Sunday, October 30, 2011

Forces of war: Plain Riders

Borgrez-Borgrez is the "Capital" tent city of the Plain Riders' alliance and is situated in the middle of the Goblin Plains. At the heart of the city is the Botanical college, one of the largest and most important schools of magic in the world. Here, under the guidance of Lord-Botanist Dar Van, the Sayters study their strange botanical arts and botants are produced in large numbers and varieties. Here also lies the Botanica, perhaps the most important artifact in the world. The Botanica is a mile tall tower that allows the Sayters to control the Botants; if it were to fall then the Botants would engulf the entire world leaving nothing alive. Many armies have attempted to do just that, but have been utterly destroyed every time.

Brennot-Brennot is a tent city located in the Seltem realm of Vissaria. It has more Vissarian type defenses (although they are just for show) and architecture. At the heart of the city lies the College of Knights, ruled by Revan Lightseer and watched over by Lord Anglar Seltem. There Vissarian knights train Centaur pages in exchange for wargear and the loyalist horses ever. The Centaurian Kights who come from there are capable of stemming the tide of battle with a single charge. The city is currently under a, more or less, siege from Warband Geter Dun and is fairing well(considering that the Goblins can only attack people a mile away from the city).

Nahafra-Viewed with high suspicion by everyone else in the world, the tent city of Nahafra is a dark and foreboding place that is located near the chaos occupied parts of the Goblin Plains. The city looks as though it has been abandoned due to plague, and that is how the followers of Mat'Gaol like it. Here, because there really is no other place that they can go, faeries gather for war, contrasting the feel Reaper King Wien has worked so hard to maintain. There, during the Death of All, the Reapers showed up, gastly thin and sick Centaurs who were thought to be brings of the Apocalypses. Now everyone knows that every Centaur, Sayter, Cyclops, and Celp from that city seeks only to destroy the followers of the one true enemy:Si├žovul taun, the purger of all.

Gurtre-While most Plain Riders try to stay away from Evershifting Realms Gurtre does exactly the opposite and sits directly in the Goblin Plains part of it. As such, the tent city suffers attacks on a daily basis, but it always weathers them as nothing more then a light rain. Another way Gurtre differs is that it is lead not by a Sayter, Cyclops, Centaur, or Celp, but by a Botant. The Botant in question is Baba Uga, and(despite being simple minded) he is one of the greatest generals in the known world(due in no small fact that, if things start to go bad for his army he can always waddle in and kill twenty times his weight in men). Also the city serves as port of call for any Celp, Adaro, and Kappa raiding party and also for any ships they have gotten their hands on.

Polyphemus-Polyphemus is the most sacred tent city to any Cylops in the world. It is situated near the mountain ranges of Luciena and is rare in the fact that it doesn't have a vine mile but a "Rok Mile"(which is devastating landslides and earthquakes as opposed to giant indestructible vines). In Polyphemus the Du 'eads of the Cyclops(as well as many reluctant Centaur shamans and Sayter Witch doctors) perform rite intended to gain the approval of Baoka, god of stones. While none of the rituals have ever been successful, their leader, Chief Gargan Stormhoove, keeps expanding it further and further south in an attempt to perform the ritual right; attempts which haven't gone unnoticed by the Imperial Guard.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Forces of War:Trolls

Da Munsta Masha's: Da Munsta Masha's are, without a doubt, the single most powerful Troll tribe in existence. they are lead by the psychopathicly unhinged  Guzgut 'ead Masha' (da fif) who long ago surrendered his sanity to "Da voices in 'is 'ead" and is so unpredictable that even the Trolls don't know what he'll do next. As of now, his tribe is not tied to any one Crata or Fert so they a drawing in Trolls from all over. At the same time, there is not a single nation that has not suffered his furry and not have deep scars to show for it and, if the rumors are to be believed, its only a matter of time before he unites all of the Trolls and brings about the end.

 Da Dred Tolls: Da Dred Trolls are a tribe of Trolls who specialize in raiding settlements, ports, caravans, and the occasional fort. They were formed and are lead by Da Dred Perat Robsya, a ruthlessly Troll who always gets what he wants and has the intelligence to ensure it's his. The tribe is currently the rulers of Da Doks and every Troll perat owes allegiance to his tribe in one way or another. This allows him to carry out extremely daring raids successfully and he is currently dbidding his time until he has enough Trolls to destroy his only true rival: Hellspout.

Da Mob: Da Mob is one of the most famous Troll tribes and it is also one of the most advanced, taking terrpeda's, led belcha's, and fast led beclha's to a level that even the Trolls don't find funny anymore (well occasionally they due but only when the enemy's REALLY close). They are currently lead by Sker Tusk, a Troll with only half a middle tusk and the nasty habit of leaving out important details when giving orders. In fact they are currently located in the elven fiefdom of Solarian because he told his lads,"Find a propa place ta hide da boddies" when he meant, "find a propa place to hide an' skin all o' da boddies so we can wear da skin an' eat dem lata." Still, none of his Trolls are complaining because the killing is good, and because he personally smashes any Troll who questions him into a pile of mush.

