Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rules of War:scattering

this is an optional and experimental set of rules for Fields of war that we may or may not incorporate into the main rules. We would appreciate any and all comments with them.

If an attack has the radius spc.rule and a miss is rolled, times your roll (without any modifiers) by D3. this is the amount that the center of the radius moves in the direction indicated below:
1complete miss
2moves forward
3moves to the right
4moves to the left
5moves backwards
6complete miss

If any models are under the radius at all, even if they aren't from the same unit or side, the they suffer the appropriate amount of damage. Two examples of how this works follow:

A rum gun fires on a unit troopers, but rolled a 3 on the to hit roll. They then a roll 2 followed by a 5 which means that the center of the radius moves 6 inches backwards; and accidental hits 2 goblins.

A terrpeda battaefires its terrpeda at a unit of vinelings, but rolled a 1. They then rolled a 3, but this was followed by a 6, so the shot completely missed (or more likely, blew up in the air).

Thursday, April 12, 2012

rules of war:Regiments and detachments

For the ease of gaming we have developed this experimental set of rules for purchasing units at higher or lower numbers then before. For everyone's ease, please specify if you are taking a detachment, company(original sized unit), or regiment when writing you list.

Detachment-A detachment is a unit half the size of a normal unit rounded to the nearest whole number(for example, you make a detachment out of a unit of 30 goblins, that unit is only 15 goblins now. However, if you make a detachment out of a unit of 15 duelists, then the detachment is 8 models). The cost of the unit is half of its original value, rounded up to the next multiple of five(Going back to the unit of goblins, it normally costs 60points, so you'd half that to 30points and then round it up to 35points, for the duelists, they normally cost 105 points, so you'd half it to 52.5points, then round it up to 55points. If the unit cost 70 points originally then you half that to 35points then round to 40points) Please note the following restrictions on detachments:
The cost of all upgrades(with the exception of champions, banners, and war horns) is cut in half and round up to the nearest whole number(if the upgrade was 15pts, it is now 8 points).
You may not make a detachment of of a detachment or regiment.
you may not have detachments of any unit with less then 10 infantry, or cavalry models.
You may not make a detachment out of a unit with less then 6 monsters.
you may not make a detachment out of ships, chariots. or war machines.

Regiments-A regiment is a unit that is double the size of a normal unit(for example, doubling a unit of 20 troopers to 40 troopers, or 10 Scarecrow Warriors to 20 Scarecrow Warriors)the cost of the unit is double what it was, rounding down to the nearest multiple of 10(going back to the Troopers, their normal cost is 100 points but you double that to 200 points, and then round down to 190points. The Scarecrow Warriors, were 120points, but you double that to 240points and the round down to 230points). Please note the following restrictions on regiments:
The cost of all upgrades(with the exception of champions, banners, and war horns)is double what it was(if it was 20 points, it is now 40points).
You may not make a regiment out of a regiment or detachment.
you may not make a regiment out of any model with the loner or unique special rule.
You may not put a regiment in any unit with the transport spc. rule(with the exception of terrain).

Legends of War: Karcharias, Creeps from the Deep

From the darkest depths of the seas, around the Northern Wastes, live the amphibious beasts which had remain hidden from the eyes of surface dwellers for thousands of years. They are humanoid in structure, with a head and tail of a shark, and thick skin covering their entire bodies. They are also armed with a set of powerful jaws with rows of dagger-like fangs. They were only known as rumors by the fishermen who dared to venture too deep into the Northern Wastes, but others would say that they only mistook them for ordinary sharks or just polar bears. However, the Karcharias were also met before, by the Stygian sailors, who had explored the Northern Wastes many centuries ago.

The Karcharias had resurfaced, revealing much about their mysterious kind to the surface. The Karcharias are hunters, and they live of it, they hunt everything; foxes, rabbits, seals, walruses, dolphins, bears, even whales. They use the skin and fur of mammals to make their clothes, the bones of whales to make their tents, which are made either near the shore, or on watery reefs. Their culture is seen as savage and bloody by others, even Trolls, for example, before battle, they tear the heart out of a creature (be it an animal they had, or a prisoner) and painting themselves with blood, to appeal to their Gods. Another one is gathering the teeth of prey which is seen worthy and then making a necklace out of it. They were even seen grinding bones and putting it in soup as a medicine.

