Sunday, October 30, 2011

Forces of war: Plain Riders

Borgrez-Borgrez is the "Capital" tent city of the Plain Riders' alliance and is situated in the middle of the Goblin Plains. At the heart of the city is the Botanical college, one of the largest and most important schools of magic in the world. Here, under the guidance of Lord-Botanist Dar Van, the Sayters study their strange botanical arts and botants are produced in large numbers and varieties. Here also lies the Botanica, perhaps the most important artifact in the world. The Botanica is a mile tall tower that allows the Sayters to control the Botants; if it were to fall then the Botants would engulf the entire world leaving nothing alive. Many armies have attempted to do just that, but have been utterly destroyed every time.

Brennot-Brennot is a tent city located in the Seltem realm of Vissaria. It has more Vissarian type defenses (although they are just for show) and architecture. At the heart of the city lies the College of Knights, ruled by Revan Lightseer and watched over by Lord Anglar Seltem. There Vissarian knights train Centaur pages in exchange for wargear and the loyalist horses ever. The Centaurian Kights who come from there are capable of stemming the tide of battle with a single charge. The city is currently under a, more or less, siege from Warband Geter Dun and is fairing well(considering that the Goblins can only attack people a mile away from the city).

Nahafra-Viewed with high suspicion by everyone else in the world, the tent city of Nahafra is a dark and foreboding place that is located near the chaos occupied parts of the Goblin Plains. The city looks as though it has been abandoned due to plague, and that is how the followers of Mat'Gaol like it. Here, because there really is no other place that they can go, faeries gather for war, contrasting the feel Reaper King Wien has worked so hard to maintain. There, during the Death of All, the Reapers showed up, gastly thin and sick Centaurs who were thought to be brings of the Apocalypses. Now everyone knows that every Centaur, Sayter, Cyclops, and Celp from that city seeks only to destroy the followers of the one true enemy:Si├žovul taun, the purger of all.

Gurtre-While most Plain Riders try to stay away from Evershifting Realms Gurtre does exactly the opposite and sits directly in the Goblin Plains part of it. As such, the tent city suffers attacks on a daily basis, but it always weathers them as nothing more then a light rain. Another way Gurtre differs is that it is lead not by a Sayter, Cyclops, Centaur, or Celp, but by a Botant. The Botant in question is Baba Uga, and(despite being simple minded) he is one of the greatest generals in the known world(due in no small fact that, if things start to go bad for his army he can always waddle in and kill twenty times his weight in men). Also the city serves as port of call for any Celp, Adaro, and Kappa raiding party and also for any ships they have gotten their hands on.

Polyphemus-Polyphemus is the most sacred tent city to any Cylops in the world. It is situated near the mountain ranges of Luciena and is rare in the fact that it doesn't have a vine mile but a "Rok Mile"(which is devastating landslides and earthquakes as opposed to giant indestructible vines). In Polyphemus the Du 'eads of the Cyclops(as well as many reluctant Centaur shamans and Sayter Witch doctors) perform rite intended to gain the approval of Baoka, god of stones. While none of the rituals have ever been successful, their leader, Chief Gargan Stormhoove, keeps expanding it further and further south in an attempt to perform the ritual right; attempts which haven't gone unnoticed by the Imperial Guard.

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