Friday, March 29, 2013

General Proclamation: Grey Matter Buildings

 Because we have had over a thousand views in this month, David Wears at Grey Matter Games made us a house model for scenery:
Check out Grey Matter Games, since they will also be making the models for Fields of War:

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Echoes of War: The Mandates of Aequalitas

"These mens and womens of this land,who have been en-slaved against their will by people who claim to posses the land and who believe themselve to be superior to any other persons whom has been born. They have forced us to work the land, tend the machine, and fill their armie, only to be guaranteed death in each of these en-devour, while they do nothing save buy our childrens and waste our works. To guarantee a better future for everones We, the mens and womens of these lands here-by de-clare the old order dissolved, and will set a new orders under the following conditions, which existed previously to Garmaria:
 The Firsts
-All mens, womens, and childrens are equals at birth, and no amount of times shall change this.
The Seconds
-All mens, womens, and childrens shall works to the best of theirs abilities and be rewardeds in kind.
The Thirds
-No mans, womans, or childs is owned by any man; theys may only leases theirs works.
The Fourths
-No mans, womans, or childs shall kill another mans, womans, or childs; theys must always be held accountable for theirs actions.
The Fifths
-All mens, womens, and childrens own everthings in equals, and shall treat its as such.
The Finals
-As everthings is owned in equals, there are no such thing as nations.
As Garmaria has clearly violated all of the conditions We, the mens and womens of these lands, hereby dissolve the Garmaria and will return everthings to the peoples of these lands, as its is owneds by everones.
Signeds on the firsts days of the firsts years of Aequalitas.
(Followed by around 400,000 signatures)"
-The Mandates of Aequalitas

"...I believe this to be the worst written legal document I have ever had the displeasure of hearing."
-Lord-Counceler Yelstov Degra Sr., upon the only reading of "The Mandates of Aequalitas" before the Grand Council

"1. Any slave found sleeping during designated working hours shall have his eyelids removed.
2. Any slave who repeatedly breaks tools shall have his hands/forearms removed, and replaced with said tool.
3. Any slave who repeatedly drops what he is carrying shall have a basket nailed to his back.
4. Any slave who runs away shall have chains nailed to his legs.
5. Any slave who strikes a Garmarian shall have his arm cut off.
6. Any slave who speaks ill of Garmaria shall have his tongue cut off.
7. Any slave who eats when he his not told to shall have his jaw removed.
8. Any slave who speaks of or aids rebellion shall suffer all of the above.
9. Any slave who wields a weapon again a Garmarian shall suffer all of the above, before being returned to his master or, if he has no master, being sold.
10. Any man who helps a slave go unpunished for any of these things shall be made a slave and suffer the same fate.
11. It is at the masters discrepancy as to whether or not a slave shall have parts lost due to these laws replaced and by what replaces them.
12. These laws shall go into effect in 90 days, unless all unaccounted slave are accounted for by the 90th day."
-Garmarian Slave Ordnance of later 1871 Dominion-Garmarian Time, also known as the official response to the Mandates of Aequalitas