Sunday, December 11, 2011

Forces of war:Vissaria

Moskar-Moskar is the capital province of Vissaria and where the Heilige Leier and the High King resides. Of all the provinces it is the largest, richest, and most fertile areas which could put to shame even some counties in the Dominion. It also has the largest population and, in times of war, the armies they can raise numbers well into the hundreds of thousands. In battle, they present an endless wall of shields, swords, and spears with the ability to simply overrun an enemy formation through numbers, training, and devotion to their god.

Seltem- Is one of the oddest provinces is Vissaria. For a long time, it had nothing to distinguish itself from any of the other ones until it opened up the College of Knights and allowed centaurs to go their. Top that off with a Troll that lives under the main bridge (nobody, even him, knows how he got their and a dozen attempts to dislodge him have failed) and Seltem has an acceptance of non-humans that most other Vissarians find completely insane. However, no one can argue with the superior numbers, equipment, and training of their knights, or how a single charge into overwhelming odds by them can completely annihilate the other force, even when its not goblins.

Lysandra-Lysandra, also known as Chaos' Gift, is one of the most cursed provinces in all of Vissaria, if not the entire known world. Everyone knows how one night the islands simply rose from the sea, with every single last building made, and everyone already their, a curse if ever there was one. Still the soldiers and ships they produce are of high quality, higher then many other countries best. Despite the curses said to follow them, some commanders can't resist the urge to have troops who won't run away when knights charge, who can hold their ground against artillery, and who can win a battle without the support of any knights.

Arbi- While technically not part of Vissaria, the kings of Arbi can trace their lineage back to the first High King Fotecena so they owe fealty to the High King. Arbi is a strange place, with its own religion and it is in the Blated Desert, a place where only the nations with the largest army, and shrewdest tacticians can survive. Cultivate their tactical sense with their grand merchants and you get a nation whose mercenaries are second to none. their favorite weapon is a two handed sword and they are capable of staying in cover so well, that it is near impossible to see them coming until their are right on top of you and it is too late. Due to the countries destruction, the number of Arbi companies is shrinking making them a rarer and more expensive force, one which Vissaria would loath to see vanish.

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