Saturday, November 19, 2011

Forces of War:Soldiers of Chaos

The Felgave-Felgave is a the title that humans who worship Chaos label themselves with. It is Chaos Script that roughly translates to "Faller of Nations".  They have a strangely twisted devotion that even Chaos finds very odd at the best and incredibly hinder-some at the worse and they are generally looked down upon by the other followers of Chaos. however, they are important because there fanaticism alone has fallen thousands of enemies and, perhaps most important, if they dies their souls are much more likely to be able to be nourished into a Kost and their souls are the only ones which can be used to fuel any number of spells and devices.

Skull Gnomes-When the Gnomes were finally freed from their orc master's they were faced with a problem they had never faced before: should they add machines to flesh, as they did under the orcs, or not. Two factions grow around this debate: The Bolan(Yes) Gnomes, who tended to wear cornered hats, and the Scol(No) Gnomes, who tended to wear masks. Eventually this lead to civil war, which lasted 6 months and saw the banishment of the Scol Gnomes. Eventualy they found their way to the Evershifting Realms where Chaos greeted them open armed and soon they had forsaken everything they knew to work for him. They also attempted to emulate his appearance so they take the front part off of skulls(occasionally they skin their faces) and wear it as masks. Now they work every day to bring an end to their bolan "cousins". 

Shadow Elves-Almost 3000 years ago the Shadow Elves were normal Elves dedicated to the same gods and ideals as the rest of the Elves. Then they went to fight the Battle at World's End(or were born to parents who had fought there) they changed and were shunned by the rest of the Elves. They pleaded to their gods for salvation but, when none came, they turned to the worship of Chaos were they finally found acceptance. This lead to a purging of them by the normal elves, in which very of them few escaped. But they did, and now their children are plotting the downfall of those who had shunned them before, but with an oddly accepting attitude.

Elementals- The Elementals were the servants of the gods but, after The Banquette, have thrown their loyalty in with Chaos. They have several notable personalities and abilities which can be categorized under one of 5 main categories: Void, Spark, Pyro, Cyro, and Aero. Voids are the mos important elemental of them all, as they are a sort of blank card which can be molded into any of the other types and they are also the most abundant one. The strangest of them all are the Aero's who, although being enslaved, they are free and tend to associate with other Elementals very easily. Cyros are as fragile as they are untrustworthy and yyou can never be sure if their edges won't go through you in the heat of battle, or even when not in it. Pyros are exceptionally slow but strong and loyal and nothing short of death will stop them from doing what they are told. Sparks are the most childlike and actually tend to curl up into a ball and hop around when not fighting, but are fast enough that even Elves can't keep up with them for long.

Kost- The Kost are the bodyguards of Chaos and his most loyal servants. They can only be made through a complex ritual that requires either a Pyro, Cyro, Aero, or Spark as a base and has created 4 "factions" among them. They are always clad head to toe in large plate mail armor and wield large double edged axes and thick iron shields where ever they go. It is said that a single Kost leading an army is capable of routing others more then twice his army's size by simply charging. No one creature has been feared this much, as even Orcs, Trolls, and Garmarians tremble when facing Kost.

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