Saturday, November 26, 2011

Forces of War:Hellspout

Queen Lilian's Avengers-A little known fact about Hellspout is that, it actually has some laws, a couple of taxes, a police force(no one knows who/what they are, or who even controls them, but, live and let live) and a "King". Lilian was the wife of the former King, Delmer Hasperg, who ruled for a mind shattering 50 years(out living all his predecessors by around 30 yeas) and was the most popular King ever. He was murdered and Lilian was selected as a candidate for the next King so she brought together a crew and completely destroyed Altarmarn(Special Port), which was planning on destroying Hellspout. Now she is trying to avenge her dead husband and the Avengers are with her every step of the way, with a loyalty and discipline that even the Dominion is jealous of. Their fleet contains hundreds of larfars, the most notable being,  The Fall of Man, Queen Lilian's personal man-o-war.

Captain Nogram's Runners- The Runners started out life as nothing more then a dozen drunk pirates with a "Captain" and a rowboat. Now, after 5 years, they have expanded to rule the entire rum and ale trade in, not only Hellspout, but also the Dominion, Arbi, the Goblin Plain's and even Vissaria with a huge hand in the Garmarian, Dwarfish, Stygian, and Gnomish trade. Their success is mainly due to a single "secret" weapon ,designed by Captain Nogram, known as the "Ogre Cannon". What it actually does, no one can say, but, if his attacks had survivors they could probably tell what it did. Never the less, their ability to outrun and outgun any other rum carrying ship has made them legends.

Chaos' Scrondrels- No one knows exactly who they are or, even, what they are. Legend says that they are pirates who were so evil,that they went to they Evershifting Realms and Chaos himself kicked them out. They are said to be specters, wandering the seas searching for some way to find rest. Even if you know they were going to attack your ships you would never know when or where as even merchants under armed escort have been whisked away without the escort realizing it, and even ships that have just entered harbor will have a dense fog surround them, and then vanish. What is worse is those who survive mention ships with no sails that glide above the water and unless broadsides of pure energy or that rip everything apart. What is strange is that "Magicians" always act strange before the fog comes.

Captain Bloody Jaw's Man Eaters- If ever there was a bigger hypocrite in the world then he hasn't met Captain Bloody Jaw or his Man Eaters. They drench themselves in the blood of their enemies and "eat" their flesh, but are extremely strict vegans. They never plunder for gold, but there pockets and wallets are never empty. Dealing with them is like dealing with Elvish merchants(which has lead to rumors that Bloody Jaw is a Half-elf), they are three faced back stabbing scoundrels with the sword skill and powder to match. Woe to anyone who double crosses him, as he would have orchestrated it and profited from it and killed them anyway. Many an unwary captain has made that mistake, and now Bloody Jaw's Man Eaters rule the ports. Still Hellspout is not enough, and now they are trying to control the greatest maritimers ever, Stygia.

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