Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Falcon Wall

After Garmaria's first attempt to colonize Inaros failed miserably in 1685adc they  realized that they would have to first build some sort of fortress there to insure that they could colonize successfully without having to worry about raids. The result was a 5 mile long wall known as the Falcon Wall. Although it made their presence and location well and truly known to the Inaros it proved its worth less then a year later when it withstood a large scale Inaros raid that would have destroyed any normal string of colonies.

After a while small cities and industriums began appearing on the other side of the wall and for along time the only problem the Garmarians had was the occasion Inaros scribbling some sort of graffiti on the Falcon Wall. Then in 1688adc the Inaros Launched an even larger assault against the wall. At first the Garmarians lost little territory and it seemed they would finally destroy them but then the walls began to move. As it turned out the "graffiti" was actually runes used to reawaken the spirits of stone who were in the wall and massive golems began to  rise up and assimilate other parts of the wall. If it weren't for the intervention of a lost flight of Bombers and the use of a brand new unit known as the highlanders then the Garmarians would have been forced to leave Inaros for good.

Although the wall was rebuilt, the Garmarians didn't seriously follow any course of colonization in Inaros for 200 years and the only conflict around the wall or even near it was small skirmishes between Inaros raiding parties and Garmarian search and destroy missions.

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