Saturday, August 20, 2011

legends of war:Da' 'oly 'ead

It is a well known fact that Trolls don't think highly of other races religions. In fact trolls will go out of there way just to destroy an enemies sacred sites because "it maks dem rella fighty da nex time wez go an' fight em". However, the Trolls do have their own sacred sites and only a fool with the army to back it up would be dumb enough to attack even da Porta Lou. And the trolls also have a favorite sacred site, one so famous and fearsome that even Garmaria has recognized it as impenetrable. The site is known only as Da' 'oly 'ead.

Da' 'oly 'ead is, as with almost all troll settlements, situated in a large sky crater that is around 8 miles wide and has 3 sections. The outer section of it is like any other Krata Town except that it is fortified by a 80foot tall wall made out of solid "'ull meta" and bursts with enough weapons that even Trolls think its a little overdoing it. The second section is where the Trolls store every single last one of their captured weapons and is protected by a 90 foot 'ull meta wall. The weapons include exactly 3  Marwolaeth still mounted on their ships. As impressive as the 2 outer sections are they are nothing compare to the third section.

 The third section is protected by nothing more then a shimmering light that has the powers to only let in trolls and their guests but absolutely nothing else. Then, as their are only 2 "entrances", You have to walk a full mile flanked the whole way by Da 'undred Iorn Onez, massive walking things(even the Trolls don't really know what they are, or even care for that matter) capable of immense destruction. Then at the center is the most holy Troll temple, Da 'oly 'ead. Standing around 500feet tall and sitting in a small crater half as deep and 3 times as wide, Da 'oly 'ead is a giant, crudely made Troll head that houses all of the Trolls relics: Da zappy fing, Da lucka coppa, Da pisin bone(in actuality a dragon bone that trolls piss on when they want to fight some Drakes), and countless others. In addition, whenever the Trolls go to war, they always consult Da 'oly 'ead and they are always rewarded with much destruction. In the nearly 3000 years of the trolls being here only once was Da 'oly 'ead attacked, and the attack was repulsed so bloodily that there were almost no survivors.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Legends of War:The Quhelet Empire, The Slave Empire

While there are several hundred tribes, empires, realms, and kingdoms within Inaros ranging from the northern realm of the Neula, to the jungle tribes of the Defelgra, even to the barren plains of the Horsageh, but one area in particular stands out:The Quhelet Empire. It was the Quhelet Empire who carries out the most trade with the Stygians, it was their golems who destroyed the Gnome colony of Gascogard, and it was their armies who managed the surprise attack that crippled the Vissarian fleet colonization fleet in 1694adc. which changed how and where Vissaria docked their ships forever(and eventually lead to Chaos' soldiers to claim the region of Vissaria). However as grand as this Empire it is unusually young. In fact around 600 years ago they were simply a wondering tribe of  less then 3,000 people. However, they were a wandering tribe with a mission from Quteltha, their god.

Legend goes that they were supposed to wander around until the discovered a Eagle holding a Peletra in its mouth that was seated on a Serpent's Head(a type of tree) and build a city there. Unfortunately, no one in the tribe had any idea what a Serpent's head looked like so they probably wandered for an extra 2-3hundred years more then they were supposed to and they only found the place because one of the slaves pointed it out. On that spot they built the city of Mezelfen and by around 20 years later it was a bustling town with more then 6,000 inhabitants. About that time an army from the nearby realm known as the Felderns (the largest realm in that area at that time) came and demanded tribute from the people of Mezelfen or else their town would be burned to the ground. This left them with a problem, as they didn't have enough foodstuff for the tribute and if they did go to war with them they could only safely bring 1,000 to 2,000 men against their army of more then 20,000 warriors.

Eventual the answer came from a slave, the same slave who pointed out the Serpent's Head. Taking around 1,200 men with him they managed to sneak up to a hill overlooking the Felderns' encampment and began to emulate the sounds and sights of an army that needed 1,200 musicians. Believing the ruse the entire Feldern army began panicking and only around 100 warriors stayed in camp while the others ran as fast as their legs could carry them. The resulting massacre has become known as the Battle of Slave's Bluff and was the first in a nearly 200year long string of continuous victories for the Quhelet Empire. The slave in question was then brought to the temple were he was chosen by Quteltha to be their emperor, and he was bestowed the name Mazotrathen, the immortal god-emperor(the unexpected fact that he is immortal was just a coincidence).

Thursday, August 4, 2011

General Proclomation:Official Battle Reports

As our one year anniversary is coming up we were going to celebrate it by having a contest. Starting now and ending on October 17th we will accept and post any and all battle reports that we receive. Then, you will vote for the most exciting battle report which we will then turn into an official story presented on October 24th. So battle to your heart's content and send in as many battle reports as you can. If you don't have the rules, or if you have any suggestions, contact us and we will send you a reply as soon as possible. Don't know which army you want to use? Check out the link below:
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Legends of War:Shadow Elves, Elven outcasts

The Battle at World's End was the most critical battle in all of history. Not only was it the first time Chaos had been defeated in battle it was also the first time that Elves, Stygians, Dwarfs, and Goblins had worked together to defeat a foe and the first time that the elves had entered the Evershifting Realms or even faced off against the Kost. As all of the other races had had repeated contact with the Kost they had managed to develop subtle immunities to the long term effects of being in the Everlasting Realms and managed to get off with minimal side effects. The elves were no where near as lucky. Within a year many elves were beginning to change (how they changed is still a heated debate as the elves have given no details of the changed but the fact that shadow elf clothing consists mainly of cloaks, hoods, masks, bandages, and turbans (most of which are in very poor condition) it can be guessed that it is physical).

As elves seek perfection in everything, those who showed the changes were shunned, tormented and hunted by the rest of elves and were even forbidden from entering the shrines. Those elves quickly banded together and formed shadow societies where they endlessly pleaded the elf gods' for salvation and guidance. They both came, but from the darkest of sources. Chaos, who never really liked the elves, took pity on those outcasts and so he began protecting and guiding them which caused the Shadow elves to all begin worshiping him in place of their gods. When the pure elves heard of their corruption the Emperor Vasmat Lutius declared them enemies and sent a whole army to clear them out.

The corrupted elves fought back as best they could but within a year less then 2000 of them were left. There are several legends from that time which tell of the pure breed elves gutting and decapitating the dead and then mounting whats left of their bodies on wooden stakes, but the elves all deny that as lies spread by gnomes. Even if that didn't happen, Chaos vowed to allow all of his remaining followers escape so in 914bdc he ordered all of his Kost and 9 of his ice barges to attack the capital of Luana while the voids brought the rest of the corrupted elves to Evershifting Realms. The plan worked so well that, in addition to rescuing every single last of his followers, all 395,000 inhabitants of Luana, including the Emperor and his entire family, were mercilessly slaughtered within a single day and night. As the voids melding them away were the last thing the elves saw of their corrupted brothers, and because they hid in them so much, they were given the insulting name of shadow elves. Over time there numbers grew and now they are enough of them that they can extract revenge on their pure brothers.