Sunday, December 26, 2010

Echoes of war Gnomes

"everyone knows that Gnomes are the best engineers in the world. I mean we hardly ever use metal in our constructions so we don't have to worry about mining and coal and cave ins and all that other stuff that the dwarfs, elves, humans, and ratkins have to worry about."
-redhead berger, gnome engeiner

"Dos Combs dink dat deys shuch good Lug 'eads when dey cant even make a propa Jak waggoon wit out arguan whose rite an' whose rong."
-Gore Finga, Troll werchef

"We are the gnomeish navy, The High Sea's Expedition Fleet. We represent the pinnacle of Gnomeish technology. Tremble in fear as we are your death incarnate." 
-high admiral Reawen Gnomegard, before the humiliating defeat at the hands of Da Dred Perat Robzya

"The gnomes are really quite arrogant. There favorite letters are G and N, there main city is Gnomegard, They take the city they live in's name as there last, and ,worst of all, they think themselves more advanced then us."
-Franz Pertan, Germarian scholar

"Hey you, who's puny now?"
-Del Forestren, Harvester pilot

Saturday, December 18, 2010

echoes of war Trolls

"Me wife she be sucha bloodie hag
She's shuck an embaresment ta dragz.
I'd wish shed go an jump off a clif
she''s just da kinda person ya want ta 'it."
-a popular troll shanty

"Trolls are repulsive and degenerate beasts.  For example it is impossible to tell their women(hagz) from their men. And to make matters worse some of the troll men dress as women. They are known as dragz and this is an entirely acceptable thing in troll society."
-Thorain Witfin, elf noble

"I don't see 'ow ya squishes can't tell which of ya wez talkin bout when wez sayz ya namez. You re a squishy, da stigz are da same fing as da mushies. Den ders da berdies, da smalaz, da squikies, da furriez, da 'oof ies, da snapiez, an' da crunchies. Oh wait deres da Scariez but dey aint actula dat."
-Gore Finga, Troll werchef

"One thing ya gotta give the trolls is, dat they're berds can come up with some catchy tunes."
-Marlex Foren, Captain of the Midnight Flight raiding party

-Borgotz Puncha, Troll wit docta

"The most unusual thing about trolls is that there machines work. I mean I've cracked open dozens of jumpa roketz, led belcha's, fast led belcha's, Jak wagoons, and even the occasional Terrpeda and I still only have the foggiest idea of how they work. I bet the skull gnomes are helping them too."
-redhead berger, gnome engeiner

"Oi trol eínai mia nomadikí̱ fylí̱ katoikía éri̱mo. Tha eínai psi̱lótera sti̱ synécheia oi ándres kai oi ischyróteroi. Eínai éf̱kolo na tous xegelásei, allá i̱ gnó̱si̱ na sas syni̱thízei tó̱ra an sas piásei."
translation:"The trolls are a nomadic desert dwelling race. They are taller then men & are stronger. It is easy to outsmart them, but knowledge wont get you far if they catch you."
-what the teachers in Stygian Academies say when discussing Trolls

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Battle of Red Gouge beach

The Stygians were masters of the classic world ,due to there hoplites and and Juggernauts, and for 300 years they never lost a single battle. However a large goblin warband ,known as warband slappsya, invaded and took over the stygian island of Hellspout before the hoplites could respond. As Hellspout was the sole producer of iron for the stygians at the time it is unknown how the goblins did such an amazing feat. This infuriated the Stygian King Thurkus assembled the largest army and navy has ever seen to recapture their valuable island.

They managed to land at Red Gouge beach with almost no resistance from any ships. The stygians managed to get almost 3/4 of their hoplites on the beach when suddenly a goblin hoard numbering in the tens of thousands disgorged itself from the many caverns on the beach and even the famous gouge. At the same time hundreds of ships appeared from Winter Pine island and began attacking the stygian navy. Unprepared for any kind of attack the Stygian hoplites on the beach were overwhelmed in a matter of minutes and at least 78 triremes were sunk. The only hope the stygians had was their 100 jugernauts, unfortunately, these ships could not keep up with the shear numbers of goblin ships and so they tried to escape. However, in addition to the normal rams, catapults, and bows the goblin's were using a new weapon known as a "rumgun" and with them reaped a horrendous toll on the stygian ships.

