Saturday, October 22, 2011

Forces of War:Trolls

Da Munsta Masha's: Da Munsta Masha's are, without a doubt, the single most powerful Troll tribe in existence. they are lead by the psychopathicly unhinged  Guzgut 'ead Masha' (da fif) who long ago surrendered his sanity to "Da voices in 'is 'ead" and is so unpredictable that even the Trolls don't know what he'll do next. As of now, his tribe is not tied to any one Crata or Fert so they a drawing in Trolls from all over. At the same time, there is not a single nation that has not suffered his furry and not have deep scars to show for it and, if the rumors are to be believed, its only a matter of time before he unites all of the Trolls and brings about the end.

 Da Dred Tolls: Da Dred Trolls are a tribe of Trolls who specialize in raiding settlements, ports, caravans, and the occasional fort. They were formed and are lead by Da Dred Perat Robsya, a ruthlessly Troll who always gets what he wants and has the intelligence to ensure it's his. The tribe is currently the rulers of Da Doks and every Troll perat owes allegiance to his tribe in one way or another. This allows him to carry out extremely daring raids successfully and he is currently dbidding his time until he has enough Trolls to destroy his only true rival: Hellspout.

Da Mob: Da Mob is one of the most famous Troll tribes and it is also one of the most advanced, taking terrpeda's, led belcha's, and fast led beclha's to a level that even the Trolls don't find funny anymore (well occasionally they due but only when the enemy's REALLY close). They are currently lead by Sker Tusk, a Troll with only half a middle tusk and the nasty habit of leaving out important details when giving orders. In fact they are currently located in the elven fiefdom of Solarian because he told his lads,"Find a propa place ta hide da boddies" when he meant, "find a propa place to hide an' skin all o' da boddies so we can wear da skin an' eat dem lata." Still, none of his Trolls are complaining because the killing is good, and because he personally smashes any Troll who questions him into a pile of mush.

Da Flama's: Da Flama's are a very recently made tribe who have already worked their way into the history books. They are lead by Trolzor da Flama, a Troll who can actually insult someone to death (mainly because he's secretly a wit docta).  Due to how annoying they are, the tribe is banned from every Crata and Fert so they started heading north were they found the Dominion where, for the last 17 years, the tribe has been mounting what they call a "Flam wer" which involves burning everything they can see and then insulting the rest. While this approach may seem odd Trolls are plugging their ears and joining the tribe at a rate that seems impossible.

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