Saturday, September 24, 2011

forces of war:Stygia

SERATAS: A warrior nation, where all children are raised to fight as soon as they stand on their own two feet. By the time they reach adulthood, they are finely tuned killing machines. It is usually Seratas who leads all the wars in the name of Stygia. Although from time to time, Seratas was firmly clinging to independence.

ATIKUS: Where Seratas is raising a warrior nation, Atikus is forming a democratic republic. In the Stygian world, art is the way of life, poetry & prose alike, & there is no greater cultural & educational center then Atikus. Atikus is fully open to trade & diplomatic engagements with other nations, but they still have a formidable army, prepared to strike those who dare oppose Stygia.

CRETUS: Cretus is definitely among the oldest of the Greek city-states, as well the largest & arguably, the greatest. It does not only combine the artistic & intellectual culture of Atikus, but their army is highly trained & highly skilled, able to match even the ones of Seratas. Bulls are revered as holy animals, so all creatures on hooves are welcome, mainly Plain Riders. However, those who disobey the rules are tossed into a genius labyrinth, never to return.

NEKRA: Once considered a city that has fallen long long ago, but recently, the city seemed to have bin teeming with vile energies. Soon soldiers would appear & butcher the foes of the Stygian race would be mercilessly slaughtered. These warriors are no longer among the living, nor they are truly dead. As these horrors rise from their necropolis, only the name of the Stygian god of the underworld echoes...Adis...

SYNNEFOPOLIS: A great city, engineered by a technological genius among Stygians, a man named Michanikos. Even though this steam-fueled city has only bin airborne for a few years, it has seen a lot of action. It's primary weapons are not like the ones of other armies, who use guns & cannons. The Stygians use something a lot more frightening, a perfectly modified glass turret that uses the power of the Sn God to burn their foes alive from a distance.

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