Friday, August 12, 2011

Legends of War:The Quhelet Empire, The Slave Empire

While there are several hundred tribes, empires, realms, and kingdoms within Inaros ranging from the northern realm of the Neula, to the jungle tribes of the Defelgra, even to the barren plains of the Horsageh, but one area in particular stands out:The Quhelet Empire. It was the Quhelet Empire who carries out the most trade with the Stygians, it was their golems who destroyed the Gnome colony of Gascogard, and it was their armies who managed the surprise attack that crippled the Vissarian fleet colonization fleet in 1694adc. which changed how and where Vissaria docked their ships forever(and eventually lead to Chaos' soldiers to claim the region of Vissaria). However as grand as this Empire it is unusually young. In fact around 600 years ago they were simply a wondering tribe of  less then 3,000 people. However, they were a wandering tribe with a mission from Quteltha, their god.

Legend goes that they were supposed to wander around until the discovered a Eagle holding a Peletra in its mouth that was seated on a Serpent's Head(a type of tree) and build a city there. Unfortunately, no one in the tribe had any idea what a Serpent's head looked like so they probably wandered for an extra 2-3hundred years more then they were supposed to and they only found the place because one of the slaves pointed it out. On that spot they built the city of Mezelfen and by around 20 years later it was a bustling town with more then 6,000 inhabitants. About that time an army from the nearby realm known as the Felderns (the largest realm in that area at that time) came and demanded tribute from the people of Mezelfen or else their town would be burned to the ground. This left them with a problem, as they didn't have enough foodstuff for the tribute and if they did go to war with them they could only safely bring 1,000 to 2,000 men against their army of more then 20,000 warriors.

Eventual the answer came from a slave, the same slave who pointed out the Serpent's Head. Taking around 1,200 men with him they managed to sneak up to a hill overlooking the Felderns' encampment and began to emulate the sounds and sights of an army that needed 1,200 musicians. Believing the ruse the entire Feldern army began panicking and only around 100 warriors stayed in camp while the others ran as fast as their legs could carry them. The resulting massacre has become known as the Battle of Slave's Bluff and was the first in a nearly 200year long string of continuous victories for the Quhelet Empire. The slave in question was then brought to the temple were he was chosen by Quteltha to be their emperor, and he was bestowed the name Mazotrathen, the immortal god-emperor(the unexpected fact that he is immortal was just a coincidence).

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