Friday, December 23, 2011

Forces of war:Garmaria

First Army, Homeland Force:In all of Garmaria there is no army held in higher regard then the one that is stationed to defend the homeland, and that honor has fallen, non-intentionally, on the First Army. Comprised of around 70,000 men they are equipped with technology that makes all other Armies jealous, and has one of the strongest artillery arms. Their discipline is second-to-none, however, they were main deployed to help the slavers keep the 820,000 slaves in line. They, as well as 3 other armies, are currently being deployed in the east against the infectious disease known as the Aequalitas "rebellion".

Fourth Army, Inaros Hunters:Legend has it that the Fourth Army was created at the founding of Garmaria, but that it's leader attempted to betray the country. They were then exiled to Inaros in an attempt to protect the colonies. Whether or not the legend is true, the 62,000 men of the Fourth Army have been protecting and expanding them ever since. They are usually deployed in small units of around 300 men with 5 bomber and scouts ready to punish any Inaros town or village they happen across, or they can be polled together around single fortress and hold out for weeks without relief(and occasionally, break the attack on their own) with minimal casualties to their own and massacres to the enemies.

Seventh Army, Wanderlust:The Seventh Army is the largest Army comprising of 115,000 men and 2000 ships, however, they have no set theater of war. They go were they please, attack and raiding coastal settlements, fortress, and the like and landing on beaches filled with enemies. They even once managed to attack the legendary city of Synnefopolis, and still have a few men fighting up there. Their tactics favor hard hitting and fast artillery barges from the ships, followed by massive companies of troops  rushing forward, supported by precision strikes from bombers and spearheaded by steam tanks, few foes can stand it for long.

Fifteenth Army, Bane of Chaos: Considered with suspicion by every other army, and always under eye for mutiny, The Fifteenth Army holds the distinct honor of being the smallest army, at only 12,000 men, and for being assigned to the Evershifting Realms. Through countless encounters with the followers of Chaos, as well as Ratkins and Gremlins, they have learned that artillery and the like are more of a bother then a help, as they prevent troops from reaching their full potential.  Almost all of their troops are elites and they prefer sabotage, sniping, and hit-and-run tactics to the more civilized and traditional doctrines set forth centuries ago. Still, the fact that they can win a battle before the enemy has a chance to respond, and their near zero casualty rates, have landed them a begrudging respect among other armies. However, their loyalty has always been questioned...

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