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Echoes of War: Manerva

"Long ago, back when the gods still walked the world, there was a village known as Foele. It was a simple fishing village, filled with simple elves, who carried out their lives much as all peasants do. However, one village maiden was not simple, and could indeed be mistaken for one of noble blood very easily. Her name, was Manerva, which means "Black Moon" in the ancient Elven Tongue. She was named this, for she had been born under a black moon, and she managed to live up to its radiance.

For many years, Manerva lived in Foele, and for many years, the simple peasants asked her for her hand in marriage. Yet, she was stubborn willed, and refused each and every last one of them. If she had been raised with a father, she would have married, but alas, she only had a mother to look over her, so she was free to choose who she wanted. So Manerva went on being the beautiful maiden you read of in legends, whom no one would ever touch. This lasted until the Eieus, a merchant ship, came to port.

It was not uncommon for ships to come to Foele, but, the Eieus had just been to the Grand Line, and had brought with it many exotic wonders. Like most of the town who had nothing to fill their simple day, Manerva went to see the ship unload, and was about to leave when she spotted something she liked. It was not a fancy fruit, or rare ornament, but something else entirely. It was a boy.

The boy in question was not much to look at. Despite being a sailor, he was thin and pale, and looked like he was liable to die at any moment. Apparently, Manerva enjoys people who are near death, as she fell in love with him on sight. And, when the boy looked back at Manerva, he too fell in love. He also fell into water due to his love.

For the month that the ship was in port, Manerva and the boy spent all of their free time together. It was not an uncommon thing to have happen, but, normally there is a father to prevent his child from going to far. After all, no one should have to marry a sailor, yet alone a pale and thin sailor. Once again, Manerva's lack of father prevented such discipline, so Manerva was allowed to love this boy unrestricted. Luckily all ships leave port eventually, and soon the month was almost up.

On the last night that they were supposed to be together, the two of them laid on a hill, gazing up at the black moon. It is not known how, but, at some point, their conversation wondered to that of the gods. With this, the boy produced two fruits he had gathered from the Grand Line, which looked like they had been spun of gold and rust. The boy said that, whoever eats these fruits would gain the immortality and power of a god, and proposed that they both eat the fruit. Manerva agreed, on the condition that the boy tell her his name.

The boy's name, was Keiaus."
-The first part of the (presumed lost) epic, The Fall of the Gods.

Art of War: soldiers of Chaos

Units from the Soldiers of Chaos. Please note that the appearances are likely to change.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Art of War: Elven concept art

This is some of the concept art for the Elves. Please note that the commoner and Aristocrat are mainly aesthetic differences.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Legends of War:Trolzor

The throne room of King Levuel was a splendid hall, placed far up in the palace so that only the most exclusive of Levuel's guests would every lay eyes on its many splendors. There, one could see marble statues of the Lord god Beation, gaze upon tapestries woven centuries ago, and then, if they were very sharp, they may even realize that almost all of the things in the room were made of gold. Often, Levuel would hold splendid feast, with meats, fruits, and fish from as far away as Arbi or, if he was feeling very charitable, he would even include that sweet drink from the Inaros and or even some Garmarian sweets. At the height of the banquet, Levuel would rise from his throne and give a speech, much as its new occupant was doing now.


The other occupants let out a wild cheer, hoisting up their weapons and food. Some of them even had the manners to clean up using one of those "Panze fingz" on the wall. Others, in attempting to make some fun, used some of those "Stadnin' ston fingz" to sharpen (or dull) their drunken hacking skills. Even more of them were hacking up the furniture in the room, in an attempt to make a bigger fire, while others were stamping there feet (or skulls) loudly to the melodious tones of da Def Leaperz. Through the midst of all this, human slaves and Haflan servants darted around serving all kinds of drinks and, often painful, entertainment.

One such luckless Haflan was currently serving the Troll in the throne.

"Yer drink, sur," he squeled.

The Troll looked at the Haflen in disgusted shock.

"I dedn't ordur no drink!" He shouted.

The Haflen privately shook his head, "Ya order'd a Rad rum, sur."

"No I- ohh, lookatdat. W'O AR YA?"

"I brought yer rad rum, sur," The Haflen said.

"Wat took ya, ya Panze eatin' squish zogger!"

With that, the Troll had taken the drink, and was about to drink it, when he started eyeing it.

"'ow don't I no dat ya dedn't poezen dis!" He shouted. "Ya dink it furst!"

So the Haflen did take a sip from it, and was just about to say how tasty it was, when he realised he was headed for a new course in life: namely, the stairs.

"WHY DA ZOGG, DID YA ZOGGIN' DRINK ME RAD RUM!" He bellowed, which roused much laughter from the assembled Trolls.

He then noticed another Troll rushing up the stairs, without even so much as a chuckle at the Haflen he had passed.

"Wat da zogg do ya want ya panze!" He shouted.

It took a few seconds of incomprehensible gibberish  before he finally said, "WE GOT NEW NABERZ!"

The Werchef gasped, "Did dey bring pie!"

"No," he said, "deyz broat lotz an' lotz o' sharp pointa metal fingz wi-"

"'OW DARE DEY NOT BRING ME- ohhhhhhhhhh pert-PIE!" The Werchef shouted.

He then stood up on the throne, cupped his hands over his mouth, and bellowed, "HAXOR!"

In a moment, a 'atet as large as most people came flying through the air and into its owners arms. And chest. And his body as a whole. In fact, he flew back into the throne and left a large imprint on the wall behind it. Rather than die, as any normal human ,or Troll for that matter, would have done, he simply stood up and screamed:


He continued screaming as he raced across the hall and out through the door. He only realized that he had gone through a window AFTER he had landed. Luckily, he had managed to land on a filled in section of moat, and as such, his fall was broken up by sharp rocks and bits of bone and metal. The Werchef stood up, brushed himself off, and pointed at the one guy in the large mob of ohmans who was wearing the most gold.

"Why'd ya trip me!" He demanded.

At first, the ohman was to stunned to do anything (most people don't survive an eighty foot drop onto rocks), but, the fact that he had said that he was being blamed for that, snapped him out of his shock.

"You vile pig," he said, "I would never shove anyone out of a window, even a-"

"'ho da Zog are ya, ya Panze!" the Troll interrupted, gathering some laughter from his Trolls on the walls (who also shared in the humans shock).

The man was so angry at being interrupted and insulted by a Troll, that he said, "I am Prince Delpeha Levuel, the true owner of this castle, to which you and your brutish companions have defiled. I bring with me an army of ten thousand of Vissaria's finest warriors and also a hundred of our finest preachers, so that we may destroy you in the Holy name of our Lord god Beati-"

It was then that he, and everyone else, became aware that the Werchef was snoring, LOUDLY.

"What!" Prince Levuel shouted, "don't you realise the severity of the situation you are-"

"JA' MAKIN' ME BORD!" He interrupted.

"What!" Prince Levuel demanded


Then, after much thought, he added, "Ja' makin' me 'ungre." And started looking around for something to eat.

"That's it!" Prince Levuel shouted.

He turned to his trusted friend Gustev, and pointed a finger at the Troll, shouting, "Kill that abomination."

"Yes m'lord," Gustev said, before he lowered his visor.

He then lifted his lance in the air, and said, "Knight of Kealmar, Charge!"

In moments, a hundred  knights were galloping full tilt at the Troll, a little overkill, but necessary for the insolence this Troll had shown. The Troll, had noticed this, and was staring at them, much as a simpleton would a torch.

"So," a voice behind the Troll said, "You, gonna dance boy? Make those knights your rag time toys? Take their steel, bend their will, go in for the one-two kill?"

The Troll smiled, "Wat do ya fink, Gate git!"

