Saturday, September 24, 2011

forces of war:Stygia

SERATAS: A warrior nation, where all children are raised to fight as soon as they stand on their own two feet. By the time they reach adulthood, they are finely tuned killing machines. It is usually Seratas who leads all the wars in the name of Stygia. Although from time to time, Seratas was firmly clinging to independence.

ATIKUS: Where Seratas is raising a warrior nation, Atikus is forming a democratic republic. In the Stygian world, art is the way of life, poetry & prose alike, & there is no greater cultural & educational center then Atikus. Atikus is fully open to trade & diplomatic engagements with other nations, but they still have a formidable army, prepared to strike those who dare oppose Stygia.

CRETUS: Cretus is definitely among the oldest of the Greek city-states, as well the largest & arguably, the greatest. It does not only combine the artistic & intellectual culture of Atikus, but their army is highly trained & highly skilled, able to match even the ones of Seratas. Bulls are revered as holy animals, so all creatures on hooves are welcome, mainly Plain Riders. However, those who disobey the rules are tossed into a genius labyrinth, never to return.

NEKRA: Once considered a city that has fallen long long ago, but recently, the city seemed to have bin teeming with vile energies. Soon soldiers would appear & butcher the foes of the Stygian race would be mercilessly slaughtered. These warriors are no longer among the living, nor they are truly dead. As these horrors rise from their necropolis, only the name of the Stygian god of the underworld echoes...Adis...

SYNNEFOPOLIS: A great city, engineered by a technological genius among Stygians, a man named Michanikos. Even though this steam-fueled city has only bin airborne for a few years, it has seen a lot of action. It's primary weapons are not like the ones of other armies, who use guns & cannons. The Stygians use something a lot more frightening, a perfectly modified glass turret that uses the power of the Sn God to burn their foes alive from a distance.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Forces of war:Goblins

Sling's Se Slayaz: Slinga is the supa genius boss of the Se Slayaz goblin tribe and the current ruler of MY CITY!. The Sea Slayaz are most famous for 2 battles in particular: Da Batta at da Se Side Town Fing(Sack of Pier Hallot) and Dat Big Midnigt Bass at Da Dwarf's Mega Cannon Castle Dat Was Den Burnd Up(The Razing of Meved). However what is more spectacular is that these attacks happened almost 400years apart from each other under the banner of the same goblin. In addition some goblin scrolls have shown the pictograph for Slinga some 5000 years ago. While many people theorize that this may just be a title, anyone who has met this long cloaked crocked hatted goblin have to admit that he seems to have that much knowledge in his head.

Seseom's Sribes: Sesoem's Scribes are a tribe of goblins unlike any other simply do to asking the right thing at the right time. During a goblin corpse fire Sesoem gifted these goblins with 2 long scrolls: the Scroll of the History of Our Sons(about 60feet long) and the Scroll of the Future That May Never Come. Shortly after they received the scrolls a Stygian raid captured the Scroll of the History of Our Sons and after Dominique(who was quite fluent in all languages) read the Prophecy of Epoch, King Kataktitis, believing it was about him, raised the largest army Stygia had ever seen and went to invade the mainland. Seseom's Scribes formed managed to get into the Grand Alliance by bargaining the Banner of Coadunation for the ability to retrieve their scroll. After The First Battle the goblins retrieved the scroll and they helped create the Citadel of Knowledge in Albion. While the tribe's location is well and truly known the location of it's scrolls are a secret they have kept for nearly 2000 years.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Legends of war:Slave rebs, the Aequalitas Pox

"Is this a riot?
No sir. THIS, is a revolution."
-recorded conversation of Lord Field Marshell upon hearing of the beginning of the Aequalitas Revolution

As most everyone knows Garmaria is one of the most advanced and dangerous countries in the entire world.They are also one of the largest users of slaves, third only to the Elves and Scarecrows. In fact they have so many slaves that approximately 40% of their population consists of slaves. For a long time they managed to keep these slaves under hard watch and the technological superiority of the Garmarian army also helped to deter them from revolting. But eventually, there is always a breaking point.

