Monday, October 3, 2011

legends of War:Relenfeast, 28 days of joy

Relenfeast is a 28 day festival in the Dominion and it ends with the Dominque's Masquerade in Albion. It celebrates the birth of Dominque and is a time of happiness. On the first day of Relenfeast people must set a goal for themselves to achieve and, if they complete it before the Dominque's Masquerade, then they will have good fortune for ten times as many days as it took to accomplish. All the while the cities, towns, and villages bustle with performers, vendors, and brewers galore as the people celebrate the birth of Dominque. Then, on the last day, all the halls, squares, castles, and even fortresses hold grand galas and people of all classes give presents to one another (with the assurance of being given back 5 fold over the next year due to their kindness).

However, none of the parties compare to the Dominque's Masquerade, which also functions as the current Dominque's birthday. There, high ranking nobles, generals, and even foreign leaders dance and feast the night away. Attendance to the Masqurade is by invitation only(except for Dominque Willham who let anyone in, and was murdered by a gnome). The Masquerade is also a time to strengthen or form political bounds with the other powers. However, not everyone accepts the invitations, and people always look forward to the creative ways they reject them.

Two of the most famous rejections have even left their mark on history. When Dominque Gustraf the third invited the ruler of the Stygian city-state of Cretus they misinterpreted it as demand of fealty and, due to being angry, he kicked the messenger off a cliff and immediately headed towards the Dominion. Unfortunately he didn't realize that the Dominion get cold during Snowstess and almost 4/5ths of his army froze to death before he was eaten by a bear and they finally turned back (attempts to submit to the Dominion were met with no small amount of confusion). The other famous incident was when Karen the Exaulted came to power, Domique Rapheal decided to try to foster good relations with her and sent over an invitation. Unfortunately, the messenger interrupted a ceremony that can only be done once every 10,000 years and Karen was so enraged that she turned to messenger into a zombie, sent it back to the Dominion's palace, had it appear before the Dominque and say, "Let's see how you like it!", before the zombie ran off (to this day it hasn't been captured and is creating all sorts of problems for the servants) and then Luciena declared war on the Dominion. However, the rejections are rare occurrences and many wars have been averted due to the Dominque's generosity during Relenfeast.

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