Da Flama's: Da Flama's are a very recently made tribe who have already worked their way into the history books. They are lead by Trolzor da Flama, a Troll who can actually insult someone to death (mainly because he's secretly a wit docta).  Due to how annoying they are, the tribe is banned from every Crata and Fert so they started heading north were they found the Dominion where, for the last 17 years, the tribe has been mounting what they call a "Flam wer" which involves burning everything they can see and then insulting the rest. While this approach may seem odd Trolls are plugging their ears and joining the tribe at a rate that seems impossible.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Legends of war:Gremlins, masters of the Bayou

 Many many years ago, the Stygian Empire prospered & ruled over the entire world, being menaced by Goblins, Orcs & many other nations, which would later become ruling powers of the world. The Goblins were among the greatest threats of the Stygians were the Goblins, second only to the Orcs, & once the Trolls came, Stygia was overrun, The constant warfare of the Goblins, the exhausting effort to eliminate the orcs, & the Battle at World's End all stacked up with the poor timing and ferocity of the Trolls & this brought the Stygian people to their feet through many long battles.

But scant months after the Stygians fell, the Plain Riders arose to banish the Trolls, & Goblins back to their lairs. Some of the Goblins had fled to, of all places, the Plain Riders' kingdom and managed to crumble it from within while others, using stolen ships, sailed to the morning and then they  went to seek shelter among the marshes in the southern part of the continent, right below the lands of the Ratkins. These Goblins, through successive years of battle, went underground, forming their own small colonies, & over time they became a distinct sub-race, the Gremlins. A Gremlin isn't much taller then a normal Goblin, however, their features(mainly their guts) are rounded instead of pointed & they have green skin instead of the brown skin of normal Goblins. Goblins would have rejected them for those qualities alone but, to top it off, they reject Seseom for their own god called, "Diety".

Gremlin society is still vaguely related to Goblin society as it revolves around a Mayor barking orders & Sherrifs enforcing them, with his grit, cunning & guns. Gremlins live in large families sharring a single large underground home, nearly every member would have a gun or pistol at hand as well, & the Mayor (mostly the Sherrifs though) can rally the families together & launch a great big raid. Gremlins like to bring guns, abnormally large pigs, scrapped up vehicles & a type of toxic ooze which can eat through almost anything. Gremlins love to fight, hate to loose, but like to see things get blown up, even their own. The Gremlins amass in numbers very great & enjoy to set traps to all those who would pass through their beloved Bayou  & are known to consume massive amounts of alcohol before doing so. Over the years, they have hitched rides on many vessels & raided many lands to gain what they needed for survival, including guns which they really liked. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Forces of war:Dwarves

Karen:Karen, a word that roughly means "Stone", is the foundation on which the entire Dwarf Realm is built. Inside it's stout walls are some of the finest Karders(engineer/artisans) in the whole world and the warmachines it produces are second to none. In the almost 4000 years of existence it has been attacked hundreds of times but only one attack has actually pierced it's walls: The Tide of Kost.

Elr Dar:Elr Dar(Iron Port) is one of the few, if not only, places in the whole world were the Dwarfs  Elr Feld(Iron clad), Dron Feld(Bronze Clad), and Reo Feld(Aero Clad) ships are produced. The dry docks there work day and night to put out a single ship and they have the capabilities to make more then 60 ships at a time. In addition, near by lies Jekl Mont(Jekl's Mine) which is one of the largest producers of mitheral in the whole world. To top it off, the city's location is a Dwarven secret and no one has ever been able to find it(and come back talking).

Vulgor Mont:Vulgor Mont has a small population of Dwarfs and is more of a temple then it is a mine. However, that is not a bad thing, as Dlor Dwarfs(Stone Dwarfs) are made/discovered on a weekly basis there and it has attracted large numbers of Scops(Bards/Priests) to ply their trade. Also, the weapons it produces have never dulled and can cut Scarecrow in half with a single swipe. Alas, Vulgor Mont is under a nontraditional siege by the Scarecrows who are looking for something (no one has a clue what) that is in their mines, and the Dwarfs give it to them with every swipe of the axe or shot of the dragoon.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Forces of War:elves

Luana:The capital fiefdom of the Elven Empire, there is no city more majestic the Luana. Built around 2000bdc the city has been burned to the ground twice(the second time was an accident) and has come back stronger each time. It is home to the Lacel go Nalar(Palace of Magic) where the greatest magis come to learn. It also features the Woltrom go Theolic(Tower of Death) where the still fresh bodies of all the commanders who have dared to attack Luana are still hanging; with the exception of one empty noose.