When the knights were about two yards away, the Troll launched himself at them, with an insane grin on his face and profanity not fit for Hellspout, which caused even the older among the knights to gape in horror. To call what he did to those knights anything less than a complete massacre, would be an insult. By the time the he was finished, he was surrounded in a quagmire of blood and guts, and was already turned towards the Prince.


Prince Levuel took several hurried steps back, pointing a trembling finger at the Troll, shouting, "Shoot it! Shoot the bloody monster!"

A thousand arrows flew across the sky, all pointed at the monster. Rather than run, as even the thickest of Cyclopses would have done, he simply starred at the arrows giggling to himself. He then took in a large breath, and bellowed:


The arrows landed, but all of them were in several pieces now, and simply fell as a light hail. Before they had time to fire again, the Troll was already among them, with has axe swirling in gory arcs while his profanity grew to a point at which even the most sinful among them thought he was going to far. In no time at all, the Troll had hacked his way through all the humans between him and Prince Levuel. Rather than run, Levuel decided that he had had enough of the Troll's antics and had drawn his sword, shouting:

"I am Prince Delpeha Levuel, now feel the wrath of my blade!"

He never felt his sword arm leave his body, as the Troll didn't let him live that long. Prince Levuel had been thrown on his back. The last thing he heard and saw was the Troll.

"I IZ TROLZOR!" he laughed, "NOW FEAL MI AZZ!"

And with that, Trolzor dropped all his weight on the Prince's head.

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General Proclomations: Relenfeast 2012

While this announcement is two days late, it is still important. In honor of the Dominion's holiday of Relenfeast we will have several two very special events, and also somethings for you to see.
What is Relenfeast?

Battle Report contest.
Throughout the month of October, we will have a competition for the best battle report. A battle report can be sent either through posting it as a comment on this link, or posting it on the Facebook group wall. Alternatively, you may have noticed the new tab near the top of the page. While it is still experimental, we do have a forum up, so that you can discuss things related to Fields of War, and all of gaming.  At the end of October, we will have a poll, and the person who submitted the Battle reports with the most votes, can create a special character for the army of his/her choice. Any battle report submitted, will be posted on the blog.

Story contest.
Throughout the month of October, we will have a competition for the best original story. A sent can be sent either through posting it as a comment on this link, or posting it on the Facebook group wall. Alternatively, you may have noticed the new tab near the top of the page. While it is still experimental, we do have a forum up, so that you can discuss things related to Fields of War, and all of gaming. At the end of October, we will have a poll, and the person who submitted the story with the most votes, can create a special character for the army of his/her choice. Any story submitted, will be posted on the blog.

Concept art.
While it is very rough (and not all that much to look at) we will periodically post up some of the concept arts for the top armies throughout October. 

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Echoes of War

"Naval tactics is a symphony of many different and elegantly carved elements coming together in a crescendo of success."
-Demion Gezeal, High-Admiral of the Dominion

"To Limbo with engine tolerance's, RAM THE SHIP!"
-Captain Oineir Helibar's "last order"

"Thalássio , mas kathodi̱geí pros ti̱ níki̱!" (Thalássio, guide us to victory!)
-common writings on Stygian ships

"Elves of Galmanear, before you stands the strait of Heij, the gate way to our realm. Just beyond that gate, lies a fleet of vile goblins ships, many of which would not be sea worthy if they had not stolen them from us in the first place. Tell me, can we allow such an injustice to be seated so close to us? Nay I say; Nay a thousand times over! So long as we breath, we must never allow them to mock us in such away. We must destroy them, for the honor of your families, for the honor of Galmanear, and for your own honor! Attack!"
-Prince Felimen Galea

"Me father was a bastard born at sea,
me mother was a bar maid, servin' week old mead,
they came to together fur a good time,
and left me there with only a lime.

I grew up on the streets, a proper urchin was I,
once even robbed the dry docks, did I,
till, one day I heard a crier crying a most glorious cry,
that i'll never forget till the day I die:

'Hey there lad, sick and tired of your life?
Wish you had some place to sharpen that knife?
Come to Hellspout an' you'll see,
how grand tis a life at sea.'"
-The opening part of a sea sailor's shanty, a popular ballad in Hellspout

"...watz 'tacktikz'?"
-Trol werlad Fermuncha, after defeating HighAdmiral Demion Gezeal

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Legends of War:Forward, March!

"Left! Left! Left, Right, Left!" The drums barked.

OiHeinmen marched in perfect unison with the drums orders, as did all 200 of the other men of the 297th Veilmeer conscript legion, A platoon. Each footfall sounded like the ground was shaking, loud enough to mute the sound of artillery, and as fearsome as a bull. The flag even furled in time with the rhythm, each proud wave denoting this unit as property of Garmaria. These were the sons of Garmaria about to set out on their right of manhood: first battle.

Around him, other platoons from the 297th conscript legion marched forward, but had to give the lead to the greatest platoon of them all. Behind him, a battery of artillery sung their hearts out, lobbing righteous death upon the foes of their fore fathers. Ahead of them, a company of fusileers was poring volley after volley into the enemies. OiHeinmen was a little mad that he couldn't see the enemy, but was content with the situation as it was. After all, they would soon be slashing their foes to-

"Platoon, Halt!" Ordered the drums.

The platoon obliged, but with a noticeable air of confusion. They were a mere forty yards away from the fusileer's company, and it became apparent that all of the legion had stopped. OiHeinmen felt confused: wasn't their duty to stop the enemy at all costs? Why aren't they deployed ahead of the fusileers, where they can use their swords? Looking at the sword resting on his shoulder, OiHeinmen noticed something else odd: a fusileer regiment was digging in behind them.

No one had time to ponder the implications of this, for it quickly became apparent that the fusileers in front of them had given up on volley firing. The regular rhythm they had come to expect was now nothing more then men firing whenever they pleased. OiHeinmen was on the verge of going over there and teaching them a lesson when he started to hear screaming. It was faint at first, but it tripled in intensity every second, and was overlapped with bellows of increasing rage, strong enough to shatter mountains and to freeze the blood of a mountain. Then the 297th conscript legion saw their first Troll.

That is not to say they hadn't seen Trolls before, it was just always as woodcuts in the Garmarian Review or The Daily Codex, or as pictures at magik lantern or picture reel show. The real Troll was much more terrifying: standing at seven feet tall, gripping an axe the size of a horse leg, with three yellowing tusks (one of which went down in the middle and was splattered with red at the end), pointed ears as sharp as knives, and blue skin popping with veins and muscles. It was clad in old leather, covered with rusting scraps of metal, and a helmet that used to be a human. But, they didn't immediately notice all of these qualities. The first thing they noticed was that he had decapitated a man in a single swing.

A ripple of fear traveled through OiHeinmen, and the platoon as a whole. Some of the men from one of the other platoons even threw down their weapons, and began to run away. Somebody shouted something OiHeinmen couldn't understand, and the fusileers behind the retreating platoon opened fire. Needless to say, they set a very good example. Still, OiHeinmen considered running when-

"Raise, Shields!" The drums demanded.

Following his breeding, OiHeinmen raised his shield from his left side. Because he had no other orders, he looked forward and saw about a hundred more Trolls hacking through the fusileers with the same ease as the first. They were still putting up a fight, but even their guns wouldn't block a Trolls attack, being dispatched with the same ease as its owner. A few of the men even had shields like the one OiHeinmen had, but these proved to be as effective as blocking with the bare arm, and one man's arm was even jarred from its socket on impact. OiHeinmen winced as the man, clutching his useless arm, was silenced by the same Troll, who's laughter mocked him.

OiHeinmen was now furious. That man had died for Garmaria, and all that Troll could do was laugh? What right did these creatures have to mock the sons of Garmaria, who were the rightful masters of this world? What right did these creatures have to live? NONE!

"Ready, Arms!" Sounded the drums.

