Friday, September 2, 2011

general proclomation:1st wave armies

Well the poll is closed and the results are clear: the First wave armies are drawing near. They are as follows:
Scarecrows of the northern wastes
-scarecrows are 10 foot tall creatures  that are driven by steam and made from wood, brass, bone, iron, stone, and a whole lot of other things. they are the mindless servants of their Lord Carl, who claims to be from the future and that he wants to go back. The Scarecrow inhabit what was once the northern plains of the dominion and have somehow transformed it into the dark, barren and rocky place it is today and their main base is a large fortress know as "The Black Forge". The armies march so that they may gather resources to build more of them and to build the "Time Portal".

Elves of the hills
-the elves are taller then humans but are shorter than trolls. The live in the Reidear hills near the middle of the Foren Forest and on the island of Lumenek. They use bows, elven steel, and horse to fight their wars and have rarely lost a battle. In addition the have large amounts of magic to aid them in most everything they do. They are marching to war now to prevent the Gnomes from claiming all the glory for saving the forests and to destroy the goblin tribes.

Stygians of the Isles
-The Stygians are a race of Elves with blue skin and white hair. They were once the rulers of the entire continent, but by trying to stop the never ending Goblin invasions, their might had crumbled and their once great Empire had been reduced to a small Kingdom on a chain of islands, this chain of Islands is known as Stygia. But now, the Stygians had risen again, to expand their kingdom, and to get new allies. A Stygian warrior is well trained, in both the body, the mind and the soul. The army of Stygia must not fall, for their entire race depends on it.

Dwarfs of the Mountain Realms
-the dwarfs are short with long beards and short tempers. They live in the mountains of Eskew and dig for gold, iron, silver, jewels, and mitheral. They use guns and steam to a level almost on par with the scarecrows and gnomes. Although they are few in number they are tough and can deal with any problem they are faced with. Now they march to war to prevent the Ratkins from destroying the Mountain Realms.
The first wave armies(Going clockwise from top left)Scarecrows, Stygians, Elves, and Dwarfs

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  1. So automatons, greeks, medevial, and dwarves. Sounds good to me