Thursday, April 12, 2012

Legends of War: Karcharias, Creeps from the Deep

From the darkest depths of the seas, around the Northern Wastes, live the amphibious beasts which had remain hidden from the eyes of surface dwellers for thousands of years. They are humanoid in structure, with a head and tail of a shark, and thick skin covering their entire bodies. They are also armed with a set of powerful jaws with rows of dagger-like fangs. They were only known as rumors by the fishermen who dared to venture too deep into the Northern Wastes, but others would say that they only mistook them for ordinary sharks or just polar bears. However, the Karcharias were also met before, by the Stygian sailors, who had explored the Northern Wastes many centuries ago.

The Karcharias had resurfaced, revealing much about their mysterious kind to the surface. The Karcharias are hunters, and they live of it, they hunt everything; foxes, rabbits, seals, walruses, dolphins, bears, even whales. They use the skin and fur of mammals to make their clothes, the bones of whales to make their tents, which are made either near the shore, or on watery reefs. Their culture is seen as savage and bloody by others, even Trolls, for example, before battle, they tear the heart out of a creature (be it an animal they had, or a prisoner) and painting themselves with blood, to appeal to their Gods. Another one is gathering the teeth of prey which is seen worthy and then making a necklace out of it. They were even seen grinding bones and putting it in soup as a medicine.

Their primary weapon is the harpoon, which they use with great skill, however, they were also seen using knives and axes once they got up close. They never wage wars, but they rather make encounters, and they see other races as no more then prey sometimes, but they will pay their respects to great sailors, therefore, some Karcharia Tribes were known to make trade pacts with Hellspout or Stygians. They also migrate across the oceans, and are more then capable of traversing a long distance of sea in a short time span, which makes them even deadlier opponents.

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