By now the feeling of fury had spread to the platoon as a whole. How dare they mock Garmaria! They all took their swords from the resting place on their shoulders and went from cupping the hilt to squeezing it. They knew what their duty was, and they knew what they had to do. But they were still those who were scared.

Then someone began singing a child-rhyme. They all knew it by heart, and, despite the imaturity of it all, they all sang:

Oh my mother, cry not for me.
Oh my father, cry not for me.
I go to war for the sake of you, mother.
I go to war for the sake of you, father.
I go to war for the sake of everyone.
If I die on the fields of war, cry not for me mother.
If I die on the fields of war, cry not for me father.
For I died for your sake, mother.
For I died for your sake, father.
For I died for the sake of everyone.

Everyone sang this, except OiHeinmen. He sung a sung only he and his father had known:

One more time to the maw of Limbo,
One more time to the heart of the storm.
One more time to the heat of battle,
for this is the last great battle I shall known.

And then the drums gave the last order OiHeinmen would ever know:
"Forward, March!"

Monday, September 10, 2012

General Proclomations:Ist wave Army lists

 We have the army lists for the first wave armies' boxed sets made up.

Dwarf Lord 75pts
heavy armor 5pts
axe 5pts
shield 5pts
total 90pts

Dwarf Bard 50pts

2xBombards 125pts


banner 10pts
war horn 5pts
champion 5pts
axes 20pts
shields 20pts
heavy armor 20pts
total 180pts

banner 10pts
war horn 5pts
champion 5pts
halberds 40pts
heavy armor 20pts
total 180pts

Dragoons 110pts
banner 10pts
warhorn 5pts
champion 5pts
total 120pts

total 985pts
Elf noble 80pts
shield 5pts
mace 5pts
dragon 35pts
shining armor 10pts
total 130pts

Elf captain 65pts
army banner 25pts
total 90pts

2xsages 210pts (one commoner, one noble)

elf warriors 120pts (commoner)
banner 10pts
warhorn 5pts
champion 5pts
spears 15pts
total 155pts

elf warriors 120pts (nobles)
banner 10pts
warhorn 5pts
champion 5pts
elven armor 30pts
shields 15pts
maces 15pts
total 200pts

Elf bowmen 150pts
banner 10pts
warhorn 5pts
champion 5pts
elven armor 30pts
elven bows 15pts
total 215pts

total 990pts

Leader 90pts
zap cannon 10pts
total 115pts

2xreapers 120pts


2xprotectors 300pts

slaves 80pts
prods 80pts
total 160pts

total 1000pts

Stygian Army(by Nikola Dabic):

-Strategos (Warhorse, Spear, Shield, Army Banner) - 145pts
-Perioikoi (Shields, Warhorn, Banner, Champion) - 140pts
-Hoplites (Warhorn, Banner, Champion) - 160pts ×2
-Toxotes (Longbows, Warhorn, Banner, Champion) - 140pts
-Hippikon (Warhorn, Banner, Aspis, Light Armor, Spears, Champion) - 200pts
-Petrobolos (no ugprades) - 50pts

Overall, an army of exactly 995pts

Any comments or questions would be appreciated, and these lists still might change in the near future. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Art of War: Map of the Convict Islands

This is a map of the infamous Convict Islands. Please note that the band at the bottom represents the Grand Line, the Eye of Thead is on the top left corner, and the small island on the right is Lighthouse Isle.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Legends of War: Terat Felmerat, Dream-rat

Terat crept up slowly, then stopped and listened. Then he crept up again, then stopped and listened. He then repeated the process, until he was on the top of the wall, and even then he just stuck his snout through the parapets and sniffed. He then looked over, and then put his head down.

This is it he thought this is the place I have seen in my dream.

The day before, Terat had been a normal Ratkin living a normal life in a normal invasion fleet headed for Stygia. The fleet in question was supposed to be well supplied, but a pirate raid, combined with a freak storm, had cut off their supply lines and decimated their stock of weapons and gun powder. So they had to go some fast, or else the whole invasion would fail. Unfortunately, rat-scouts and wer-rats had confirmed that the only place within striking distance with gunpowder was a Garmarian fortress, and, unless they wanted scythes and pitchforks, it was also the only place with weapons. The Storm Captain in charge of the raid, dreaded that he would lose all of the Rats in the invasion fleet, and still wouldn't have have anything to show for it, other then some piles of dead.

 And then yesterday, Terat had had a very odd dream. It was so odd in fact, that he told it to his best friend who told him to tell it to the rat-priest, who brought him to tell it to his rat-chief, who finally brought him to the Storm Captain and Storm Priest who listened intently. When Terat had recounting his dream, he was declared a "Dream-rat" by the Storm Priest. Then the Storm Captain, having seen Terat's confusion, had explained to Terat that a Dream-rat was a chosen among Ratkins, who had been selected by Siçovul taun to fulfill Terat's dream in real life. Terat acted enthusiastic, but that was because he hadn't told them about the green shirted man.

So here he was now, after he had successfully killed six sentries and one guy who had simply been answering "the call" in the wrong place (his favorite part of the dream). Then, Terat had scaled the wall (it was as if the hand-holds had been made for him) and the last sentry was in his sights. What worried Terat is, he couldn't remember how he got from injured sentry with two canes, to explosion, to dodging bullets, to guy with green shirt. Actually, Terat had forgotten about sentry with two canes. But he had a grey shirt on so it was all good.

The man was walking to a tower on the wall, with a bell and maybe signal, but empty, and seemed to be hobbling as if both of his legs had been damaged, but that he had been declared "fit-for-due-tee" by some Garmarian or another. The man was making so much noise, that Terat couldn't even hear himself breath. Terat moved slowly, and silently behind him, waiting for him to enter the tower. When he did enter the tower, he had stopped, like he had to re-fix his boots, and that is when Terat struck. 

Wait, how is he...

Terat had realized the ploy to late. The man had blocked Terat's knife with one of his wood covered clubs, and had brought the other one crashing into his skull. Terat flew back two tails and landed hard on his back, but wasn't out. He got up in time to see the man cocking his pistol. Without thinking, Terat threw his knife, which, as luck would have it, lodged directly in his throat and threw him down. However, he must not of died instantly, because his gun still shot off.

The shot had barely left the gun, before warning bells began to be run, and the area was almost immediately bathed in light. It was then that Terat noticed something: a thick double door was open about fifty tails away, and inside of it were barrels. On the Barrels, was a black skull with two torches and a musket, the symbol the Garmarians use for-

Gunpowder he thought that explains the explosion.

Wasting no time, Terat searched the body of the man he killed, and had found a wide barreled pistol with a single shoot and the hammer was seated in the middle of the gun, not to the side. Terat had never seen one before, and had heard only vague rumors of it (excluding its appearance), but somehow, Terat knew what this was.  Despite having no skill with guns in the past, Terat leveled the flare gun at the powder stores and fired. The recoil was immense, knocking Terat off his feet, but luck was on his side, as a bright red light corkscrewed into the stores. Even if Terat hadn't been knocked over by the recoil, the actual explosion was much greater.

It threw large amounts of stones, metals, and other unidentifiable stuff into the air, and seemed to have woken up the garrison too. When Terat had gotten back up, about a dozen or so soldiers were leveling their guns at him.

None of the have green on.

Terat immediately ran at them, and apparently they were horrible shots as not a single one hit him, a very odd coincident. Terat was among them and, before one of them with a grey shirt  could bayonet him, Terat had grabbed the guys gun, and had forced the but into his face. The man fell back stunned, and Terat wasted no time in bringing the pointy bit into the mans face. Terat then used the gun as a sort of pole vault (it was stuck) and managed to land his foot claws into another mans eyes. Another man, of a somewhat higher rank (or lower, Terat never learned how to tell how good something was) came at him with a sword, but, Terat was quicker, and all he hit was a blind man.

