Sunday, October 16, 2011

Legends of war:Gremlins, masters of the Bayou

 Many many years ago, the Stygian Empire prospered & ruled over the entire world, being menaced by Goblins, Orcs & many other nations, which would later become ruling powers of the world. The Goblins were among the greatest threats of the Stygians were the Goblins, second only to the Orcs, & once the Trolls came, Stygia was overrun, The constant warfare of the Goblins, the exhausting effort to eliminate the orcs, & the Battle at World's End all stacked up with the poor timing and ferocity of the Trolls & this brought the Stygian people to their feet through many long battles.

But scant months after the Stygians fell, the Plain Riders arose to banish the Trolls, & Goblins back to their lairs. Some of the Goblins had fled to, of all places, the Plain Riders' kingdom and managed to crumble it from within while others, using stolen ships, sailed to the morning and then they  went to seek shelter among the marshes in the southern part of the continent, right below the lands of the Ratkins. These Goblins, through successive years of battle, went underground, forming their own small colonies, & over time they became a distinct sub-race, the Gremlins. A Gremlin isn't much taller then a normal Goblin, however, their features(mainly their guts) are rounded instead of pointed & they have green skin instead of the brown skin of normal Goblins. Goblins would have rejected them for those qualities alone but, to top it off, they reject Seseom for their own god called, "Diety".

Gremlin society is still vaguely related to Goblin society as it revolves around a Mayor barking orders & Sherrifs enforcing them, with his grit, cunning & guns. Gremlins live in large families sharring a single large underground home, nearly every member would have a gun or pistol at hand as well, & the Mayor (mostly the Sherrifs though) can rally the families together & launch a great big raid. Gremlins like to bring guns, abnormally large pigs, scrapped up vehicles & a type of toxic ooze which can eat through almost anything. Gremlins love to fight, hate to loose, but like to see things get blown up, even their own. The Gremlins amass in numbers very great & enjoy to set traps to all those who would pass through their beloved Bayou  & are known to consume massive amounts of alcohol before doing so. Over the years, they have hitched rides on many vessels & raided many lands to gain what they needed for survival, including guns which they really liked. 

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