Monday, January 17, 2011

Echoes of war Hellspout

"Welcome to Hellspout the most unpredictable and energetic port the world has ever seen. It's the freest place in the whole world, although I'd watch your step and your silver because half-trolls and goblins like picking fights and they need money too. If you're looking to wet your whistle I'd stop at a pub, although I'd also make sure to have a dagger in hand and my wits about me. The ale may taste like horse piss but it's well known to make dwarves angry, humans brave, and gnomes even more belligerent than usual. Enjoy your stay but be quick on your feet or it's liable to be a short one."
-message porters are supposed to tell each visitor to Hellspout

"The only thing good that's ever come out of Hellspout is their ale and their landships, and the former is just do to its combustibility."
-Franz Pertan, Germarian scholar

-Marlex Foren, Captain of the Midnight Flight raiding party

"Hellspout is the most disgusting place in the world. In addition to dwarves and gnomes they have half bred trolls. Normal trolls were bad enough but now there are creatures who are even more repulsive then normal trolls."
-Thorain Witfin, elf noble

"Anyone who says Hellspout is a hell hole has obviously never been to Hellspout. Its much MUCH worse then that."
-Garlen Merdox, pub keeper

"I like da 'ellspout ladz cause dey can put up a rela good scrap when deys drunk."
-Gore Finga, Troll werchef

Sunday, January 16, 2011

1st war of Melas

Melas is a territory near the north western part of the Dominion, bordering on what is now the Northern Wastes and was were the first Scarecrow army was defeated. However, around 280 years earlier, many people began to complain about pounding headaches, hallucinations, spasms, voices in their heads, and a host of other symptoms. Then people began coughing up blood and ,although not all of the victims did this, die. People began to blame witches and apothecaries for causing all of this. The truth however was much simpler, Siçovul taun and Verbode Kennis had declared war on each other and had chosen Melas as the "perfect" place in which to fight.

Soon the territory was invaded by an army of Ratkins and an army of zombies and quickly afterwords Melas became a place of death. The governor, Lyle Philps, Pleaded to the Dominion government for assistance, unfortunately, this was during the height of the 5 year siege of Albion, so the 5000 troopers and 60,000 militia men were all they had to fend off two armies, who both numbered in the hundreds of thousands, and they also had to keep order among the 1,720,000 citizens.

The war dragged on for 3 whole years before eventually,with the aid of  a Gnomeish merchant expedition force, the Melas army managed to defeat both the Taboo and the Ratkins. This caused both Siçovul taun and Verbode Kennis to relocate their war to the Goblin Planes were, after 200 years of being defeated by the Goblins, Garmariens, Vissarians, and the Plain Riders, the 2 gods called a temporary truce that ,if truth be told, lasted a grand total of 5 minuets.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Echoes of war Ratkins

"PLAGUE! Isn't that such a fun word to say? PLAGUE PLAGUE PLAGUE PLAGUE! The death it causes is also a lot of fun."
-Boret Rater, Ratkin Plague seeker

"Please don't even get me started on the Ratkins. It's bad enough that everyone says the Trolls are more advance then us now they keep saying the Ratkins are more advance then us.I bet its those damn skull gnomes again."
-redhead berger, gnome engineer

"Ihis may seem like the dumbest thing you here from a Ratkin but YOU WILL NOT GET PAST!"
-Tiki Ratingham, Storm Guardian

"As if gnomes, goblins, and Chaos worshipers weren't bad enough no we also have to deal with some crazed rats who believe in yet another one of Chaos' traitors, Siçovul taun, the god of Plagues, storms, and apparently rats."
-Thorain Witfin, elf noble

''Oi ánthro̱poi arouraío̱n eínai apó ta pio epikíndyna to̱n echthró̱n mas. Den eínai móno óti eínai megáli̱ se arithmó, allá exáplo̱si̱ óla ta eídi̱ to̱n astheneió̱n ópou kai an pi̱gaínoun. Akómi̱ kai ótan af̱tá antimeto̱pízoun sti̱n katapolémi̱si̱ ypárchei pithanóti̱ta alíef̱si̱s mia thanásimi̱ asthéneia. Eínai exaitías af̱toú pou polloí apó tous stratió̱tes mas vrískontai se karantína.''
-Translates to:
The Rat People are among the most dangerous of our enemies. Not only they are great in numbers, but they spread all kinds of disease wherever they go. Even when facing them in combat there is a chance of catching a deadly illness. It is because of this that many of our soldiers are in quarantine.
-This is what Stygian professors say when discussing Ratkins

