Saturday, December 3, 2011

Legends of War:The Night Ones

Contrary to popular belief, there are more then nations then just Arabi in the Blasted Desert and More races then Trolls. Many of these are incredibly small or short lived by, at any given time, there are actually around 20 human "nations" in The Blasted Desert, many of which have retained similar elements of culture and architecture, while race wise there are also Gnolls, Ratkins(why they are there they won't say), and Reptilions. One of the more prominent nations was Noswoi, the land of the south, a nation who's prosper was greater then that of Vissaria and their army was strong enough to match that of the Dominion. There glory and prosper lasted more then a thousand years, but all things must end.

Around 1820 a.d.c. a strange meteorite was spotted, a good omen by their Roastram-nels(Astro Nobles). But then they noticed something odd about it, there wasn't supposed to be one yet, and, it seemed to be getting closer. At first they had no clue what to expect, best case scenario they would be granted some amount of star metal, at worse, more Trolls. They prepared for the worst and had large levies of Felmras(conscripts) and also organized companies of Rewarnes(Heavy warriors) and sent all of the people who couldn't fight as far underground as they could. Then the meteorite came and they all noticed the same thing before it hit: it looked like a whale. When it did hit there was no explosion, no earthquakes, no firestorm, or even any death there was only silence.

They cautiously sent all their people back to their towns and villages but kept a weary eye on the forest that it landed in, which had become inexplicably dark and silent. Soon the silence and darkness spread to the nearby towns, which, even if they provided no resistance, were completely slaughtered. Eventually all the ones who couldn't fight were evacuated to their island colonies and the army massed up, over a hundred thousand men with twenty thousand riders and a thousand pieces of artillery. On the dawn of Abrill 5th 1821 a.d.c. they charged in to the darkness urged on by their Husgar-nels(Emperor) to victory. less then a day later barley a dozen men straggled out. They described horrible creatures, some were wolf-like, others were like daemons, some like vultures, some even like twenty foot spiders that could fire beams that seamed to absorb a light and life near it, and all of them had horrible yellow eyes like painted plates and they didn't move through the darkness: They were it.

They could attack out of the smallest of shadows, kill a score worth of men, and then vanish before even a single one could be fallen: and they did this often hundreds at a time. Even if you had the luck to actually hit one of them, it would pass through them like they were fog and prompt them to rip you like you were paper. No amount of armor or charms could save you: the Husgar-nels being one of the first ones killed. At first no one know what to do, or even what to call them, but then the stories reached the Trolls. Surprisingly, they not only had a name for them, they had fought them before. The name they did give was to complex to say so they, through an immense effort, translated it to a simpler form: Da Knight Onez.

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