Friday, December 23, 2011

Forces of war:Garmaria

First Army, Homeland Force:In all of Garmaria there is no army held in higher regard then the one that is stationed to defend the homeland, and that honor has fallen, non-intentionally, on the First Army. Comprised of around 70,000 men they are equipped with technology that makes all other Armies jealous, and has one of the strongest artillery arms. Their discipline is second-to-none, however, they were main deployed to help the slavers keep the 820,000 slaves in line. They, as well as 3 other armies, are currently being deployed in the east against the infectious disease known as the Aequalitas "rebellion".

Fourth Army, Inaros Hunters:Legend has it that the Fourth Army was created at the founding of Garmaria, but that it's leader attempted to betray the country. They were then exiled to Inaros in an attempt to protect the colonies. Whether or not the legend is true, the 62,000 men of the Fourth Army have been protecting and expanding them ever since. They are usually deployed in small units of around 300 men with 5 bomber and scouts ready to punish any Inaros town or village they happen across, or they can be polled together around single fortress and hold out for weeks without relief(and occasionally, break the attack on their own) with minimal casualties to their own and massacres to the enemies.

Seventh Army, Wanderlust:The Seventh Army is the largest Army comprising of 115,000 men and 2000 ships, however, they have no set theater of war. They go were they please, attack and raiding coastal settlements, fortress, and the like and landing on beaches filled with enemies. They even once managed to attack the legendary city of Synnefopolis, and still have a few men fighting up there. Their tactics favor hard hitting and fast artillery barges from the ships, followed by massive companies of troops  rushing forward, supported by precision strikes from bombers and spearheaded by steam tanks, few foes can stand it for long.

Fifteenth Army, Bane of Chaos: Considered with suspicion by every other army, and always under eye for mutiny, The Fifteenth Army holds the distinct honor of being the smallest army, at only 12,000 men, and for being assigned to the Evershifting Realms. Through countless encounters with the followers of Chaos, as well as Ratkins and Gremlins, they have learned that artillery and the like are more of a bother then a help, as they prevent troops from reaching their full potential.  Almost all of their troops are elites and they prefer sabotage, sniping, and hit-and-run tactics to the more civilized and traditional doctrines set forth centuries ago. Still, the fact that they can win a battle before the enemy has a chance to respond, and their near zero casualty rates, have landed them a begrudging respect among other armies. However, their loyalty has always been questioned...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Legends of War: First Battle at Sallamia

Around the year of 1480, the Ratkins had discovered that the Stygians are still alive, and then they proceed to send a massive fleet of warships to conquer what is left of Stygia and it's people. Stygian scouts who rode on top of Hippocampus, fish-like horses, had discovered the Ratkins fleet stationed not far from Stygia, instead of investigating, the Stygian Strategos Stomistokles had sent one of his personal and loyal slaves to the Ratkins, and he had claimed that he ran away from his captors and is seeks to help the Ratkins, by feeding them false information. The Ratkins were then sure of their victory, rewarding the slave with entrance into  wer-rat hood, and had set sail to Stygia the next day.

While the Ratkins believed that the Stygian Polis' (the city-states) were in a great civil war and in disarray, they were simply divided, and now that a common threat had arisen, they had united and formed a deadly fleet at the coast of a fortified island named Sallamia, not far from Stygia. It is here that the Stygians had a good position; they could defend the island and their backs were protected by fortifications. The Ratkins had to pass through here, otherwise they would face horrid sea monsters that stalk the deep sea. Then at the sunrise of 28th Oberah 1480, the Ratkin Armada had came face to face with the Stygians.