Friday, January 7, 2011

Echoes of war Taboo

"I must admit there is simply nothing more wonderful then casting spells. For each spell sings praise to Verbode Kennis and all of his wonderful knowledge."
-Keren the exalted, champion of Verbode Kennis

"As if there weren't enough fools in the world now we have to deal with some back country casters who use zombies and who all follow the teachings of another traitor god. HOW MANY FOOLS CAN THERE BE?"
-Scean Gorvean, Chaos elementalist

"Staan op my dienaars en die staking by die vyand met al jou krag."
Translation:"Rise up my minions and strike at the foe with all your might."
-ritual for raising zombies

"Hmmm? The Taboo? I've Only heard that they are weaklings. They aren't worth the energy it takes to kill them mainly because they never die."
-Night Stalker, spider goblin

-Wild one battle cry

"If I remember correctly Verbode Kennis is obsessed with the number 5. In fact, he is so obsessed with it the greatest of his rituals requires someone to sacrifice 55,555 victims in under 500 hours. Although many thousand have tried only one person has succeeded, and if my sources are accurate , that person is a women."
-Franz Pertan, Garmarian scholar

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Echoes of war soldiers of chaos

"Why do other people question the wisdom of Chaos? Those who deny him are FOOLS! They damn themselves to toil eternally in the forges of Zerean."
-Scean Gorvean, Chaos elementalist

"Chaos is the epitome of evil in the world. There is nothing more evil or twisted then a follower of chaos."
-heilige leier Dontee, Announcing the beginning of the Holy Wars

"I am death incarnate.Tremble in fear, for now your end draws near."

-Ninera, Kost Lord

"Chaos is just plain stupid. what kind of person would turn down technology in return for false promises of eternal life and endless power? A titanium sword or a rifle does better then that."
-Franz Pertan, Germarian scholar

"And then chaos rewarded all of his followers with shields and masks created from the many skulls of his foes, to remind them of their victory."
-Battle of Black Peak, Liburua Chaos

"I aktualy like does kaos ladz cause dey can put up a rela good fight. Speshuly does one ladz dey known as da kost cause dey can take a kanen blast to da chest an' den get up and rip off da crewz 'eads."
-Gore Finga, Troll werchef

''The prey does not fear the darkness, it fears the predator hiding in it.''
-Yamek Wayseer, Shadow elf noble

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Battle of Imperial Ford

At the beginning of the Holy War the Vissarians had too large an army to transport over the Black Gulf to invade Arabi or even the Evershifting Realms. So their king decided to march over land to get to Arabi. The only problem is that the Dominion, the goblin plains, and even the troll realms lie between them and their goal. Undaunted the Vissarian army marched south defeating several armies and razing a large number of villages. Eventually they came to the mile wide river known as Imperial Ford, the river that separates the continent of the ancients(and the Dominion) from the southern continent.

A short time after they crossed the river the Vissarian army came under attack by a large Troll werbend trying to invade the Dominion. They two armies clashed near the river pressing their advantages, numbers and fanaticism for the Vissarians, more advanced weapons and durability for the trolls, to their full advantage. At around twilight the two armies had fought to a stalemate with the ground covered with so many bodies and so much gore that the ground was a red quagmire and, although both armies were dead beat, they continued fighting until the next dawn.

Eventually the troll army left the field of battle, in an unnervingly orderly way for trolls, while the Vissarians claimed a victory. Unfortunately the Vissarian army lost over 70,000 of their original 85,000 troops and when they finally made it to Arabi they were defeated by a wandering Ratkin tribe.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Echoes of war Vissaria

"We shall pray to Beation for guidance, for his word is our law ,his wishes our duty, and his thoughts our wisdom. He has never let us down and now we must do his bidding."
-Prayer of Beation, The Book of Truth

"Those Vissarian people are FOOLS! They beleive that one of the traitors to Chaos is actually a good god. They have no idea how much I want to smash all of their idol's heads."
-Scean Gorvean, Chaos elementalist

-heilige leier Dontee, Announcing the beginning of the Holy Wars

"One thing I have to give the Vissarians is that they are fanatically religious. This is neither good nor bad ,however , it does make defeating them a very difficult task to accomplish."
-Thorain Witfin, elf noble

"Hehehe. Does Vissies are dumba den da oda squisheis cause dey live in a frozen land and fink dat dere god is rela rela nice. If 'e was rela rela nice 'e would make food and stuff fell from dat fing up dere but insted 'e sent us trolls ta crush dem."
-Gore Finga, Troll werchef