Terat took this opportunity to scamper away, and had just come to an open part of the wall, when he looked left. Sheite. There had formed up at least fifty Garmarians who were leveling their guns at Terat. Terat did a frantic scan.

All grey he thought good. They all are grey. Maybe the green shirt isn't here.

And with that, Terat fell down a hole in the wall, just as the bullets came at him. For a moment he just laid there, enjoying his new found luck. But something seemed odd, the location looked familiar but...

A bullet whooshed past Terats head, and he saw that he had disturbed a grey coated man with a repeating pistol. Terat got out of the way of his second shot, and was running towards him before the third shot fired. All in all, his neck gave a real good snap and he was lying face down on the ground, his pistol now in Terat's hands. Terat had started to head down the hall, when he heard a door slam open. He turned around with all his speed and fired the pistol at the man with the grey coat coming out of the door.

AHHHH, he screamed, clutching the stump were his hand was.

His gun had misfired, taking his hand along with it, and when Terat looked up he understood why. The man had a grey coat on, but it was unbuttoned, and undearneth he was wearing a nightgown which was-


For a moment, Terat considered fighting the man, maybe even kill him. Maybe he could even cheat death and-

no he thought ...this is how it is to end. yes.

Terat closed his eyes and embraced the coming lead. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Echos of War: The Warning of the Dead

"In this fair year a crisis arose
 in a land where the legends are told.
And, the war at home, the nobles propose:
 we go to Arbi, the land of gold.

'To arms! To arms!', they all did cry,
 while sharpening sword, spear, and axe.
They said, 'We march now to liberate Arbi!'
 while readying their empty packs.

A thousand miles that army did walk,
 through snow, grass, water, and mud.
To the ancient land of tombs of dust and chalk
 and the left home a trail of blood.

Ten tribes of non-men they did kill
 and left ablaze, human towns numbering fifty.
The priests did say 'This is Beation's divine will!'
 while counting to when they need not be thrifty.

They came to the river, and in blood they paid the toll
 But on the other side what did they find?
Not a land of wealth and gold, but a vast desert and a horde of Trolls
 whom out numbered them by nine to five.

They fought all day and night on that cursed ground,
 but neither side wouldn't admit defeat.
All day and night Man and Troll would die and fall down,
 The land was a quagmire of blood was under their feet.

Eventually, the Trolls did leave the fight,
 and the Nobles and Priests screamed, 'We win!'
But, the Trolls had retreated to get better sight,
 of the army's destruction by a horde of Ratkin.

The families of the dead did cry off their heads,
 but the nobles at home had a different cry.
Instead, they stepped over the piles of dead
 and once again they said, 'To Arni!'"
-"The Warning of the Dead", written by Delmer Gale (executed for treason and heresy)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Echoes of War

"Come now my brothers, we shall carve a glorious new world for our master."
-Heldien Forglaive, One of Chaos' "Warlords"

"Those pesky tall freaks. They think that just because they are taller then us that they can come in here, and cut down all of our trees. THAT'S OUR JOB! I don't know about you all, but I'm about to go and teach those good-for-nothing 'humans' a lesson! WHO WANTS TO MARCH INTO LIMBO WITH ME?"
-The highly irritated Gevel Helixgard before the Battle of Camp Lestwhif

-a claimed voice from the Heaven box

"My, just look at all these people. I know you have brought with you some torches, swords, pitchforks, and the like, but please: do not make this harder then it has to be."
-Shie'Wels, Ma'Tai merchant

"Wat wa did 'ear, wil prob-ab-le be ramembad as sum sort o' bad fing... FINALA ILL BE RAMEMBAD!"
-Trol Werlad Gor-iz-gon, before his ignominious defeat by an unkown Dominion militia trooper

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Legends of War:Snafaris, the Red Pyramid

No more then a century ago, the Trolls and Reptillions had rediscovered an ancient and abandoned city in the middle of the desert, named Deshar. In the middle of this city made of stone lies an ancient Pyramid, which stood there since before the coming of Trolls. The city, as well as everyone else in it, was drowned in sand so the Trolls were unable to find it and the Reptillions had thought it forever lost. But recently, due to a mysterious and vicious sandstorm which came from the East, the sands had lifted, and it didn't take long before both the Reptiles and the Trolls saw it.

For the Trolls this was a new looting ground, with mountains of untouched spoils left by the sands of time, waiting to be rediscovered, while the Reptillions saw it as a chance to retrieve the archives within the pyramid of Snafaris, which hold the sacred texts of the cold blooded lizards. Soon, Trolls sent raids into the city while the Reptillions would meet them and many battles were fought in the dense streets of the dusty city of Deshar, and eventually, when the entrance to the Pyramid Snafaris was excavated by slaves, the Reptillions had sent an army of 5000 soldiers to safeguard the Pyramid from the inside and retrieve as many chronicles as possible as well as hieroglyphs containing ancient spells, meanwhile the Trolls were planning an assault on the pyramid, claiming "Dat's wer da perte iz!" and sent a horde of Trolls, lead by Gangrotz da Despoila, to fight.

The head Priest Hachare, upon hearing of the horde, sent an Archeos bird to the Reptillian Capital to demand aid so they would not loose all that knowledge. Guarding from the inside, and learning all it's secrets, the Reptillion elites utilized the closely packed corridors to plant ambushes and lure the dimwitted raiders into the ancient booby traps, which had guarded the pyramid for centuries. They evaded the Trolls for several days, until reinforcements arrived, a fresh army of 10,000 Reptillions poised for war had entered the cities borders and had started a bloody massacre. Eventually, the battle was taken to the steps of the Pyramid itself. Fearing that more Trolls would come, the Priest uttered a spell, which had not been spoken for thousands of years, and arcs of lightning sparked from the top of the Pyramid Snefaris and would struck down thick groups of Trolls while setting others ablaze. Those who weren't killed outright would topple off the steps of the Pyramid and plummet into the ruins below or become easy prey to the enraged Reptillion warriors. The Battle ended swiftly after the spell was cast, and by the time the last Troll fell dead, the entire Pyramid was drenched in blood, and from then on it was named the Red Pyramid.

The Reptillion warriors celebrated the deaths of their hated foes, but the Priest Hachare had a bad feeling, and had sent scouts to scour the borders of the city and the desert beyond. Meanwhile, the Reptillions transported the last of the important artifacts and writings and only gold and jewelry ,from when they treasured such things, was left behind. By the time they finished, the Scouts had confirmed the coming of an even large horde of Trolls,this time lead by Da Dred Perat Robsya. But the Reptillions could not fight back, as they had less then 200 warriors left, and they decided to leave the city, and the spoils that remained were left for the Trolls.

A few years later, the Reptillions brought slaves to reconstruct the city of Deshar, but by the time they came, most of it was covered in sand, and with a fierce sandstorm coming in, they decided to leave and the city has once again been lost to the desert.

Friday, July 6, 2012

General proclamation:the first army's lists

To prepare for the upcoming announcements we wanted to do something special:we wanted you to design to the first armies. We want you to design a 1000 point army list for any of the first wave armies:
The Scarecrows, The Elves, The Stygians, or The Dwarfs, and send it in. We will then decided from the lists sent in which one is the best and then use it for that army. The person who creates the list that is used for that army shall receive a special gift. For a list of the rules for the armies, you may follow the link provided:

Please post you army selection on either our facebook group, here, or pm the person who started the thread in which you read this on.

This competition ends at the end of July, and the army closest to 1000 points will be selected. Please make sure that the list is balanced and state all upgrades and unit sizes.

Rules of war:experimental mission: Ma'tai vs. mob

This is an experimental mission that also features some rules for units which can be used here or in a normal game (please note that this is a proof of concept). The list included will only be manageable on small scale games:
Core Infantry
Ma'tai merchant band
-While normally peaceful, they can be aggravated to acts of violence if they are threatened.