When the invasion fleet escaped the battle only about 50 ships out of the 2000 ships that went returned. This battle not only severely weakened the stygian empire and destroyed all pride it had but it also proved that the goblins were a force to be reckoned with.

echoes of war stygians

Éna kalá ekpaidev̱méno polemistí̱s eínai éna apotelesmatikó polemistí̱s. Éna kalá ekpaidev̱méno strató eínai éna niki̱fóro strató.''
-Translates to 'A well trained warrior is an effective warrior. A well trained army is a victorious army'' a saying used in Stygian training camps.

''Énas ánthro̱pos tró̱ei éna ktí̱nos. Ménoume sio̱pi̱loí.
Énas ántras kóvei éna déntro. Ménoume sio̱pi̱loí.
Énas ántras skotó̱nei éna téras. Ménoume sio̱pi̱loí.
Énas ánthro̱pos molýnei to dásos. Emeís kyní̱gi.''
-A writing found writen in a tree which translates to:
'A man eats a beast. We stay silent.
A man cuts down a tree. We stay silent.
A man slays a monster. We stay silent.
A man defiles the forest. We hunt.'
Probably a chant of the Kyngos, Stygian Hutnresses.

''We had underestimated the goblins before, we saw them as nothing more but animals. But one day, they had proven to be cunning & devious. They were the main reason of the fall of our Empire, and it is because of us they were capable of creating weapons such as ''The Rum Guns''. We had made that mistake once, we shall not do so again.''
-A speech by Narxus, a Stygian who explained the Humans of the Dominion why their once great empire had fallen.

''Dem Stigs iz like da musheies only des blue 'n' dey got mashed by da squikies.''
-Gore Finga, Troll Warchief

''Skotó̱ste tous ólous! Deíxte tous den éleos!''
Translates to: 'Kill them all! Show them no mercy!' A Stygian battlecry.

''Ánodos Kolossós, ánodos! Ypárchoun echthroí na katastrépsoun! Ánodos kai na tous férei ti̱n katastrofí̱! Anodos!''
Translates to: 'Rise Colossus, rise! There are enemies to destroy! Rise and bring them destruction! Rise!' a chanting that awakes a Colossus from it's slumber.

"I pediada anavates itan symmachoi mas gia pano apo 3000 chronia. To̱ra eichan af̱xi̱thei gia na antimetopisei tous antipalous tous. Einai kairos na kanoun to idio."
-words of King Alarxis before he started the Conquest of Stygia-
Translation: The Plain Riders were our allies for over 3000 years. Now they had risen up to face their opponents. It is our time to do the same.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

echoes of war Scarecrows

"The Scarecrows are really mean and scary! They all are always belching out this giant plume of black smoke thing and are always making strange clanking sounds when ever they do anything and then the...AHH SLAVER!!! RUN!!!!"
-bersk, former scarecrow slave

"Well you see one time i cracked open one of those scarecorws we beat, expecting to find a skull gnome or somethin' in there, and instead all i find is all this copper wires, iron boxes, steam engine, and a large amount of stuff that i still have no clue what its  supposed to be. I still think the skull gnomes had a hand in their making."
-redhead berger, gnome engeiner

-various reaper pattern scarecrows

"Scarecrows are more then likely the result of a madman's pact with Zerean. After all he is the master of the great forges."
-Scean Gorvean, Chaos elementalist

-various scarecrows of various patterns

Sunday, November 7, 2010

echos of war Goblins

"Rum in ya gun. RUM in ya gun. Dats wat da boss man says i gotta(HIC) do wit dis ere fine rum. To bad onla half of it seems ta make it in da gun. I always(HIC) spill da rest in my mouth."
-derk staba, rum gun crewman

-rake lake, bat goblin

"Most people seem to think that goblins are stupid. This however is not true. If they were stupid they wouldn't call the goblins with bows geniuses."
-Franz Pertan, Garmarian scholar

"Da one fing dats squishea den da ohmens is da goblans. And ohmens are very squishy so wat do dat tell ya?"
-Gore Finga, Troll werchef

"I stalked all night looking for prey and all i found were some insignificant paladins? Oh i will never hear the end of this."
-Night Stalker, spider goblin

"They say that goblins never make their own weapons. Those dirty bastards are always...AH SLAVE HANDLER! No its just a sheep herder."
-bersk, former scarecrow slave

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gore Shmacka

Before the Trolls came, the Blasted Desert was in fact an entire continent spanning jungle inhabited by the Reptillions. They lived there "peacefully" for many hundreds of years. Then one night a strange light appeared in the sky and began to grow at a fast rate. The Reptillions interpenetrated this as an omen of good fortune and swarmed to the top of the trees to see it better.

