Friday, May 18, 2012

Legends of War:Battle of the Trolls

After the Trolls had crashed into the Southern Continent, the Stygian Empire perceived that the Trolls could pose a direct threat to their lands north of them, which had already suffered numerous attacks from the Goblins. King Helieus, head of the largest city-state in Voreia Edafi, was already upset by the loss of Hellspout and decided that his best option lay in attacking these barbarous creatures before they did him. In 514 b.d.c. Kin Helieus, aided in no small part by his charisma, managed to gather more then four hundred thousand hoplites, toxoties, perioikoi, and warmachines and marched them south to the Imperial Ford. They had planned on attacking the Trolls while they were still preoccupied with the Reptilions, but were shocked when they received the news that, in less then one month, the Trolls had already destroyed almost all of the Reptilions and were already on the other side of the Imperial Ford.

King Helieus was faced with a major problem: was the Trolls speed due to great strength in their part, or did the Reptilions pay them off and make a story so that they could invade Voreia Edafi after them. In addition, their were rumors of strange and magnificent weapons that belched fire, flew through the air like birds, and also destroyed whole cities with a single strike. Helieus, and a large number of the other kings, decided that these were all just fanciful rumors, and actually decided to fight the Trolls as you would fight an army of Goblins. They selected a narrow valley, known as Loomers Craig, and arrayed their army in a purely defensive formation. To explain this, they had chosen the worst possible situation to face a Troll army in.

Less then a day after their scouts had spotted the Troll horde, some fifty miles away, they were almost upon the Stygians. King Helieus thought that they would fight like savages, and told his men to stand firm against their primitive weapons. When the Trolls came close enough to pick out their general features, the Stygians realized why they had beaten the Reptilions so fast: they were built for it. Before the Toxotes could fire their arrows, Trollish weapons opened fire and began scything down whole ranks of Stygians, while their Terrpeda's began smashing into the Stygian blocks. In addition, behind the whole Trollish army was a metal effigy, which spewed forth molten metal, strolled over any obstacle, and sent out enough trollish ammo to kill a hundred men in a minuet.

Unaccustomed to such a painful, yet short lived, barrage they assumed that it meant that the Trolls would be horrible fighters. The Trolls were horrible fighters in the sense that they forgot to give the enemy a chance of winning. The powerful arms of Trolls literal sliced whole hoplites in a single blow and their skulls were thick enough to break a spear. Even if they managed to kill one Troll, there was still an army of them numbering well into the millions. Faced with no alternatives, the perioikoi and toxoties tried to run, but found their path cut off by an army of Goblins, which had wanted to destroy the Stygians and test out the Troll's metal.

In the span of only 6 hours, all of the Stygians were killed, as well as almost a million Goblins, but barley a thousand Trolls. News of the battle spread like wildfire, and Goblin tribes and Stygian cities alike tried to surrender to the Trolls to avoid their wrath. It was all for naught. In less then a year, all of Voreia Edafi was reduced to burning cities and fields of corpses as the Trolls destroyed every threat in their way. Only the brave armies of the Plain Riders, who had been annoyed by the sudden influx of Goblins and the instability they brought, saved the entire world from being destroyed. While numerous names for the battle has been suggested (such as the Massacre on the Craig, The Battle of Loomers Craig, Dat furst time we fout da Trolls, Da time eva un' woud't get out o' da way, so we killd dem al) the Battle of the Trolls is the most enduring, as they are the only ones who survived that day.

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