M Cs Ss P Ar L At Sp Co Pts. N
5” 4plus 4plus 3 3 1 1 5 4 150 15
command points:2
upgrades:may be given swords and shields for 15pts and/or axes for 15pts. May take short bows for 30pts, or pistols for 30pts. May take light armor for 15pts. May take a Champion for 5Pts.

Ma'tai Leader
-It is unknown how the leader of a Ma'tai band is chosen, but, they seem to be the merchant who was wronged in the first place.

M Cs Ss P Ar L At Sp Co Pts. N
5” 4plus 4plus 3 3 2 2 5 4 70 1
command points:3
rule:Ma'tai, unique
upgrades:may be given a sword and shield for 5pts, short bow for 5pts, pistol for 10pts, and/or an axe for 5pts.  May take light armor for 5pts.

-protection 5+, skirmish

Angry mob
-This is a profile for a bunch of citizens who has royally angered the Ma'tai. 

M Cs Ss P Ar L At Sp Co Pts. N
4” 5plus 5plus 3 2 1 1 3 2 spc. 30
Equipment:clubs, daggers, pitchforks, scythes, and torches (all count as clubs)
command points:1
rules: skirmish, RUN!

-always fails any Courage check involving close combat. They also always run towards their board edge.

Save the Villagers
-Some Villagers have royally ticked off a band of wandering Ma'tai merchants. While you normally wouldn't care, the fact remains that, some influential people were in that mob, and now you have to go save them.

The number of points this mission has is dictated by the Ma'tai player, as he/she is only allowed 3 units of merchant bands and only one leader (520pts. minimum,  725pts max). The defending player (the player trying to save the mob) gets one mob to be rescued. The following diagram shows how the units are to be set up(please note that it is on as 6' by 4' board and has no terrain). Also please note that I am a terrible artist.

Ma'tai# stands for where which unit can be placed. The leader can be placed with any of the units. please note that the safe zone overlaps with the Army (defender) deployment zone. The distance between the Army and the Angry Mob (and also the Ma'tai) is about 12"

The goal of the mission is two fold

1. The number of Models from the Angry mob that successfully make it to the safe zone out of the total number of models in the original Angry Mob. Each safe model counts as 50pts for the defender, while each dead model counts as 50pts for the Ma'tai.

2. Destroy the other Army. You only get points when a units either flees off the board or is totally destroyed.

Who ever has the highest number of points at the end of the game wins.

If you want, you can add more units to the Ma'tai side (always in increments of 3, with one extra per deployment zone.), add extra angry mobs, or just substitute out the Ma'tai for a different army.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Legends of War:Ma'tai, wandering merchants

Among the many hundreds of cities and thousands of villages that make up all of the world, there is a common need. These needs, no matter what names they are given, are all the same: food, water, and a way to defend themselves. Many places are self sustaining in any of these regards. There are villages built on rivers, hamlets that grow food year round, and cities who are surrounded by high walls and deep ditches. For those places which can't get the supplies they need, do to drought, siege, or surprise, then there are the Ma'tai.

The Ma'tai are a strange sort of creature, looking like an upright wolf, coyote, or fox, they have adapted customs and objects from some long lost civilization. They appear just about everywhere, from the sprawling heart of a Garmarian city, to the loneliest villages in Inaros, and have even been recorded as appearing inside a besieged city months after the roads were blocked off and the rivers dammed. They always travel light, they have large stall like carts, which they can pull from place to place and it doubles as both their residence and place of business. Occasionally, they will travel in groups of several families but, for the most part, they are content to travel as a single family going around. On some rare occasions, perhaps an ancient festival, all of the Ma'tai in a certain area will gather together and form a sort of merchant town, to which people from miles around will come and see.

When pressed for where they get their goods, a Ma'tai will never answer. This has lead to a large number of people becoming suspicious that the Ma'tai steal all of their items, and some villagers will go and attack their stalls. However, they quickly discover that, while a Ma'tai is friendly and a soloist when doing business, when they are threatened, they become extremely ferocious and will form a large pack with any other Ma'tai in the area. If they are pressed enough, they will actually come back with all of the Ma'tai in an area and destroy the offending village or city:but they never loot anything of value. This has lead mercenary captains, up-and-coming nobles, and experienced generals alike to seek out Ma'tai for soldiers, but, no matter how much money, land, or slaves they are offered, they always give the same cryptic answer :
"He who takes the lives of the living, is no better then he who takes the possessions of the dead."

Friday, June 8, 2012

Rules of war:Wind

These are some experimental rules for you to disuse. Please keep in mind that you should only use them if you have flyers or ships:

-Wind only effects objects which are in the air (i.e. flyers and ships) at the beginning of the game, roll a D6 and consult the following chart to determine what direction the wind is going:

D6 wind
1-no wind
2-player 1's board edge
3-player 1's right board edge
4-player 2's right board edge
5-player 2's board edge

A model which is heading in the same direction as the wind gains an additional D3" of movement. Models which are moving against the wind lose D3" of movement.

A roll of unpredictable means  that you have to roll the direction of the wind at the beginning of every turn. Re-roll any further results of unpredictable.

Rules of War:tide

These are some experimental rules for you to disuse. Please keep in mind that you should only use them if you have water:

-Tide only effects objects which are in water (i.e. models crossing a river, ships, sea monsters, etc.) at the beginning of the game, roll a D6 and consult the following chart to determine what direction the tide is going:

D6 tide
1-Low tide
2-player 1's board edge
3-player 1's right board edge
4-player 2's right board edge
5-player 2's board edge
6-High tide

A model which is heading in the same direction as the tide gains an additional D3" of movement. Models which are moving towards the tide lose D3" of movement.

Low tide means that you count the water on the board as being 1 inch smaller then it was (if a river was 3" then it is now only 2".) If the water goes off the board then simply mark back the point from which it touches the land.

High tide means that you count the water on the board as being 1 inch larger then it was (if a river was 3" then it is now 4".) If the water goes off the board then simply mark the point from which it touches the land.

It does not mater how this is represented, only that both players agree on its representation. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Rules of War:indirect fire

Indirect Fire is an experimental command that you may or may not use with your armies. If you do choose to use it p;ease give us any questions, comments, or concerns you have on it:

Indirect Fire
Command points:3(2)
-Indirect fire is another variation on shooting. A unit that uses indirect fire may add 3" to their range, but the target must be outside of half the weapons firing distance(for example, if you used Indirect fire on a unit armed with longbows(range 24"), then the target must be within 12 to 27 inches). Indirect fire may be used to target units outside of your line of sight. Using indirect fire reduces you D6 roll by 1 and the unit loses 1 command point next turn. Units with the radius special rule may Indirect fire for only 2 command points, and do not lose a command point on the next turn.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Legends of war:Battle of Vail Valley

The Dwarfs are a proud race of exploring mountain dwellers, who venerate their ancestors, worship their gods, and  praise skill in the arts above all. The Gnomes are a proud race of seafaring forest people, who sleep when they die, never wasted time on the whole god thing, and praise quantity above all. The two races are also such fierce rivals that, even in a peaceful small farming village with no history of violence, their anger towards each other will result in full blown war. The only reason their two nations are in full blown war, is because the Dominion stands between them, and the Stygians and Elves simply won't let them. However, this was not always the case, and their hostilities can be traced back to one single event:The Battle of Vail Valley.