Their primary weapon is the harpoon, which they use with great skill, however, they were also seen using knives and axes once they got up close. They never wage wars, but they rather make encounters, and they see other races as no more then prey sometimes, but they will pay their respects to great sailors, therefore, some Karcharia Tribes were known to make trade pacts with Hellspout or Stygians. They also migrate across the oceans, and are more then capable of traversing a long distance of sea in a short time span, which makes them even deadlier opponents.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rules of War:Day and Night cycle

This is an experimental rule set for mission that we would like to get your opinion on. It can be used in conjunction with any of the standard missions.
At the beginning of the game roll on the following tables:

D3starting position of sun
1-start at night
2-start at dawn
3-start at high sun

D6 board edge
1-player 1's choice
2-player 1's board edge
3-player 1's right board edge
4-player 2's right board edge
5-player 2's board edge
6-Player 2's choice

the game is played for 7 turns or until the sun goes from twilight to night(whichever comes last). At the beginning of every turn roll a D6. If the roll is 4 or greater then advance the sun's status by one(from dark to dawn, from dawn to high sun, from high sun to twilight, and from twilight to night)

Dark/Night-there is no light out. units can only see 3D6" and must roll at the beginning of every turn.
Dawn-the sun is directly on the board edge it starts at. any unit trying to shoot into another unit with that board edge at its back suffers a -1 penalty on their to hit rolls and any unit charging another unit with the sun at it's back loses D6" from it's charging distance
High sun-the sun is directly over the board and their are no special effects.
Twilight- same as with dawn, only it is on the opposite board edge from the one dawn started at.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Art of War:Nidhogg and Dwarf sketch

A Nidhogg is about to deliver the finishing blow to a luckless Dwarf.

Echoes of War

''He-he-he...So, you come to our lands seeking life...hahahah!...But you will only find death! Bwahahahah! Isn't that ironic for you!? MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!.........kill them all....''
-Anonymous Gnoll Chieftain when the Dominion first reached the Laughing Savannah, only one soldier survived

“True wisdom is less presuming than folly. The wise man doubteth often, and changeth his mind; the fool is obstinate, and doubteth not; he knoweth all things but his own ignorance.”
-Akhenaton, Reptillion Phylosopher

"If the world was as perfect as you said it was, which it isn't, then why aren't I able to just lift up some sort of flap, make a few fixes, and then the world would work again. But it doesn't work like that, so we have to rebuild it from the ground up. Incidentally, you are standing on the ground."
-Getermen Horace, Engineer-Biolos from the Academy

"Let me ask you something? You are asking us why we attacked Arbi. The reason we did is because they are scared of something. Let me ask you this then. If there is something that actually scares our master, shouldn't you be scared too?"
-Wiliam Kotser, former Scarecrow slave captured after the Rout of Iron

''Ya know, bein' an ord'nary Gremlin ain' dat great. We have ta pay rent an' stuff, feed da pigs, sit on a chair, do a bit of farmin'...sometimes... I wish I was da Sherrif...but dat sounds like work...''
-Gremlin Billy Hilly, only days before his (successful) election for Sherrif

 ''Many's the men who've battled foe
Many the number slain
Many the lads have fallen
though Nidhoggr shall rise again.''
-Nidhogg marching song

"You ssshould die mortalsss. Asss you have never, had the right, to livvvve."
-anonymous  Night One

"Brother and sister friends, I thank you all for coming here and considering what I am going to say. Let me ask you something, what were you before you came here? Many of you were farmers, some of you were blacksmiths, others were sailors, or engineers, or nobles, or weavers, or money lenders, merchants, captains, fathers, or you were soldiers. Now look at you. Here you are working in the fields from dawn to dusk and in strange workshops from dusk to dawn, barley getting an hour of sleep and eating moldy bread while our overlords throw away the excess of our work. And if we ever fall down, or start to work at a reasonable pace, we are beat back onto our feet and forced to go on. Even in death we receive no respect, as we are simply tossed into the same furnaces we work. Some of us suffer the further humiliation of having our limbs cut off and replaced with farming tools. Lets face it, they treat us like slave, feed us like slaves, and talk to us like slaves. But that does not make us slaves. No a thousand times over. What makes us slaves is that we allow them to. Even in their own conservative estimates, their are more of us then there are of them. They have grown so lax that many of them don't even know how many weapons are made every day. Their soldiers are drunk or ill disciplined, and there are only one of them for every a thousand of us. Do you know what that means? That means in a hundred days we could acquire as many of their weapons as we please and in a dozen from that, obliterate them. This is what I'm suggestung. REVOLUTION!"
-The first part of Robred's speech