Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Legends of War: Blood on the Guels

Welet Morrik was thoroughly impressed and angered. Since the beginning, the maneuvers against the Gnomes Dedlid had proven to be horribly disastrous, as the Gnomes seemed to have had Scouts placed just ahead of the Dwarven unit. This lead to many of the bridges and roads they planned on using being either collapsed, on fire, flooded, or a combination of the three, which kept them trapped on this half on the island. Worse still, he had to send out his Ram Riders on constant sororities just to keep the Scouts from raiding the actual army. During one of these sororities, they had come back with reporting that, despite the previous efficiency of the Gnomes, the stone bridge over the river Guels was still intact. Immediately, Morrik lead his army to cross the bridge.

And apparently the Gnomes had the same idea.

Morrik hid behind the makeshift trench as another round of crossbow bolts rained on his position. Range made the Dragoons reply less than advantageous, and also had the added effect of forcing the Gnome's heads down. The battle had bogged down into a stalemate as both sides waited for the other to falter before sending their troops across the 200 yard gap. Both sides had also tried to set up warmachines, but neither sides machines were capable of finding their target before being knocked out. Once a Flying Nest buzzed the Dwarf's position, but it was quickly taken out by the Dragoons and crashed into the Gnomes position. Unfortunately, the same had happened to his Aero-Clad, save the Dwarf position.

"Kukcers!" Morrik screamed as the Aero-Clad crashed into the ground.

The cheer of victory from the Gnomes was cut short as a Bombard Quill landed just shy of their position.

"Take that ya Feol Kukcers!" Morrik yelled.

"Goblen Decs!" One of the gnome replied.

"Elph Ytser!"

"Tol Hues!"

"What did you say?" Morrik rose.

He was quickly knocked onto his back as a steel ball took him full in the chest. While on the ground, Morrik heard the distinct sound of a steam engine being pushed to its limits, and realized what had happened: The Steam Cannon from the Flying Nest still worked. Cautiously,  Morrik rose and peaked his head over the trench, which confirmed his earlier suspicion and created a whole new reality.

The Harvesters were here.

"Take out those Kuckers!" Morrik bellowed.

"Ay Lord!" An Engineer responded.

Moments later, the unmistakable fire of a long rifle was followed by the equally unmistakable sound of a Gnome in horrendous pain.

"He's not dead," The Engineer smiled. "But 'is family line is."

Another burst from the Steam Cannon forced the Engineer's head down, but another sound forced it up. In fact, the entire Dwarf army picked up their head after the unmistakable sound of Gnomeish War Pipes echoes across the battlefield. The Gnomeish army was doing the same, as at least two hundred Gnomes rose from their trenches and took position behind the Harvesters. The entire scene was very threatening, as a forest of spears was proceeded by two dozen towering monstrosities. A change in tune elicited the Harvesters to step forward, and in no time they were barreling across the open area.

"Wait for it!" Morrik yelled, as the Gnomes rushed forward.

When the Gnomes were about halfway across the bridge, Morrik screamed, "Now kill the Kuckers!"

Immediately the Dragoons, who were weary of taking pot shots, ravaged the Gnomish line with their iron quills. The Engineer teams were also having a field day, as their half crazed inventions tore jagged scars into the formation. Even the Harvesters, feared for their strong armor, were shredded under the intense fire. As suddenly as the attack began, it was dispersed, with the Gnomes fleeing back into their lines as the War Pipes bellowed out orders to stay. Among the chaos was a distinct, cold sound piercing through, which caused Morrik to smile.

Mere seconds later, the Ram Riders slammed into the Gnome's flank and began slaughtering their rangers. When added to the chaos brought by the failed crossing, it proved too much for the Gnomes, and they began to break. Welet Morrik howled in laughter at the Gnome's total collapse. Not wanting to miss out, he gave a sharp whistle and bellowed:

"Let's teach these Kukers about Dwarfs!"

A rousing cheer among the Dwarfs was quickly followed by a full blown charge. With little resistance, Morrik found himself at the Gnome's position, and he quickly launched himself into the fray.