Vail Valley is an odd part of the Dominion, situated near the heart of it on a long destroyed mountain, it still retains the air of treacherous passages, and is also home to a several prosperous villages and cities. Every year on Tailu the 5th, all the doors and windows are barred, as the elders tell the stories of what happened long ago, over the din of rekindled battle. In the year 510 b.d.c, what was once part of the Stygian empire was now a barren land, still ringing to the sounds of battle as what was left of the invading Trolls fought with fleeing Goblins, vengeful survivors, and hunting Centaurs. The Dwarfs, recognizing a chance to expand their empire, went into this area and tried to forge new cities while the Gnomes, recently freed from the Orcs, were looking for a land to settle on. For a while the colonists from both sides excepted the others existence, and set up colonies within earshot of the others, until one day in 500b.d.c the cities of Herdwe and Livgngard, about thirty miles south of Vail Valley and only five-hundred yards apart, both spotted a Goblin tribe.

The militias form both cities followed the tribe, unaware of the other existence, and even gathered up more militias until they came Vail Valley. A sudden rain storm prevented the two armies from seeing far, but they went forward anyway. Details of the actual battle are vague at best, but both mention that the other army was allied with the Goblins(indicating that they fought with both side in an attempt to blend in, or that they are both lying) and ambushed the other army. News of the battle ignited a full blown war between the two powers which, if it weren't for a Goblin army destroying all the towns and villages , may have lead to one of the powers being destroyed. As it stands, both the Gnomes and the Dwarfs never forgave the other for the "injustices" they had done, and will fling themselves into any battle, from a pub brawl to a city siege, with the battle cry, "REMEMBER VAIL VALLEY!"

Friday, May 18, 2012

Legends of War:Battle of the Trolls

After the Trolls had crashed into the Southern Continent, the Stygian Empire perceived that the Trolls could pose a direct threat to their lands north of them, which had already suffered numerous attacks from the Goblins. King Helieus, head of the largest city-state in Voreia Edafi, was already upset by the loss of Hellspout and decided that his best option lay in attacking these barbarous creatures before they did him. In 514 b.d.c. Kin Helieus, aided in no small part by his charisma, managed to gather more then four hundred thousand hoplites, toxoties, perioikoi, and warmachines and marched them south to the Imperial Ford. They had planned on attacking the Trolls while they were still preoccupied with the Reptilions, but were shocked when they received the news that, in less then one month, the Trolls had already destroyed almost all of the Reptilions and were already on the other side of the Imperial Ford.

King Helieus was faced with a major problem: was the Trolls speed due to great strength in their part, or did the Reptilions pay them off and make a story so that they could invade Voreia Edafi after them. In addition, their were rumors of strange and magnificent weapons that belched fire, flew through the air like birds, and also destroyed whole cities with a single strike. Helieus, and a large number of the other kings, decided that these were all just fanciful rumors, and actually decided to fight the Trolls as you would fight an army of Goblins. They selected a narrow valley, known as Loomers Craig, and arrayed their army in a purely defensive formation. To explain this, they had chosen the worst possible situation to face a Troll army in.

Less then a day after their scouts had spotted the Troll horde, some fifty miles away, they were almost upon the Stygians. King Helieus thought that they would fight like savages, and told his men to stand firm against their primitive weapons. When the Trolls came close enough to pick out their general features, the Stygians realized why they had beaten the Reptilions so fast: they were built for it. Before the Toxotes could fire their arrows, Trollish weapons opened fire and began scything down whole ranks of Stygians, while their Terrpeda's began smashing into the Stygian blocks. In addition, behind the whole Trollish army was a metal effigy, which spewed forth molten metal, strolled over any obstacle, and sent out enough trollish ammo to kill a hundred men in a minuet.

Unaccustomed to such a painful, yet short lived, barrage they assumed that it meant that the Trolls would be horrible fighters. The Trolls were horrible fighters in the sense that they forgot to give the enemy a chance of winning. The powerful arms of Trolls literal sliced whole hoplites in a single blow and their skulls were thick enough to break a spear. Even if they managed to kill one Troll, there was still an army of them numbering well into the millions. Faced with no alternatives, the perioikoi and toxoties tried to run, but found their path cut off by an army of Goblins, which had wanted to destroy the Stygians and test out the Troll's metal.

In the span of only 6 hours, all of the Stygians were killed, as well as almost a million Goblins, but barley a thousand Trolls. News of the battle spread like wildfire, and Goblin tribes and Stygian cities alike tried to surrender to the Trolls to avoid their wrath. It was all for naught. In less then a year, all of Voreia Edafi was reduced to burning cities and fields of corpses as the Trolls destroyed every threat in their way. Only the brave armies of the Plain Riders, who had been annoyed by the sudden influx of Goblins and the instability they brought, saved the entire world from being destroyed. While numerous names for the battle has been suggested (such as the Massacre on the Craig, The Battle of Loomers Craig, Dat furst time we fout da Trolls, Da time eva un' woud't get out o' da way, so we killd dem al) the Battle of the Trolls is the most enduring, as they are the only ones who survived that day.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

General proclomation: Tides of War

In an effort to expand our ship based combat, we are going to compile a rule book with new units and rules known as the Tides of War. Any rule or unit suggestions will be considered, and these rules will be compatible with the main rule book, If you would like to help at all, please post on the Facebook group(link provided), comment on this post, or send us an e-mail or pm. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Legends of War:The Grand Line, The ring no man shall pass

Since time immortal, any race has seen the sea, they have always dreamed of sailing the world and controlling any land they happen to come across. They have always come across obstacles to their goals, such as distances, lack of food, great storms, and the general unwillingness of natives to give them their land, but they have always triumphed. Their is not a single island which has not been visited by at least one ship, and the continents are a hub through which countless thousands of ships navigate with and through. But their is one area which is so deadly, so unpredictable, and so huge that, while hundreds of ships have entered it, none have ever been seen again. This area is known and feared by all sailors as the Grand Line.

The Grand line is a stretch of ocean to the far south of all the continents, and is thought to be the edge of the world. It is a wild and unpredictable place, with a dense dark fog covering it at all times, and freak storms of all types are known to burst out without warning. While the Grand Line itself is cold, the islands which happen to lay within close proximity to it, have numerous different climates, so diverse that no two islands of the same type or conditions can be found within a thousand miles of another island of the same climate. Also near the Grand Line, are several perpetual storms known by such names as the crackling Eye of Thead, the frozen Hand of Beation, and Da Fut o' da Groove o' Tings (best not to esquire as to what its nature is). These storms are so constant, that their positions can actually be used for navigating ships, and are often better navigation aids then stars or the sun.

While large numbers of people believe it is the edge of the world, there is a growing school of thought (mainly in Garmaria), that the Grand Line is actually just some sort of ring on the world to divide it spheres. Such a idea does have credit, as on oddly calm days, sailors have reported seeing ocean on the other side of the Grand Line, and Dwarven Tradition maintains that the the world is square and they have sent numerous aero-clads to prove just that. However, time and time again, the age old wisdom that it is best to leave the Grand Line alone has proven itself an infinite number of times. Recently some fishermen did report seeing black ships leaving the Grand Line, creating even more interest in the Grand Line then ever before. Perhaps one day some lucky ship will actually make it through the Grand Line and survive to tell what happened.

rules of war:boarding

These are experimental rules concerning ship to ship combat. If you do not intend to use ships(or do not enjoy these rules) you may ignore them. If you have any comments or suggestions please don't hesitate to tell us. In order to use these rules, you need two areas 11.5" x 7"(29.5cm x 18cm) (the size of a shoebox lid) called decks:

Boarding Action
3 command points for the whole ship
-Boarding is an action that a ship's crew or passengers may do if their ships are locked together or are within 3" of each other. In order to keep the attacking ship running, you must have at least one crew member per ranged weapon, one to steer it, and one to keep the masts(or engines... or organs) in working order. A boarder is any model that is not engaged one one of the aforementioned activities or a model being transported by a ship. For all practical terms, each model counts as their own unit, with the loner special rule and has one command point (unless otherwise stated in their rules). All unit type benefits(i.e. banners, warhorns, etc.) affect all friendly models regardless of the distances

