Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Legends of War:Luciena, the peaceful nation

As most of the nations engages in war as the only means of politics, it is hard to imagine that a country would every try to be peaceful and last for several thousand years, but there is. Situated in the Niybrem mountain ranges (just south of the Goblin Plains) and the Kije lowlands, Luciena is one of the most peace loving nations in history. Luciens is a place of peace, where wisdom and knowledge are held in higher esteem then strength and anger. The country also has a very sizable and stable population of casters of various strengths and schools, making it the leading nation in terms of magic. And the country is blessed with the divine protection of its patron god: Verbode Kennis.

 The story of Luciena's founding, and the choice of patron god, goes all the way back to 930b.d.c and all the way to World's End. After the defeat of Chaos' forces, the gods who had stuck by him had to flee to escape the wrath of the victorious armies. Many of them tried to hide back at their palaces or kingdoms, but were hunted down and destroyed by the other gods or, if they had ran, by the Kost. Verbode Kennis was in just just predicament and he was running away from a Goblin army lead by Lezy Az who had been given a god killing sword by Sesome simply so he would kill Verbode Kennis. As he only had fifty body guards, and the goblin horde was well into the hundreds of thousands if not millions, Verbode Kennis had no choice but to outrun them, and he eventually came across a small farming city called Luciena, which had been harassed by Goblins for as long as it had existed. In an attempt to save his skin, he promised that he would grant each of the villagers access to his power, if the would help him defeat the goblin horde. They accepted without question, for they had no choice.

Immediately, all one thousand of the villagers became powerful necromancers and, with no instruction, they went with Verbode Kennis to face Lezy Az. In the span of five days and 5 nights, the entire goblin army was battered nonstop by the necromancers, who were protected by Verbode Kennis' bodyguards, and slew over half of the Goblins, including Lezy Az. Leaderless and broken, the Goblins fled the battle field and immediately began heading west, where they pillaged the Stygian Empire. When the battle was over Verbode Kennis laid down the Sixoeb Ges Owde Que(Doctrines of a Perfect World), and lead the village to its empire. Upon its completion, less then five years later, Verbode Kennis left them promising that, so long as they followed his teaching (which they did, up to the formation of a militia known as the Imperial Guard) that he would protect them from harm and allow them to prosper in a violent world. Since then, they have only one major battle, The First Battle, and only one war, The Xuvio(One-eyed one) War.

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