnome baby to an army of scarecrows. In fact orcs are so resilient that if you cut off their head ,instead of dying, they will simply pick it up and use it as a weapon. It was rumored that orcs were created through a forgotten alchemist ritual that required parts from a gnome and a goblin ,which would ,partially, explain why they always had so many around.  The damage the orcs was so great that even today there are whole civilizations still recovering from their effects(Elves, Plain Riders, Dwarves, Ratkins, and the Inaros are prime examples). The Orcs were finally wiped out at the Battle of Gore in which the entire nearby lake and  rivers ran red with blood for hundreds of years and the once fertile plains were reduced to a barren desert.

However, in recent years, the tell tale signs of orcs are beginning to show.

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