First, both sides nominate the number and type of models that they will be using. Next you set up the two decks with the same facings as the ship, but with twice the in game distance of the actual ships( for example, if the two ships were side by side and 1" apart, then you would set up the decks side by side and 2" apart). Set up all of the models in any way you like on your deck. The boarding action is fought with the same rules as a normal games but with the following changes:

-only 1 command point, but you can only go up to the model's max movement
- -1 to all shooting rolls when shooting at models on an opposing ship
Jumping 1 command point
-for use when getting from ship to ship. Roll a D6 for the model and subtract 1 for every 2" in between ships. If the roll is under their Armor, then the fall into the water, and must be placed halfway between the two ships. If passed, then they are placed on the opposing ship's deck within 1" of exactly opposite of where they were jumping from. If there is not enough space for them to jump to, then they count as failing the jumping test. A Jump also can count as a charge
Climbing 1 command point
-for use when getting back on a ship. Roll a D6. If it is below their armor then the model is stuck in the water. If it is above their Armor, then they may climb up. If the model is stuck in the water for three consecutive turns, then they are removed from the board and count as a casualty.
-a model may not march when boarding.
-If over half of all your starting models are lost, then you must take a courage check with the highest courage of any model currently boarding. 
 Drifting(test at the beginning of your turn)
-the two ships will Drift closer to each other, D6"-the Power of whatever model is currently steering, if their is no model attending the masts(or engine)

The Boarding action is fought like a normal game until any of the following conditions are met:
1)all the attacking or defending models are destroyed
2) The attacker(or defender) have at least twice as many models as the defender(or attacker) does
3) If either side fails their Courage check when they lose over half their models

If either side loses the fight then the ship counts as fleeing if their are models left. If their are no models left, then the ship counts as destroyed and is removed from the board.

Please note that, a boarding action is fought until either side loses, and does not affect the current turn count in the main part of the game.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Legends of War:Luciena, the peaceful nation

As most of the nations engages in war as the only means of politics, it is hard to imagine that a country would every try to be peaceful and last for several thousand years, but there is. Situated in the Niybrem mountain ranges (just south of the Goblin Plains) and the Kije lowlands, Luciena is one of the most peace loving nations in history. Luciens is a place of peace, where wisdom and knowledge are held in higher esteem then strength and anger. The country also has a very sizable and stable population of casters of various strengths and schools, making it the leading nation in terms of magic. And the country is blessed with the divine protection of its patron god: Verbode Kennis.

 The story of Luciena's founding, and the choice of patron god, goes all the way back to 930b.d.c and all the way to World's End. After the defeat of Chaos' forces, the gods who had stuck by him had to flee to escape the wrath of the victorious armies. Many of them tried to hide back at their palaces or kingdoms, but were hunted down and destroyed by the other gods or, if they had ran, by the Kost. Verbode Kennis was in just just predicament and he was running away from a Goblin army lead by Lezy Az who had been given a god killing sword by Sesome simply so he would kill Verbode Kennis. As he only had fifty body guards, and the goblin horde was well into the hundreds of thousands if not millions, Verbode Kennis had no choice but to outrun them, and he eventually came across a small farming city called Luciena, which had been harassed by Goblins for as long as it had existed. In an attempt to save his skin, he promised that he would grant each of the villagers access to his power, if the would help him defeat the goblin horde. They accepted without question, for they had no choice.

Immediately, all one thousand of the villagers became powerful necromancers and, with no instruction, they went with Verbode Kennis to face Lezy Az. In the span of five days and 5 nights, the entire goblin army was battered nonstop by the necromancers, who were protected by Verbode Kennis' bodyguards, and slew over half of the Goblins, including Lezy Az. Leaderless and broken, the Goblins fled the battle field and immediately began heading west, where they pillaged the Stygian Empire. When the battle was over Verbode Kennis laid down the Sixoeb Ges Owde Que(Doctrines of a Perfect World), and lead the village to its empire. Upon its completion, less then five years later, Verbode Kennis left them promising that, so long as they followed his teaching (which they did, up to the formation of a militia known as the Imperial Guard) that he would protect them from harm and allow them to prosper in a violent world. Since then, they have only one major battle, The First Battle, and only one war, The Xuvio(One-eyed one) War.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rules of War:scattering

this is an optional and experimental set of rules for Fields of war that we may or may not incorporate into the main rules. We would appreciate any and all comments with them.

If an attack has the radius spc.rule and a miss is rolled, times your roll (without any modifiers) by D3. this is the amount that the center of the radius moves in the direction indicated below:
1complete miss
2moves forward
3moves to the right
4moves to the left
5moves backwards
6complete miss

If any models are under the radius at all, even if they aren't from the same unit or side, the they suffer the appropriate amount of damage. Two examples of how this works follow:

A rum gun fires on a unit troopers, but rolled a 3 on the to hit roll. They then a roll 2 followed by a 5 which means that the center of the radius moves 6 inches backwards; and accidental hits 2 goblins.

A terrpeda battaefires its terrpeda at a unit of vinelings, but rolled a 1. They then rolled a 3, but this was followed by a 6, so the shot completely missed (or more likely, blew up in the air).

Thursday, April 12, 2012

rules of war:Regiments and detachments

For the ease of gaming we have developed this experimental set of rules for purchasing units at higher or lower numbers then before. For everyone's ease, please specify if you are taking a detachment, company(original sized unit), or regiment when writing you list.

Detachment-A detachment is a unit half the size of a normal unit rounded to the nearest whole number(for example, you make a detachment out of a unit of 30 goblins, that unit is only 15 goblins now. However, if you make a detachment out of a unit of 15 duelists, then the detachment is 8 models). The cost of the unit is half of its original value, rounded up to the next multiple of five(Going back to the unit of goblins, it normally costs 60points, so you'd half that to 30points and then round it up to 35points, for the duelists, they normally cost 105 points, so you'd half it to 52.5points, then round it up to 55points. If the unit cost 70 points originally then you half that to 35points then round to 40points) Please note the following restrictions on detachments:
The cost of all upgrades(with the exception of champions, banners, and war horns) is cut in half and round up to the nearest whole number(if the upgrade was 15pts, it is now 8 points).
You may not make a detachment of of a detachment or regiment.
you may not have detachments of any unit with less then 10 infantry, or cavalry models.
You may not make a detachment out of a unit with less then 6 monsters.
you may not make a detachment out of ships, chariots. or war machines.

Regiments-A regiment is a unit that is double the size of a normal unit(for example, doubling a unit of 20 troopers to 40 troopers, or 10 Scarecrow Warriors to 20 Scarecrow Warriors)the cost of the unit is double what it was, rounding down to the nearest multiple of 10(going back to the Troopers, their normal cost is 100 points but you double that to 200 points, and then round down to 190points. The Scarecrow Warriors, were 120points, but you double that to 240points and the round down to 230points). Please note the following restrictions on regiments:
The cost of all upgrades(with the exception of champions, banners, and war horns)is double what it was(if it was 20 points, it is now 40points).
You may not make a regiment out of a regiment or detachment.
you may not make a regiment out of any model with the loner or unique special rule.
You may not put a regiment in any unit with the transport spc. rule(with the exception of terrain).

Legends of War: Karcharias, Creeps from the Deep

From the darkest depths of the seas, around the Northern Wastes, live the amphibious beasts which had remain hidden from the eyes of surface dwellers for thousands of years. They are humanoid in structure, with a head and tail of a shark, and thick skin covering their entire bodies. They are also armed with a set of powerful jaws with rows of dagger-like fangs. They were only known as rumors by the fishermen who dared to venture too deep into the Northern Wastes, but others would say that they only mistook them for ordinary sharks or just polar bears. However, the Karcharias were also met before, by the Stygian sailors, who had explored the Northern Wastes many centuries ago.

