Saturday, May 7, 2011

echoes of war

"By the grace of our merciless god, we are ALLOWED to live."
-a common prayer to Chaos

"Ya want ta go to da 'oly 'ead?!? Listen ya pea brained squishy most trollz neva even set dere eyes on da 'oly 'ead an' da ones whic do are often scared nough ta wet dere pantz on dey's first visit. Not ta mention da fact dat da idels live dere an' not even a dumb squishy like ya would want ta see dem up close."
-Bergzen Somfing, troll lug 'ead

''Μπορώ να ακούσω τους ακόμα! Μπορώ να τους δω ακόμα! Οι μεταλλικές ... προσέχουν ... ΠΑΝΤΑ!''
I CAN STILL HEAR THEM! I CAN STILL SEE THEM! The metal ones...are watching...ALWAYS!
-a Stygian hoplite who faced the Scarecrows
Ti̱n pró̱ti̱ forá pou synanti̱thí̱kame me ta antístoicha métallo , eínai sti̱n póli̱ tou chályva . Poté prin den écho̱ dei káti san af̱toús. Chtýpi̱san ton trómo stis kardiés to̱n anthró̱po̱n mou , kathó̱s kai ta Anthró̱pina ippótes . Allá mazí , tha boroúsame na tous kratí̱soun makriá , méchri ti̱n ischý ti̱s Theó̱n tous chtýpi̱se , kai chtýpi̱se tous skli̱rá . O mónos trópos pou boreíte na tous nikí̱sei , eínai an i̱ dýnami̱ to̱n theó̱n eínai mazí sas , allá merikés forés óchi , akóma kai af̱tó eínai arketó.
-The first time we've met with the metal ones, is in the steel city. Never before have I seen anything like them. They struck terror into the hearts of my men, as well as the Human knights. But together, we could hold them off, until the might of the Gods struck them, & it struck them hard. The only way you can defeat them, is if the power of the Gods is with you, but sometimes, not even that is enough.
-Dynamikus, Stygian General on Chalyvapolis
-a common goblin greeting to their god Sesom when he appears in a goblin corpse fire

"Quickly-quickly we must strike before we are seen."
-Skelvet Porat, Storm Rider

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