Saturday, December 10, 2011

Echoes of War

"It is a well known fact that Trolls are dangerous idiots but most people underestimate them. Even when they claim they aren't underestimating them they are. It has been estimated that upwards of 50,000,000Trolls live in the Blasted Desert, enough to overrun the Dominion in less then a month. the estimated number of Trolls who don't live in the Blasted Desert can only be guessed at, but it is generally around 300 MILLION Trolls, enough to destroy Garmaria, which means the known world is also going to be destroyed in the process. The only thing keeping the Trolls in check, is the Trolls and their 4 main werlads. Without those, the world would surely fall into madness, death, destruction, and... I suppose, bad taste in music..."
-the speech given by Engineer-Mamelion Eveingston Dunhull on the Troll menace

"Yes-yes you people underestimate us, No? You think us proper vermin, Yes? You think that we are to dumb to pose a threat to you, No? But am I not here, overrunning your precious fortress with ssuperior weapons and, yes, tactics? And aren't you the one who claimed that the ssuper fortress would never fall, No?"
-Storm Captain Ratergah Votr, after the tactically acclaimed assault on G.R.A. fortress 52(Super Fortress)

"''Empros! Empros! Pio grigora!''
-Forward! Forward! Faster!-
-A common Stygian Battle cry

"Da fing(dat ya neva will unastand) is dat I'm me( an' derefore, by uh logikal conclusion) you'z you, so then( I'm goin ta) off (wit) ya ('ead) and (dun't) Ya (tink ya) ma (live cuas da onla way yu'll) leav (is in trilions an' trililions o' bitz)"
-another example of why people have no clue what Sker Tusk is talking about

1 old man on the ramblers block back
2 king's crowns on the swindlers stall pack
3 captains spinnin' grand old tales
wer sailin' for the mornin'

4 empty mugs on the barkeep's counter
5 blacks smith's punchin' like 50 pounders
6 gold coins missin' from the pales
wer sailin' for the mornin'

7 ships taking their new masters
8 men hanging from the royal rafters
9 wenches beggin' for us back now
wer sailin' for the mornin'

10 kings ships forcing us to flee
11 good men payin' the dead man's fee
12 cannons goin' boom and pow
wer sailin' for the mornin'

13 stabs in a dead man's heart sack
14 holes in the king's old kyaks
15 ships in the ancient whale path
wer sailin' for the mornin'"
-a common drinking song in Hellspout, referring to a pirates tendency to sailing westward, were loot and safety are easy to find and cheep to take(sometimes), and may actually be referring to a real story(although who would tell the story of pirates who were caught and killed?)

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