Monday, March 28, 2011

The Art of War.

We are currently looking for art peices that we can use. If you have some art send it to us and if its good we'll make it an offical art piece.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Echoes of war Dominion

"You dare defile the lands of the Dominion? We have weathered countless invasion from your kind and yet you still think that you can destroy us? Let me show you how we dealt with the other invasions. OPEN FIRE!"
-Dominque Melavena Silenaco, The Battle at High Peak (da batta o' eleventa millian belcha's)

"I jest on't get it? 'ow do does dominin squishies dink dat we'z trollz iz week just cuz dat dey beat us a da batta o' eleventa millian belcha's and dozens o' otha battas i can't rememba at da moment deys allways 'ad gazilions of dem dead on da ground and wes onla have a couple to tree thousand and day call dat a victery. Actualy, dat kinda is."
-Warchief Gore Finga

"We promise to uphold the will of the dominique,
We promise to live a life dedicated to the dominque,
We promise to never run from a battle.
-oath that paladins must take before the Dominique

"The fools of the Dominion are FOOLS ON A SCALE YET TO BE THOUGHT OF!!! They think that just because they managed to wound Chaos,HOW DARE THEY, that they will last FOREVER! Well I've got news for them, CHAOS WILL PISS ON THE DOMINIQUE'S COLD DEAD BODY!!!"
-Scean Gorvean, Chaos elementalist

-Dominion war cry

"I feel bad for whoever the current Dominique ,whats his face? Oh well it doesn't matter because even if he conquers the entire world and completely and utterly obliterates all of their enemy's, he will only ever be the second best Dominque ever. I, however, will never have that problem for I am the first, and only, person to complete the 5th ritual of Verbode Kennis."
-Keren the exalted, champion of Verbode Kennis

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Siege of Albion

Around 1595 adc Chaos was once again attempting to bring his rebellious gods, Siçovul taun and Verbode Kennis, back in line and he decided that the best way to do it was to capture a city to redemonstrate his power. Chaos selected the largest and busiest city that he could find, Albion. Expecting yet another easy victory Chaos used the same tactics he had used when he destroyed the Vasilikos, Gnomegard, Karen, Moskar, and Luana. Unfortunately, since Chaos' distraction army was only big enough to warrant the levies of local millitas and maybe a few dozen cannons, Chaos' main assault was pitted against the 65,000 militia men, 25,000 troopers, 7,500 paladins, 1,000 cannons, and the 15 yard thick walls of Albion.

After the first assault one the wall failed catastrophically for Chaos he sent all 40 of his Cyro ice barges and was prepared to lead a charge of 135,000 assorted cultists(humans, skull gnomes, shadow elves, etc.), 15,000 elementals, and all 4,900 of his kost. The assault and counter assault began at dawn less then a month after the siege had commenced  and, for the first time since the Battle at World's End, Chaos was leading his army. Leading the Albion counter charge was Dominque Samuel Selvantes I ,hailed as the third best Dominque ever, with all of his paladins. The battle rage well into the night and while hundreds fell on each side there was still no clear winner. Then the Dominque cam face to face(do to height differences it was more face to knee) with Chaos and was slain before he could even glance a blow on his armor. This distracted Chaos ,who untill that point was just some very large Kost, and after he killed the Dominque he immediately became the target of over 200 cannons as well as some new pieces of artillery known as Hell cannons led by artillery commander(and the next Dominque) Raphael Melanensa. As not even a god could stand up to that kind of sustained  attack Chaos (and a large number of nearby followers) were slain instantly.

After that chaos' second in command, Kost Patriarch, ordered a retreat. Since neither side had a clear leader for a long time ,and since both sides wanted complete and total revenge, the fighting around Albion settled down  to a siege for the next five years. At that point Chaos had reformed enough of his body to order another assault on Albion however, just moments before the order could be relayed to his army a Garmarian relief force had arrived and helped the Dominon's forces finally break the siege. With what remanded of his forces scattered, dead, or regenerating Chaos had no choice but to wait. In addition to that Siçovul taun and Verbode Kennis had both declared their Independence from Chaos, were both waging wars against each other, and were attacking what was left of Chaos' now scattered cults. It would be another 250 years after the siege's end before Chaos would actually allow his force to wage war.