Sunday, December 18, 2011

Legends of War: First Battle at Sallamia

Around the year of 1480, the Ratkins had discovered that the Stygians are still alive, and then they proceed to send a massive fleet of warships to conquer what is left of Stygia and it's people. Stygian scouts who rode on top of Hippocampus, fish-like horses, had discovered the Ratkins fleet stationed not far from Stygia, instead of investigating, the Stygian Strategos Stomistokles had sent one of his personal and loyal slaves to the Ratkins, and he had claimed that he ran away from his captors and is seeks to help the Ratkins, by feeding them false information. The Ratkins were then sure of their victory, rewarding the slave with entrance into  wer-rat hood, and had set sail to Stygia the next day.

While the Ratkins believed that the Stygian Polis' (the city-states) were in a great civil war and in disarray, they were simply divided, and now that a common threat had arisen, they had united and formed a deadly fleet at the coast of a fortified island named Sallamia, not far from Stygia. It is here that the Stygians had a good position; they could defend the island and their backs were protected by fortifications. The Ratkins had to pass through here, otherwise they would face horrid sea monsters that stalk the deep sea. Then at the sunrise of 28th Oberah 1480, the Ratkin Armada had came face to face with the Stygians.

The Ratkin ships are large and heavy, which is usually their advantage, but the waters around the island of Sallamia are shallow, and this makes it very difficult for the Ratkins to move around, on the other hand, Stygian ships are light and swift, and the Stygians themselves are renowned as masters of sailing. For the rest of the day, the tiny Stygian Triremes had passed between the bulky Ratkin Warships, and the Warships would usually collide with each other and then sink. As more blood was spilled into the sea, the ferocious Nereid Sharks had come to feast upon those who survived a shipwreck, and by dusk, the Ratkin fleet was utterly defeated. Over 200 Ratkin Warships have been sunk, and only 49 Stygian Triremes. When the surviving few Ratkin ships arrived back home, the Ratkins were in shock, and had started   to devise a new plan in revenge for the humiliation the defeat brought. However, any attempts made so far were proven in vain and the Stygians still remain the Masters of the Seas.

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