Saturday, October 15, 2011

Forces of war:Dwarves

Karen:Karen, a word that roughly means "Stone", is the foundation on which the entire Dwarf Realm is built. Inside it's stout walls are some of the finest Karders(engineer/artisans) in the whole world and the warmachines it produces are second to none. In the almost 4000 years of existence it has been attacked hundreds of times but only one attack has actually pierced it's walls: The Tide of Kost.

Elr Dar:Elr Dar(Iron Port) is one of the few, if not only, places in the whole world were the Dwarfs  Elr Feld(Iron clad), Dron Feld(Bronze Clad), and Reo Feld(Aero Clad) ships are produced. The dry docks there work day and night to put out a single ship and they have the capabilities to make more then 60 ships at a time. In addition, near by lies Jekl Mont(Jekl's Mine) which is one of the largest producers of mitheral in the whole world. To top it off, the city's location is a Dwarven secret and no one has ever been able to find it(and come back talking).

Vulgor Mont:Vulgor Mont has a small population of Dwarfs and is more of a temple then it is a mine. However, that is not a bad thing, as Dlor Dwarfs(Stone Dwarfs) are made/discovered on a weekly basis there and it has attracted large numbers of Scops(Bards/Priests) to ply their trade. Also, the weapons it produces have never dulled and can cut Scarecrow in half with a single swipe. Alas, Vulgor Mont is under a nontraditional siege by the Scarecrows who are looking for something (no one has a clue what) that is in their mines, and the Dwarfs give it to them with every swipe of the axe or shot of the dragoon.

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