They quickly discovered that they were wrong.

A Massive object known to the trolls as "Gore Shmacka" Came down and crashed into the jungles almost instantly turning it into the dessert that it is today. Soon afterwords thousands of Trolls began to pour out of the object and destroyed the nearest cities within there reach almost completely Wiping out the Reptillions of the southern continent as well as nearly destroying the rest of the world. Now the Reptillions seek to reclaim there many lost Temple cities and to expel the Trolls from there lands.

It is a battle that has been lost long ago.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

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The armies

The armies
Humans of the Dominion
-The Humans of the Dominion are located in the center of the continent of the Ancients and, as such, have experienced many raids over the years. They are a tough people and use gunpowder and iron as much as steam and sail to keep their realm safe from invaders. Thought they are not the strongest, brightest, or biggest race they have the numbers and determination to keep their realm safe. Now, however they are experiencing raids and battles from every direction and are fighting a war simply to prevent there own demise.

Dwarfs of the Mountain Realms
-The Dwarfs are stout men with long beards and short tempers (and heights). They live in the mountains of Eskew and dig for gold, iron, silver, jewels, and mitheral. They use guns and steam to a level almost on par with the Scarecrows and Gnomes. Although they are few in number, they are tough and can deal with any problem they are faced with. Now they march to war to prevent the Ratkins and Goblins from destroying their Mountain Realms.

Gnomes of the forests
-The Gnomes are like the Dwarfs of the forests, only it takes 2 of them to equal a dwarf's height and girth. They are as numerous as Goblins, but create their own technology to help them cut down trees. They are at odds with the Dwarfs and also the Elves (they live in the same forests as them) and so are in an almost constant state of war. Now they march to prevent the Scarecrows from destroying the Foren Forests, even going so far as to get the help of the elves.

Scarecrows of the northern wastes
-Scarecrows are 10 foot tall monsters that are driven by steam and made from wood, brass, bone, iron, stone, and a whole lot of other things. They are the mindless servants of their Lord Carl, who claims to be from the future and that he wants to go back. The Scarecrow inhabit what was once the northern plains of the Dominion and have somehow transformed it into the dark, barren and rocky place it is today and their main base is a large fortress know as "The Black Forge". The armies march so that they may gather resources to build more of them and to build the "Time Portal".

Elves of the hills
-the Elves are taller then humans but are shorter than Trolls. The live in the Reidear hills near the middle of the Foren Forest and on the island of Lumenek. They use bows, elven steel, and horse to fight their wars and have rarely lost a battle. In addition, they have large amounts of magic to aid them in most everything they do. They are marching to war now to prevent the Gnomes from claiming all the glory for saving the forests and to destroy the Goblin tribes.

Goblins of everywhere
-Goblins are brownish orange creatures no bigger than dwarfs and more numerous than Ratkins. They have no solid holdings and the only stronghold they have is "MY CITY!!!" in the Northern Wastes. They are scavengers in the extreme and even their weapons and armor have all been stolen or discovered in a trash pile. What few weapons they do make are shoddy and tend to fall apart, the only highly notable exception being the rum gun. They run to war simply to loot and pillage everything they can find and make the ultimate rum gun, one big enough to shoot the whole world out of.

Soldiers of Chaos
-The Soldiers of Chaos are the servants of the dark god Chaos, ruler of the Eternal Realms. They come from everywhere and all march to the rhythms of skull drums. The most faithful followers are the Skull Gnomes, better known as the exiled for they were forced to live underground by their forest brothers, and the Shadow Elves, the outcasts from elven society. In addition the great servants of Chaos himself often go to war, know as the Minions and the Kost. They are marching to war for no other reason then their war cry portrays, "SKULLS FOR CHAOS!".

