Saturday, August 20, 2011

legends of war:Da' 'oly 'ead

It is a well known fact that Trolls don't think highly of other races religions. In fact trolls will go out of there way just to destroy an enemies sacred sites because "it maks dem rella fighty da nex time wez go an' fight em". However, the Trolls do have their own sacred sites and only a fool with the army to back it up would be dumb enough to attack even da Porta Lou. And the trolls also have a favorite sacred site, one so famous and fearsome that even Garmaria has recognized it as impenetrable. The site is known only as Da' 'oly 'ead.

Da' 'oly 'ead is, as with almost all troll settlements, situated in a large sky crater that is around 8 miles wide and has 3 sections. The outer section of it is like any other Krata Town except that it is fortified by a 80foot tall wall made out of solid "'ull meta" and bursts with enough weapons that even Trolls think its a little overdoing it. The second section is where the Trolls store every single last one of their captured weapons and is protected by a 90 foot 'ull meta wall. The weapons include exactly 3  Marwolaeth still mounted on their ships. As impressive as the 2 outer sections are they are nothing compare to the third section.

 The third section is protected by nothing more then a shimmering light that has the powers to only let in trolls and their guests but absolutely nothing else. Then, as their are only 2 "entrances", You have to walk a full mile flanked the whole way by Da 'undred Iorn Onez, massive walking things(even the Trolls don't really know what they are, or even care for that matter) capable of immense destruction. Then at the center is the most holy Troll temple, Da 'oly 'ead. Standing around 500feet tall and sitting in a small crater half as deep and 3 times as wide, Da 'oly 'ead is a giant, crudely made Troll head that houses all of the Trolls relics: Da zappy fing, Da lucka coppa, Da pisin bone(in actuality a dragon bone that trolls piss on when they want to fight some Drakes), and countless others. In addition, whenever the Trolls go to war, they always consult Da 'oly 'ead and they are always rewarded with much destruction. In the nearly 3000 years of the trolls being here only once was Da 'oly 'ead attacked, and the attack was repulsed so bloodily that there were almost no survivors.

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