Saturday, November 5, 2011

Legends of war:Arabi, Vanished Realm

Arabi was considered to be an odd and somewhat mysterious place. While technically part of Vissaria, it had it's own rulers, gods, language, and culture and was not above using hit-and-run when a fair fight could get them killed. Still, they fought hard, listened to the Heilige Leier's advice, owe fealty to their kings, and even serve in their armies. In addition, Arbi also had a Stygian colony that's name roughly translated to "the Iron Mountain" which was one of  the largest producer of iron and steel in the known world. Arbi also welcomed all the other races, but no half-breeds, and it's ports were home to hundreds of different kinds of ships on dozens of different purposes. Still, the most fascinating feature was the black pyramids, a collection of 3 large and 4 pyramid which no one know who created them; until recently.

In 1885 a.d.c., less then a month after their defeat in Melas, a large Scarecrow fleet was discovered to have been making it's way to Arbi: although why no one had the slightest idea. Still, eager to stop them, the Dominion, Garmaria, and Vissaria all sent ships to defeat them. It was at the Rout of Iron that the powers learned the Scarecrows weakness:they completely sucked at naval warfare. Almost the entire fleet was destroyed with only one ship, later learned to have had Carl himself on it, managed to escape. During the fighting the Garmarian Captain Feg Turngaven had sent out life boats to round up any still alive slaves they found for interrogation then re-education. During the course of the interrogations they discovered that Carl had come to Arabi to stop "Them" which, despite endless hours of whipping, proved only that whoever "Them" were they had called upon nearly all of the Scarecrow's ships. As the Slavers and Tacticians shivered at the thought of something requiring the entire attention of the Scarecrows, the most unexplainable thing ever happened; Arabi vanished.

Truth be told, there were still people from Arabi around but all those who had been in the country, including the Iron Mountain, Vanished within the time span of a single night. It was as if they had all decided to drop everything and leave at the same time. There may have been no people there, but they had left all of their possessions, and so many treasure seekers entered the country looting, until "Them" became more then a story. Two weeks after they looting began all of the people going into Arabi were never seen or heard from again, with the exception of one Garmarian warship (which swore on their lives that they were just scouting) came back with the strangest tale: Clay Men. They claimed that these Clay Men were 6 feet tall and wielded bows, halberd, tubes, and rods all forged from gold and that could fire beams of blue energy. For awhile no one believed the tales; until an unfortunate Dominion army blundered into them and barely escaped with their lives and added baleful green eyes and the ability to form out of the very ground to "Them". Now Vissaria has declared a Holy War against Arabi, no one calls it anything else, in an attempt to re-claim it for their god.

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