Saturday, March 31, 2012

Legends of War:The Academy

One thing that all races, no matter who primitive, have in common, is the they search for answers. Some of them turn to their oracles who predict the future through bones, stars, cards, and hundreds of other devices. Many people turn to the worship of gods, some dark, in an attempt to gain control over their surroundings through appeasement. Still others turn to science, they cut, tare, measure, burn, and crush everything that they can until there is nothing left, then they move on the the next item at. It is for that reason that the Academy was created.

In 1602 a.d.c. Garmaria had come across a strange and lush, tropical island near the Black Rim that was filled with a bountiful amount of fruit and natives. It was an easy step to conquer them, but, all of the fruit that was brought off the island died instantly, and those who ate of it would suffer the same fate. This didn't matter what was forced to grow there, as even Garmaian grains would cause the same consequences. While they should have just abandoned the island, it proved to be to much of a curiosity and dozens of Garmarian Engineer-Biolis and Engineer-Mamelions(interested in the effect it had on people) who clamored to discover its secrets. In order to house these Engineers, a massive series of rather drab looking buildings were erected and the discovery of iron and titanium deposits on the island further fulled more of them, as well as a large amount of Engineer-Mutologists.

For a while, everything worked out fine. The natives provided a large source of test subjects and, when they ran out, humans, and other races, were imported from across the known world to further their research. A weapons factrum was set up there as well and, for a while, the finest guns and artillery pieces came from their. The success of their research was inspiring, but oddly dark rumors started to filter their way from the island to Garmaria, mainly featuring inhumane(or bizarre) experiments, and a dangerous new school of thought known as Ragnarok. Ragnarok stated that, the reason the world was so horrible was because the races had polluted it, and in order to form the prefect world, they'd have to destroy every single last thing there was, and then start over.

That such a philosophy would exist was laughed at in the pub halls, but, it eventually repeated itself enough times that it found its way into the ears of The Parliament. In 1643 a.d.c., the Garmarian Royal Navy launched a dozen ships to go to the island and sort out this issue once and for all. They never returned. Further attempts were made until it was discovered that a series of storms and whirlpools had sunk any ship going their so they had to wait. Then facts faded into stories, stories faded into legends, legends faded into myths, a myths faded into obscurity. Now, more then 200 years later, a mysterious island was discovered near the Black Line, as it filled with ash, and the only things remaining are a complex of buildings and a large and advanced army bent on doing the same thing to the world. Several attempts to destroy this army ended in complete disaster, their weapons literally boiling men apart where they stand. This has forced Garmaia to turn to the other human nations for help, who in turn have turned to the other races of the world for help. Now, a coalition of dozens of armies is headed towards the island known only as The Academy.

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