Xelmar:Xelmar is a fiefdom that is made up of a chain of several islands. As a result the men and women of Xelmar are some of the finest sailors and marines outside of Stygia and they are exceptionally tough. In addition, the trees there have an almost magic quality to them and, as a result, the ships built there are second only to Garmaria's in quality, but, behind Vissaria in quantity. While many have attempted sea borne invasions, only Slinga's Sea Slayaz' have ever raided the islands(an attack in which Xelmar still hasn't recovered from.

Gascoal:Gascoal is the a fiefdom that sits near the borders of the Gnomeish Trade Republic. As a result, the warriors here are very hardened by almost constant warfare. In addition, Gascoal is one of the few fiefdoms to deploy the Lesolek'feles(Silver Arrows(ballistas)) in large quantities. While this has earned them much ridicule, not one elf noble can argue with the low casualties and sheer number of wins they have.

Solarian:Solarian is the only fiefdom to be in a mountain range. While this has earned them much scorn over the years, most notably the nickname Fol'gavs(Fake Dwarfs), they are also the only fiefdom that can produce the much feared Delcoric'racter(Dragon Riders) without have to import them. In addition, this fiefdom alone supplies almost a third of the iron and almost all of the Rals'taln(Sky Metal) that is used by the Elves. Unfortunately, Solarian is currently under attack by Trolls hell bent on,"Findin' a propa plac to hide da boddies."

Monday, October 3, 2011

legends of War:Relenfeast, 28 days of joy

Relenfeast is a 28 day festival in the Dominion and it ends with the Dominque's Masquerade in Albion. It celebrates the birth of Dominque and is a time of happiness. On the first day of Relenfeast people must set a goal for themselves to achieve and, if they complete it before the Dominque's Masquerade, then they will have good fortune for ten times as many days as it took to accomplish. All the while the cities, towns, and villages bustle with performers, vendors, and brewers galore as the people celebrate the birth of Dominque. Then, on the last day, all the halls, squares, castles, and even fortresses hold grand galas and people of all classes give presents to one another (with the assurance of being given back 5 fold over the next year due to their kindness).

However, none of the parties compare to the Dominque's Masquerade, which also functions as the current Dominque's birthday. There, high ranking nobles, generals, and even foreign leaders dance and feast the night away. Attendance to the Masqurade is by invitation only(except for Dominque Willham who let anyone in, and was murdered by a gnome). The Masquerade is also a time to strengthen or form political bounds with the other powers. However, not everyone accepts the invitations, and people always look forward to the creative ways they reject them.

Two of the most famous rejections have even left their mark on history. When Dominque Gustraf the third invited the ruler of the Stygian city-state of Cretus they misinterpreted it as demand of fealty and, due to being angry, he kicked the messenger off a cliff and immediately headed towards the Dominion. Unfortunately he didn't realize that the Dominion get cold during Snowstess and almost 4/5ths of his army froze to death before he was eaten by a bear and they finally turned back (attempts to submit to the Dominion were met with no small amount of confusion). The other famous incident was when Karen the Exaulted came to power, Domique Rapheal decided to try to foster good relations with her and sent over an invitation. Unfortunately, the messenger interrupted a ceremony that can only be done once every 10,000 years and Karen was so enraged that she turned to messenger into a zombie, sent it back to the Dominion's palace, had it appear before the Dominque and say, "Let's see how you like it!", before the zombie ran off (to this day it hasn't been captured and is creating all sorts of problems for the servants) and then Luciena declared war on the Dominion. However, the rejections are rare occurrences and many wars have been averted due to the Dominque's generosity during Relenfeast.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

forces of war:Scarecrows

The Grand Forge:The first and largest of all the black forges, the Grand Forge is without a doubt one of the most powerful places in the world. It is rumored that it has almost no slaves and that the only resident is Lord Carl himself. It has a large manufacturing capability but it is mainly geared towards creating the time portal. In times of dire need, as discovered by a Dominion army, it can turn in to an overtime mode which requires extremely large bellows, wheels, and other contraptions(which coincidentally plays a creepy song) to turn out scarecrows faster then a thousand cannons can take them out.

Batch Forge: The Batch Forge is an oddly small black forge that wouldn't be important if it didn't rest on the coast. It is from her that the ships of the "Black Armada" a forged in much the same way as the Scarecrows are.While the ships it builds aren't very good, they are exceptionally numerous and they can build 50 of them in less time then it take to build one regular ship. With odds like these on their side, it is no wonder why the Black Armada can only be defeated through equal numbers.

Fabricator Forge: The Fabricator Forge is the closest black forge to the Dominion. It is unknown whether it is the close proximity to people, or some whim of the leader, but it has the highest number of slaves anywhere in the world. In fact, it has so many slaves that often whole armies of them will go out without the support of any Scarecrows AND they will return victorious. At the same time, the number of scarecrows it produces are vast and it is only a matter of time before they overrun the entire Dominion.