Ratkins of the Darklands
-The Ratkins are ratlike creatures who live to destroy and eat all that lies in their way. They are weak and cowardly, however they do have numbers and the highly dreaded Storm Guards and Storm Bikes. They don't live on the continent of the Ancients but instead inhabit Maeltra, a continent across the dreaded Black Ocean. They march for they need more land to support their ever growing appetite, and also to escape what they call the "other world".

Stygians of the Isles
-The Stygians are a race of Elves with blue skin and white hair. They were once the rulers of the entire continent, but by trying to stop the never ending Goblin invasions, their might had crumbled and their once great Empire had been reduced to a small Kingdom on a chain of islands, this chain of Islands is known as Stygia. But now, the Stygians had risen again, to expand their kingdom, and to get new allies. A Stygian warrior is well trained, in both the body, the mind and the soul. The army of Stygia must not fall, for their entire race depends on it.

Humans of Garmaria "The Industrious"
-Garmarea is another continent that is across the sea of Drean. The people who live there use something they call "mass production" and as such, can support vary large and highly advance armies. Their armies are armed with steel and "titanium" weapons and they move in line formations wielding halberds, rifles, and machine rifles with the ease that Trolls wield axes. They also fight with long and strange war machines like the Kump cannon and the Tran war wagon. They march now to gather more iron to fuel their needs and wants and to bring "industrialization" to the rest of the world.

Trolls of the desert
-Trolls are tall long limed savages who claim to have "fellen flat on me fac from dat fing up dere". They tend be very primitive, but use weaponry that puts to shame even the greatest Dwarf examples. They live in the Blasted Desert and as such have to pillage for every single last resource they have. They run to war wielding anything that comes to hand simply because "Us Trolz iz da best, an' wez gonna make shure dat all da squishies know dat".

Pirates of Hellspout
-Hellspout is a small island nation near the middle of the Black Ocean. There, lawlessness is the norm and pirates are the rulers. They use the unusual Larfar ship, which allows them to travel on land with the same ease that they navigate with the ships at sea. Because of this they use hit and run tactics to ensure that they can quickly gain large amounts of loot with the smallest amount of resistance. They are not so much marching to war now as they are simply taking advantage of the turmoil and using the war to help further increase their already large stock piles of loot.

Humans of Vissaria
-Vissaria is a relatively backwards country where the crossbow is only just making its debut, and gunpowder is regarded with suspicion. They live in a manorial type system, where the knights and nobles are the rulers and Beation is there only god (who, coincidentally, is considered to be the destroyer of man by followers of Chaos). The Vissaria lord priest, Vaentrum, recently received a vision from Beation telling him to lead the nation of Vissaria in a holy crusade against the thousands of infidels and non-humans who inhabit the world. Now large multitudes of Vissarian knights, serfs, vassals, and nobles march to rid the world of all those who do not follow Beation.

The Tribes of Inaros
-Inaros is a large continent about three fifths the size of the Darklands and about twice as productive. The Inaros are primitive even by their own standards, wielding stone or copper based weapons. However, they make extensive use of the spirits known as Golems, and have such an extensive range of troops available that it doesn't matter how advance they are. They now march to war to protect Inaros from the foreign invaders, whom plague it almost daily.

Plain Riders
-The Plain Riders are a coalition of several nation's forces including the Centaurs, Satyrs, Cyclops, Botants (a plant like creation of the satyrs), and large number of other groups to various to mention. They live in tent cities all over the world but the highest concentration of them are in the Goblin Plains, their ancestral homeland. They ride to war to reclaim the lost lands of the numerous nations and to stop the spread of Chaos.

The Taboo
-The Taboo are the necromatic and vodoo members of the cult of Verbode Kennis, the lost scholar. They use powerful spells and rituals to raise massive armies of zombies, and other unpleasant things. Their main area, is within Luciena, where they are encouraged to practice their religions. They march to war for as many reasons as there are stars in the sky, and almost all of the reasons are vile by anyone's standards.

Fields of War is online

This game will be set on the continent of the Ancestors and be during the war of redemption. This is a time when it is essentially every race for themselves and massive battles are fought over nothing and tiny skirmishes are fought as if everything is on the line. this is where troll war drums beat against the rhythms of dwarf warhorns while gnome harvesters duel with Ratkin Storm Bikes. And all of this goes on while the armies of the North march down the continent looking for supplies. And all of this happens on the Fields of War.