The Karcharias had resurfaced, revealing much about their mysterious kind to the surface. The Karcharias are hunters, and they live of it, they hunt everything; foxes, rabbits, seals, walruses, dolphins, bears, even whales. They use the skin and fur of mammals to make their clothes, the bones of whales to make their tents, which are made either near the shore, or on watery reefs. Their culture is seen as savage and bloody by others, even Trolls, for example, before battle, they tear the heart out of a creature (be it an animal they had, or a prisoner) and painting themselves with blood, to appeal to their Gods. Another one is gathering the teeth of prey which is seen worthy and then making a necklace out of it. They were even seen grinding bones and putting it in soup as a medicine.

Their primary weapon is the harpoon, which they use with great skill, however, they were also seen using knives and axes once they got up close. They never wage wars, but they rather make encounters, and they see other races as no more then prey sometimes, but they will pay their respects to great sailors, therefore, some Karcharia Tribes were known to make trade pacts with Hellspout or Stygians. They also migrate across the oceans, and are more then capable of traversing a long distance of sea in a short time span, which makes them even deadlier opponents.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rules of War:Day and Night cycle

This is an experimental rule set for mission that we would like to get your opinion on. It can be used in conjunction with any of the standard missions.
At the beginning of the game roll on the following tables:

D3starting position of sun
1-start at night
2-start at dawn
3-start at high sun

D6 board edge
1-player 1's choice
2-player 1's board edge
3-player 1's right board edge
4-player 2's right board edge
5-player 2's board edge
6-Player 2's choice

the game is played for 7 turns or until the sun goes from twilight to night(whichever comes last). At the beginning of every turn roll a D6. If the roll is 4 or greater then advance the sun's status by one(from dark to dawn, from dawn to high sun, from high sun to twilight, and from twilight to night)

Dark/Night-there is no light out. units can only see 3D6" and must roll at the beginning of every turn.
Dawn-the sun is directly on the board edge it starts at. any unit trying to shoot into another unit with that board edge at its back suffers a -1 penalty on their to hit rolls and any unit charging another unit with the sun at it's back loses D6" from it's charging distance
High sun-the sun is directly over the board and their are no special effects.
Twilight- same as with dawn, only it is on the opposite board edge from the one dawn started at.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Art of War:Nidhogg and Dwarf sketch

A Nidhogg is about to deliver the finishing blow to a luckless Dwarf.

Echoes of War

''He-he-he...So, you come to our lands seeking life...hahahah!...But you will only find death! Bwahahahah! Isn't that ironic for you!? MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!.........kill them all....''
-Anonymous Gnoll Chieftain when the Dominion first reached the Laughing Savannah, only one soldier survived

“True wisdom is less presuming than folly. The wise man doubteth often, and changeth his mind; the fool is obstinate, and doubteth not; he knoweth all things but his own ignorance.”
-Akhenaton, Reptillion Phylosopher

"If the world was as perfect as you said it was, which it isn't, then why aren't I able to just lift up some sort of flap, make a few fixes, and then the world would work again. But it doesn't work like that, so we have to rebuild it from the ground up. Incidentally, you are standing on the ground."
-Getermen Horace, Engineer-Biolos from the Academy

"Let me ask you something? You are asking us why we attacked Arbi. The reason we did is because they are scared of something. Let me ask you this then. If there is something that actually scares our master, shouldn't you be scared too?"
-Wiliam Kotser, former Scarecrow slave captured after the Rout of Iron

''Ya know, bein' an ord'nary Gremlin ain' dat great. We have ta pay rent an' stuff, feed da pigs, sit on a chair, do a bit of farmin'...sometimes... I wish I was da Sherrif...but dat sounds like work...''
-Gremlin Billy Hilly, only days before his (successful) election for Sherrif

 ''Many's the men who've battled foe
Many the number slain
Many the lads have fallen
though Nidhoggr shall rise again.''
-Nidhogg marching song

"You ssshould die mortalsss. Asss you have never, had the right, to livvvve."
-anonymous  Night One

"Brother and sister friends, I thank you all for coming here and considering what I am going to say. Let me ask you something, what were you before you came here? Many of you were farmers, some of you were blacksmiths, others were sailors, or engineers, or nobles, or weavers, or money lenders, merchants, captains, fathers, or you were soldiers. Now look at you. Here you are working in the fields from dawn to dusk and in strange workshops from dusk to dawn, barley getting an hour of sleep and eating moldy bread while our overlords throw away the excess of our work. And if we ever fall down, or start to work at a reasonable pace, we are beat back onto our feet and forced to go on. Even in death we receive no respect, as we are simply tossed into the same furnaces we work. Some of us suffer the further humiliation of having our limbs cut off and replaced with farming tools. Lets face it, they treat us like slave, feed us like slaves, and talk to us like slaves. But that does not make us slaves. No a thousand times over. What makes us slaves is that we allow them to. Even in their own conservative estimates, their are more of us then there are of them. They have grown so lax that many of them don't even know how many weapons are made every day. Their soldiers are drunk or ill disciplined, and there are only one of them for every a thousand of us. Do you know what that means? That means in a hundred days we could acquire as many of their weapons as we please and in a dozen from that, obliterate them. This is what I'm suggestung. REVOLUTION!"
-The first part of Robred's speech

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Legends of War:The Academy

One thing that all races, no matter who primitive, have in common, is the they search for answers. Some of them turn to their oracles who predict the future through bones, stars, cards, and hundreds of other devices. Many people turn to the worship of gods, some dark, in an attempt to gain control over their surroundings through appeasement. Still others turn to science, they cut, tare, measure, burn, and crush everything that they can until there is nothing left, then they move on the the next item at. It is for that reason that the Academy was created.

In 1602 a.d.c. Garmaria had come across a strange and lush, tropical island near the Black Rim that was filled with a bountiful amount of fruit and natives. It was an easy step to conquer them, but, all of the fruit that was brought off the island died instantly, and those who ate of it would suffer the same fate. This didn't matter what was forced to grow there, as even Garmaian grains would cause the same consequences. While they should have just abandoned the island, it proved to be to much of a curiosity and dozens of Garmarian Engineer-Biolis and Engineer-Mamelions(interested in the effect it had on people) who clamored to discover its secrets. In order to house these Engineers, a massive series of rather drab looking buildings were erected and the discovery of iron and titanium deposits on the island further fulled more of them, as well as a large amount of Engineer-Mutologists.

For a while, everything worked out fine. The natives provided a large source of test subjects and, when they ran out, humans, and other races, were imported from across the known world to further their research. A weapons factrum was set up there as well and, for a while, the finest guns and artillery pieces came from their. The success of their research was inspiring, but oddly dark rumors started to filter their way from the island to Garmaria, mainly featuring inhumane(or bizarre) experiments, and a dangerous new school of thought known as Ragnarok. Ragnarok stated that, the reason the world was so horrible was because the races had polluted it, and in order to form the prefect world, they'd have to destroy every single last thing there was, and then start over.

That such a philosophy would exist was laughed at in the pub halls, but, it eventually repeated itself enough times that it found its way into the ears of The Parliament. In 1643 a.d.c., the Garmarian Royal Navy launched a dozen ships to go to the island and sort out this issue once and for all. They never returned. Further attempts were made until it was discovered that a series of storms and whirlpools had sunk any ship going their so they had to wait. Then facts faded into stories, stories faded into legends, legends faded into myths, a myths faded into obscurity. Now, more then 200 years later, a mysterious island was discovered near the Black Line, as it filled with ash, and the only things remaining are a complex of buildings and a large and advanced army bent on doing the same thing to the world. Several attempts to destroy this army ended in complete disaster, their weapons literally boiling men apart where they stand. This has forced Garmaia to turn to the other human nations for help, who in turn have turned to the other races of the world for help. Now, a coalition of dozens of armies is headed towards the island known only as The Academy.