Friday, July 6, 2012

General proclamation:the first army's lists

To prepare for the upcoming announcements we wanted to do something special:we wanted you to design to the first armies. We want you to design a 1000 point army list for any of the first wave armies:
The Scarecrows, The Elves, The Stygians, or The Dwarfs, and send it in. We will then decided from the lists sent in which one is the best and then use it for that army. The person who creates the list that is used for that army shall receive a special gift. For a list of the rules for the armies, you may follow the link provided:

Please post you army selection on either our facebook group, here, or pm the person who started the thread in which you read this on.

This competition ends at the end of July, and the army closest to 1000 points will be selected. Please make sure that the list is balanced and state all upgrades and unit sizes.

1 comment:

  1. Stygian Army:

    -Strategos (Warhorse, Spear, Shield, Army Banner) - 145pts
    -Perioikoi (Shields, Warhorn, Banner, Champion) - 140pts
    -Hoplites (Warhorn, Banner, Champion) - 160pts ×2
    -Toxotes (Longbows, Warhorn, Banner, Champion) - 140pts
    -Hippikon (Warhorn, Banner, Aspis, Light Armor, Spears, Champion) - 200pts
    -Petrobolos (no ugprades) - 50pts

    Overall, an army of exactly 995pts.