In the early days of 1870 adc a slave named Robred began spreading of a new society where every one was equal, where there were no slaves, were everyone worked to the best of their capacity, where everyone had the same amount of possessions; essentially an equal society named Aequalitas. The slaves took this to heart and, on one hot and dry day, they revolted. The revolution spread quickly tacking over all of the farmlands almost immediately as well as the port of Delfergar, which they renamed Liberty. For almost a solid week the slaves were in control of almost all of Garmaria including the fortress of Gartelmead(renamed Castle Equality), the iron mines of mountain Mergrad(Mount Life), and the facrtum city of Develmedly(razed to the ground to honor the slaves who had died there) and they controlled almost 30% of Fransferd. Unfortunately for them, the campaign season was almost over.

The 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 17th armies were en rout home when they heard the news. They tried heading straight for the capital but found it blockaded by around 56 warships from the Mutiny Navy(title given to ships that the slaves revolted on) and over a hundred stolen aeroplanes. In a daring move spearheaded by the 3rd,5th and 9th naval squadron(around 18 warships) and what remained of the Garmarian Royal Air Corps(about 27 scouts and 3 bombers) launched an attack around sextum on octum 17th 1870. The battle raged for around 6 hours pitting the sheer numbers of the mutiny navy and air corp against the skill of the Garmarian Royal Navy and their loyalist slaves(whom were never actually told who they were fighting). The battle reached a hallmark when the Mutiny Navy's flag ship, the Unbreakable(formerly GRN Discipline), exploded after being hit with a full broad side from the GRN Deuterium which caused what remained of the Mutiny Navy(about 9 ships escaped the battle with the rest being destroyed or surrendered)  to break.

With the naval and areo blockade of Fransferd broken and the majority of the Mutiny Navy broken, surrendered, or destroyed the Garmaian Royal Army managed to land. With fresh troops, and aided by the brand new "tank", the Slave Rebs were quickly pushed back. Eventually a stalemate developed and the Slave Rebs managed to hold on to the south-eastern part of Garmaria. While the rebellion was estimated to eventually run out of steam, to this day, it is still going on as strong as ever with slaves escaping their cruel masters almost every day to bolster the Aequalitas revolution. Worse still, the idea has appealed to some of the citizens of Garmaria who are trying to help it in any way possible. Due to the rebellion's almost plague like way of spreading, the Garmaria Daily has dubbed it "the Aequalitas Pox, the disease which will destroy us all."

Friday, September 2, 2011

general proclomation:1st wave armies

Well the poll is closed and the results are clear: the First wave armies are drawing near. They are as follows:
Scarecrows of the northern wastes
-scarecrows are 10 foot tall creatures  that are driven by steam and made from wood, brass, bone, iron, stone, and a whole lot of other things. they are the mindless servants of their Lord Carl, who claims to be from the future and that he wants to go back. The Scarecrow inhabit what was once the northern plains of the dominion and have somehow transformed it into the dark, barren and rocky place it is today and their main base is a large fortress know as "The Black Forge". The armies march so that they may gather resources to build more of them and to build the "Time Portal".

Elves of the hills
-the elves are taller then humans but are shorter than trolls. The live in the Reidear hills near the middle of the Foren Forest and on the island of Lumenek. They use bows, elven steel, and horse to fight their wars and have rarely lost a battle. In addition the have large amounts of magic to aid them in most everything they do. They are marching to war now to prevent the Gnomes from claiming all the glory for saving the forests and to destroy the goblin tribes.

Stygians of the Isles
-The Stygians are a race of Elves with blue skin and white hair. They were once the rulers of the entire continent, but by trying to stop the never ending Goblin invasions, their might had crumbled and their once great Empire had been reduced to a small Kingdom on a chain of islands, this chain of Islands is known as Stygia. But now, the Stygians had risen again, to expand their kingdom, and to get new allies. A Stygian warrior is well trained, in both the body, the mind and the soul. The army of Stygia must not fall, for their entire race depends on it.

Dwarfs of the Mountain Realms
-the dwarfs are short with long beards and short tempers. They live in the mountains of Eskew and dig for gold, iron, silver, jewels, and mitheral. They use guns and steam to a level almost on par with the scarecrows and gnomes. Although they are few in number they are tough and can deal with any problem they are faced with. Now they march to war to prevent the Ratkins from destroying the Mountain Realms.
The first wave armies(Going clockwise from top left)Scarecrows, Stygians, Elves, and Dwarfs