The Ratkin ships are large and heavy, which is usually their advantage, but the waters around the island of Sallamia are shallow, and this makes it very difficult for the Ratkins to move around, on the other hand, Stygian ships are light and swift, and the Stygians themselves are renowned as masters of sailing. For the rest of the day, the tiny Stygian Triremes had passed between the bulky Ratkin Warships, and the Warships would usually collide with each other and then sink. As more blood was spilled into the sea, the ferocious Nereid Sharks had come to feast upon those who survived a shipwreck, and by dusk, the Ratkin fleet was utterly defeated. Over 200 Ratkin Warships have been sunk, and only 49 Stygian Triremes. When the surviving few Ratkin ships arrived back home, the Ratkins were in shock, and had started   to devise a new plan in revenge for the humiliation the defeat brought. However, any attempts made so far were proven in vain and the Stygians still remain the Masters of the Seas.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Forces of war:Vissaria

Moskar-Moskar is the capital province of Vissaria and where the Heilige Leier and the High King resides. Of all the provinces it is the largest, richest, and most fertile areas which could put to shame even some counties in the Dominion. It also has the largest population and, in times of war, the armies they can raise numbers well into the hundreds of thousands. In battle, they present an endless wall of shields, swords, and spears with the ability to simply overrun an enemy formation through numbers, training, and devotion to their god.

Seltem- Is one of the oddest provinces is Vissaria. For a long time, it had nothing to distinguish itself from any of the other ones until it opened up the College of Knights and allowed centaurs to go their. Top that off with a Troll that lives under the main bridge (nobody, even him, knows how he got their and a dozen attempts to dislodge him have failed) and Seltem has an acceptance of non-humans that most other Vissarians find completely insane. However, no one can argue with the superior numbers, equipment, and training of their knights, or how a single charge into overwhelming odds by them can completely annihilate the other force, even when its not goblins.

Lysandra-Lysandra, also known as Chaos' Gift, is one of the most cursed provinces in all of Vissaria, if not the entire known world. Everyone knows how one night the islands simply rose from the sea, with every single last building made, and everyone already their, a curse if ever there was one. Still the soldiers and ships they produce are of high quality, higher then many other countries best. Despite the curses said to follow them, some commanders can't resist the urge to have troops who won't run away when knights charge, who can hold their ground against artillery, and who can win a battle without the support of any knights.

Arbi- While technically not part of Vissaria, the kings of Arbi can trace their lineage back to the first High King Fotecena so they owe fealty to the High King. Arbi is a strange place, with its own religion and it is in the Blated Desert, a place where only the nations with the largest army, and shrewdest tacticians can survive. Cultivate their tactical sense with their grand merchants and you get a nation whose mercenaries are second to none. their favorite weapon is a two handed sword and they are capable of staying in cover so well, that it is near impossible to see them coming until their are right on top of you and it is too late. Due to the countries destruction, the number of Arbi companies is shrinking making them a rarer and more expensive force, one which Vissaria would loath to see vanish.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Echoes of War

"It is a well known fact that Trolls are dangerous idiots but most people underestimate them. Even when they claim they aren't underestimating them they are. It has been estimated that upwards of 50,000,000Trolls live in the Blasted Desert, enough to overrun the Dominion in less then a month. the estimated number of Trolls who don't live in the Blasted Desert can only be guessed at, but it is generally around 300 MILLION Trolls, enough to destroy Garmaria, which means the known world is also going to be destroyed in the process. The only thing keeping the Trolls in check, is the Trolls and their 4 main werlads. Without those, the world would surely fall into madness, death, destruction, and... I suppose, bad taste in music..."
-the speech given by Engineer-Mamelion Eveingston Dunhull on the Troll menace

"Yes-yes you people underestimate us, No? You think us proper vermin, Yes? You think that we are to dumb to pose a threat to you, No? But am I not here, overrunning your precious fortress with ssuperior weapons and, yes, tactics? And aren't you the one who claimed that the ssuper fortress would never fall, No?"
-Storm Captain Ratergah Votr, after the tactically acclaimed assault on G.R.A. fortress 52(Super Fortress)

"''Empros! Empros! Pio grigora!''
-Forward! Forward! Faster!-
-A common Stygian Battle cry

