Friday, May 25, 2012

Legends of war:Battle of Vail Valley

The Dwarfs are a proud race of exploring mountain dwellers, who venerate their ancestors, worship their gods, and  praise skill in the arts above all. The Gnomes are a proud race of seafaring forest people, who sleep when they die, never wasted time on the whole god thing, and praise quantity above all. The two races are also such fierce rivals that, even in a peaceful small farming village with no history of violence, their anger towards each other will result in full blown war. The only reason their two nations are in full blown war, is because the Dominion stands between them, and the Stygians and Elves simply won't let them. However, this was not always the case, and their hostilities can be traced back to one single event:The Battle of Vail Valley.

Vail Valley is an odd part of the Dominion, situated near the heart of it on a long destroyed mountain, it still retains the air of treacherous passages, and is also home to a several prosperous villages and cities. Every year on Tailu the 5th, all the doors and windows are barred, as the elders tell the stories of what happened long ago, over the din of rekindled battle. In the year 510 b.d.c, what was once part of the Stygian empire was now a barren land, still ringing to the sounds of battle as what was left of the invading Trolls fought with fleeing Goblins, vengeful survivors, and hunting Centaurs. The Dwarfs, recognizing a chance to expand their empire, went into this area and tried to forge new cities while the Gnomes, recently freed from the Orcs, were looking for a land to settle on. For a while the colonists from both sides excepted the others existence, and set up colonies within earshot of the others, until one day in 500b.d.c the cities of Herdwe and Livgngard, about thirty miles south of Vail Valley and only five-hundred yards apart, both spotted a Goblin tribe.

The militias form both cities followed the tribe, unaware of the other existence, and even gathered up more militias until they came Vail Valley. A sudden rain storm prevented the two armies from seeing far, but they went forward anyway. Details of the actual battle are vague at best, but both mention that the other army was allied with the Goblins(indicating that they fought with both side in an attempt to blend in, or that they are both lying) and ambushed the other army. News of the battle ignited a full blown war between the two powers which, if it weren't for a Goblin army destroying all the towns and villages , may have lead to one of the powers being destroyed. As it stands, both the Gnomes and the Dwarfs never forgave the other for the "injustices" they had done, and will fling themselves into any battle, from a pub brawl to a city siege, with the battle cry, "REMEMBER VAIL VALLEY!"

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