Saturday, February 19, 2011

echoes of war Dwarfs

"Lads we must band together for if we don't then all the ale will be gone, ratkins will be gnawing on the bones of are ancestors, the trolls will be seeing how far they can drop kick our corpses, the goblins will steal all our gold, and ,most importantly, those Hellspout bastards will drink all of our rum."
-the some what drunk dwarf king Natherious Welet

"The dwarves will never fall for they have the forefather's sons to aid them."
-Franz Pertan, Garmarian scholar

"Will someone please tell those goblins to stop running away? I just fired a warning shot in their ranks and its hard for an air ship's cannons to hit a moving target."
-Captain Morgen  Foren

"Nothing dumber, shrewder, greedier, fatter, or more wasteful then a dwarf."
-Old gnome merchant saying

-Expidition leader Gorsen Meles before being crushed underfoot by a golem

"Dem dwerfs is short and fat, not as short as goblens er gnomes, or as fat as an ohgore er sighclops ,but fer all deys shortcumins deys put up a RELA great fight."
-Gore Finga, Troll werchef

''Ah yes, the Nanos*, our best customers, sure they might come in a bar all grumpy, but after a 2 shots, they smile, after 4 shots, they start giggling and after 10 shots, that is when they become fun. They always start a bar fight, which does destroy a large part of the bar, but is still fun to watch, and they can think of the best drinking songs. Anyways, may I interest you in this fine new brand of vine? It only costs 7 drachmas per bottle.''
-Ampelous, a vine seller in Provata-
*Nanos - Dwarf

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