Wednesday, February 9, 2011

echoes of war Inaros

"We sing praise to the spirits of the land and all you do is step on them. We protect the spirits of the air yet all you do is poison them. We worship the spirits of the metal yet all you do is abuse them. It is now time for you to face the wrath of the spirits you've angered."
-message that echoed through the Gramarian colonies on Inaros shortly before their destrucion

"The Inaros are the most primitive and savage humans i have ever had the displeasure of meeting. They have no manners what so ever, they have a lingering Oder, and they don't use any gun powder based or even metal weapons and they can still beat us."
-Franz Pertan, Garmarian scholar

"You wish to open up trading with us?  We are not blind foreigners we have seen what you have done to your lands and we know you wish to do the same to ours. The only thing we shall give you is a head start back to your ships."
-Cheif Karlanoka to dominion merchants

"The hardest raid in my life was the one against the Inaros continent. I lost at least 3 ships against them since no 2 units seemed to fight in the same way. However, the 4 ships that came back were so overladen with gold that one of them, I think it was the Gun Bellows, actually sunk. And just thanks to that raid I got no less then 18 new ships."
-Marlex Foren, Captain of the Midnight Flight raiding party

"We sore through the skies on the currents that the air spirit provides."
-Saying for the eagle knights

"Those Inaros people are heretics of the highest order. They attack our missions there and then claim that our god is nothing more then an extension of Chaos. They think that just because they lost the northern part of their continent to the Realm of Chaos that they may claim that our god is one of Chaos' pawns. They are fools for they lost their land because they have forsaken Beation and instead worship these so called "spirits"."
-heilige Leier Dontee

''Yeah, yeah, I know those Inaros *Anthropos. You may know them for pillaging your settlements & killing you all, but hey, you kinda did invade their lands, the least you can do is respect their spirits for making all that land. But anyways, once you get to trade with them like once or twice, like myself, they aren't really that bad. Usually they just take a bunch of *Aiges & *Choiroi, rarely *Agelades or *Aloga. Although I'm pretty sure they also took one of my fine pots.''
-Zarexus, Stygian Mechant at  Aktiti̱spoli̱s, a Stygian city at the shores of Inaros.
* - Anthropos - Human / Aiges - Goats / Choiroi - Pigs / Agelades - Cows / Aloga - Horses

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