"Da fing(dat ya neva will unastand) is dat I'm me( an' derefore, by uh logikal conclusion) you'z you, so then( I'm goin ta) off (wit) ya ('ead) and (dun't) Ya (tink ya) ma (live cuas da onla way yu'll) leav (is in trilions an' trililions o' bitz)"
-another example of why people have no clue what Sker Tusk is talking about

1 old man on the ramblers block back
2 king's crowns on the swindlers stall pack
3 captains spinnin' grand old tales
wer sailin' for the mornin'

4 empty mugs on the barkeep's counter
5 blacks smith's punchin' like 50 pounders
6 gold coins missin' from the pales
wer sailin' for the mornin'

7 ships taking their new masters
8 men hanging from the royal rafters
9 wenches beggin' for us back now
wer sailin' for the mornin'

10 kings ships forcing us to flee
11 good men payin' the dead man's fee
12 cannons goin' boom and pow
wer sailin' for the mornin'

13 stabs in a dead man's heart sack
14 holes in the king's old kyaks
15 ships in the ancient whale path
wer sailin' for the mornin'"
-a common drinking song in Hellspout, referring to a pirates tendency to sailing westward, were loot and safety are easy to find and cheep to take(sometimes), and may actually be referring to a real story(although who would tell the story of pirates who were caught and killed?)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Legends of War:The Night Ones

Contrary to popular belief, there are more then nations then just Arabi in the Blasted Desert and More races then Trolls. Many of these are incredibly small or short lived by, at any given time, there are actually around 20 human "nations" in The Blasted Desert, many of which have retained similar elements of culture and architecture, while race wise there are also Gnolls, Ratkins(why they are there they won't say), and Reptilions. One of the more prominent nations was Noswoi, the land of the south, a nation who's prosper was greater then that of Vissaria and their army was strong enough to match that of the Dominion. There glory and prosper lasted more then a thousand years, but all things must end.

Around 1820 a.d.c. a strange meteorite was spotted, a good omen by their Roastram-nels(Astro Nobles). But then they noticed something odd about it, there wasn't supposed to be one yet, and, it seemed to be getting closer. At first they had no clue what to expect, best case scenario they would be granted some amount of star metal, at worse, more Trolls. They prepared for the worst and had large levies of Felmras(conscripts) and also organized companies of Rewarnes(Heavy warriors) and sent all of the people who couldn't fight as far underground as they could. Then the meteorite came and they all noticed the same thing before it hit: it looked like a whale. When it did hit there was no explosion, no earthquakes, no firestorm, or even any death there was only silence.

They cautiously sent all their people back to their towns and villages but kept a weary eye on the forest that it landed in, which had become inexplicably dark and silent. Soon the silence and darkness spread to the nearby towns, which, even if they provided no resistance, were completely slaughtered. Eventually all the ones who couldn't fight were evacuated to their island colonies and the army massed up, over a hundred thousand men with twenty thousand riders and a thousand pieces of artillery. On the dawn of Abrill 5th 1821 a.d.c. they charged in to the darkness urged on by their Husgar-nels(Emperor) to victory. less then a day later barley a dozen men straggled out. They described horrible creatures, some were wolf-like, others were like daemons, some like vultures, some even like twenty foot spiders that could fire beams that seamed to absorb a light and life near it, and all of them had horrible yellow eyes like painted plates and they didn't move through the darkness: They were it.

They could attack out of the smallest of shadows, kill a score worth of men, and then vanish before even a single one could be fallen: and they did this often hundreds at a time. Even if you had the luck to actually hit one of them, it would pass through them like they were fog and prompt them to rip you like you were paper. No amount of armor or charms could save you: the Husgar-nels being one of the first ones killed. At first no one know what to do, or even what to call them, but then the stories reached the Trolls. Surprisingly, they not only had a name for them, they had fought them before. The name they did give was to complex to say so they, through an immense effort, translated it to a simpler form: Da Knight Onez.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Art of War:Map of the Gore Smaka'

Despite it's simple design, and crude design, when someone finally does get the feel for its odd scale it is accurate to within inches of any given location(with the exception of the hand).